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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday Favorites -- A Guest Room and A Trainwreck

It's time again for Sunday Favorites, where we re-issue a "certified, pre-owned" blog post, courtesy of Chari at Happy To Design! Click here to find more vintage stories!

My only problem with Sunday Favorites is that I'm running out of old posts that I like enough to re-run! This one is from March 20th. . . and I've edited it a bit for length, and taken off the Chili Recipe that was originally there.

So here we go, into Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine!


It is Friday, and it is the first day of Spring! Mother Nature sprinkled our world with a light dusting of snow early this morning; she is such a card, that Mother Nature.

Today I am "Hooked On" curtains and guest rooms, and also sharing my "Foodie Friday" Trainwreck.

My Trainwreck could qualify for a Wordless Wednesday post.
I am among friends, so I invite you to take a look:

Now that is a train wreck!
Click and enlarge that picture at your peril. You have been warned.

It's one end of our kitchen, in the early cleanup phase after Saturday's House Blessing party.
As my mother-in-law (just visible walking near the fridge) would say ... "Oy!"
As my sister Peggy would say, "You couldn't fit a booger on that counter!"


Since I am Hooked On Curtains this Friday -- I am going to just detour a bit from my guest room and steer you into the butler's pantry.
It is one of the most "BEFORE" spots in That Old House. . . witness this:

See what I mean? Ick.

But with no time or budget to do an overhaul before Saturday's gathering,
I resorted to the creative use of a hastily sewn curtain on a tension rod. . .

It became our coffee station, with urns of regular and de-caf, and guests could help themselves. Hmm... just noticed the coffee drip on the tablecloth. Charming.

Speaking of guests, my Florida-dwelling in-laws stayed in the Yellow Bedroom for this long weekend,
and I did indeed get curtains hung in that room in time for their Friday arrival.

But -- I am not happy with them. (The curtains, not the in-laws!)

Take a look:

Notice the poofy-ness. Don't they look stiff? The drapes don't drape! It's the lining.
I wanted a heavy curtain that would block out light in this room, so I ordered "black out lining." Big mistake. Big, big mistake.

This lining fabric is cotton, but it's solidly bonded to a rubbery material
that is stiff, wrinkles and even makes noise.
Although that may be my imagination. But, it even looks stiff on the bolt:

You can't press this lining with a hot iron ("I'm melting, I'm melting!"),
so there is a network of wrinkles like a road map all over the curtains.

I should have used normal cotton lining and interlined with flannel, but I am a thrifty soul, and I had already paid for this bolt of rubbery and somewhat creepy stuff, and by gum... I was going to use it!

And now I'm going to remove it, and replace it with real lining.
Ah well, everyone needs a hobby.

But meanwhile ... if you have time, take a tour of the Yellow Bedroom, our official guestroom.
It's where you would stay if you knocked on our door and needed a refuge.

Come in. . .

This is a small room, so we maximize guest storage (does that seem as if we are storing our guests?).

Near the door, there's a vintage bombe chest, one of my Craigslist cheaper-than-cheap buys.
The top and middle drawers are empty for guests to use.
The bottom drawer holds extra sets of linens for the bed.

The lamp is a pineapple, a symbol of hospitality. I like to buy old lamps and my Dad rewires them, but this one is new, bought at JC Penney
at their huge after-Christmas sale; I think it cost 34 dollars, shade and all.

A little peachy-pink tole basket ($9 at Home Goods) holds practical plastic glasses, bottled water,
and wrapped chocolate covered mints and hard candies when guests are in residence.

We have an old hotel luggage rack, bought for a few bucks when the Carlton House closed in Pittsburgh in the early '80s. It's near the window, holding back the *&%$#* curtains!

On built-in shelves, we keep books, a plastic carry basket for bath items, and two sets of towels.
Plenty more towels are stored on the shelves underneath, behind the doors.

I use yellow towels for guests in this room; they always know which are theirs.
Guests in the Pink Bedroom get ... yeah, you guessed it.
A pair of Teddy Bears perches on the shelves;
you never know when you might need a Teddy.

In the closet, kept empty, there are wooden and padded hangers (no wire!), and extra pillows.
(Now how often do you see the inside of a closet? It's the only one of mine you will ever see!)

On an old quilt rack ($5 at a yard sale): extra blankets and a sweet little quilt.

For bare toes, a small rug, hooked by a gentleman who was my father's best friend.
His wife was French, and the little rug has "Bonne nuit" and "Bon jour" worked into it.

And on one of the bedside tables, a little lamp I recently bought on Ebay.
($24 with free shipping.) Can you see what it is? Look closely. . . .

It is a miniature replica of an old wicker suitcase!
There's a small brass handle at the top.
I just get such a kick out of a suitcase lamp in a guest room.

Simple things amuse me. Just ask my husband. He amuses me no end.

The low-post cherry and poplar bed is one we bought 30 years ago at The Whale's Tail antiques shop in Mars, Pennsylvania.
I love it, but there is the creakiness factor.
180-year old beds have a tendency to audibly protest when used. Can't say I blame them.

The nightstands are from my in-laws' block-front Newport-style mahogany bedroom furniture,
handmade in Boston in the 1940s. Most of this set is in our master bedroom,
but these little guys just fit in so well in this small room that they migrated to the guest room.

The needlepoint chair I wrote about in another post, here; another Craigslist bargain!

Well, this is long enough!
Tomorrow: More curtains! Remember the powder room?
Those black and cream toile curtains were just what it needed.
You ladies who suggested it were absolutely right.

The Powder Room curtains post is up!
What's Black & White & Red all over? Click here.

Then there's the dining room, the parlor, the master bedroom, the Pink Bedroom. . . .

And maybe, just maybe, the retro-fitted guest room curtains. I hope to get them re-sewn,
and re-hung, today. Yeah, we'll see how that works out.
(Note from June '09 ... they still are not re-sewn! My bad.)

And remember... as it says in the pillow on the bed in the Yellow Bedroom:

Anyone interested in a partial bolt of rubbery insulated blackout lining?
I know where you can get it, CHEAP! Very cheap.


I hope you enjoyed the tour of our guest room, and the horror show of our post-party Trainwreck kitchen and butler's pantry. Enjoy your Sunday; I hope you have sunshine!
-- Cass


  1. was new to me! LOL
    Love that suitcase lamp!

  2. I know what you mean about running out of posts. I haven't been blogging that long.
    You certainly had enough going on here to have done 3 or 4 posts with all the great stuff.
    Here are my observations:

    The reason your kitchen seems so messy to you is that there is a perfectly good bottle wine sitting unopened on the counter. Remove the cork and drink it and the kitchen will look fine.

    Glad to see the padded hangers Ms. Crawford, er I mean Cass.

    I don't know why that bed should creak so. Maybe you should have tried just sleeping in it.

  3. Oh God, I am still hurting from laughing at Lori's comments!!

    I remember this post. I took the kitchen disaster scene as a sign of a good party!


  4. I can't say I've seen this one before either...but I love the reason Lori gave for your kitchen being messy...and your guest room is looking good. Sorry I don't need no rubbery blackout drapes...ughhhh

  5. Cass what a soothing and beautifully done guest room.

    The drapes and the pattern are stunning.
    I got a kick out of the precious suitcase lamp as well. How cute!
    I would love to be a guest here.

    Your home is gorgeous! ~Melissa :)

  6. Oh, Cass! How beautiful your gurest bedroom is! I'm sorry you're unhappy with the blackout lining! The curtain fabric is just beautiful though! Thanks for the tour. I love seeing your olden beautiful home!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. Oh boy!!! Lori your comments are hysterical...:)

  8. Cass, I love this post, so honest! ;-) Sometimes train wrecks do happen in our homes when we blink (ok, when we blink a lot) LOL

  9. Hi Cass, I have been visiting your blog for some time. Your house is just wonderful! We have a house in Oklahoma that was built in 1909. At present we have it on the market because we are currently in transition. You have marvelous sense of humor!

  10. Oh I well remember the creation of these curtains - - - it was one of the first times we met - - - - awwwwwww, the nostalgia is just pouring from my veins. Oh, wait - - - it's just blood.

  11. Hi Cass,
    I loved this post! I want to stay in that pretty yellow bedroom with that awesome suitcase lamp! You have a gift for writing my dear, hugs, Cindy

  12. Cass

    What a lovely room--looks VERY comfy here!

  13. I'm happy to have found this "new to me" post. Will be back to visit you again.... Aren't you glad Chari sponsors this little meme? :-) Sue

  14. me again.... I must still be asleep... I completely forgot to say that this room is so sweet. All of your furniture is so nice. I'm in the biz, so I always look at furnishings... You've catered well to your guests in this room.

  15. I just found your ghost comment on my blog, had I had a mouth full of coffee I WOULD have spit it across the camper, as it was I'm SURE I snorted.

    I wonder sometimes if I've worn the ghost joke out with you, but it just keep seeming so fun and funny to me, that I plunge right in where angels fear to tread.

    You have kept it alive for weeks to come.

    Tell YOUR ghosts THANK ALOT for sending their relatives over here to me.

    Hopefully when I leave Grandpa's Farm, the ghosts won't notice our departure and I can leave them here.


  16. The very first post of yours that I ever read, was the train wreck kitchen. I thought "Now there is a girl after my own heart." Yes I agree with Lori, the answer to housework woes can sometimes be found with a cork in it. I do remember seeing the little suitcase lamp and thinking how cute it was.

  17. Hi Cass...

    So happy to have you join in with Sunday Favorites again this week, my friend! Thank you so much for your sweet compliments on my ironstone dishes and tablescape!!!

    Girl, I always just love coming to your place...your home is so beautiful and I love seeing all of your "before" and "after" posts!!! Now...I just adore this pretty yellow guest room...oh yes, I could certainly see myself staying in this pretty room! Love that soft buttery yellow wall's the perfect shade of yellow!!! I love the fabric that you used for the sorry about the lining not working out! How frustrating...after putting so much work and sewing into the drapes! Have you replaced the lining yet? Anyway, I think the fabric is just perfect for this room! My friend, I remember that pretty blue needlework chair...what a treasure $100 you did good!!! Ohhh yes, and I love the bombay chest...I love the shape of these pretty pieces!!! Beautiful room...I'm sure that your guests feel absolutely "spoiled" getting to stay in this lovely room! Ohhh...and that little suitcase lamp is totally awesome!!! I've never seen one like it...I just love it!!!

    I just giggled seeing your kitchen...I bet your "house blessing" party was so much fun!!! And using that pretty curtain to dress up the butler's pantry...genius!!!

    Well my friend, thanks again for joining in with Sunday picked a fabulous post to share with all of us...I loved it!!! Have a super Sunday!!!


  18. Oh Cass! I love your bunny pillow and your bombe ches and the soft color of your yellow guest room and your shelves and your pineapple lamp...and need I say more?....Christine

  19. I could use a refuge from my guest room... this looks like just the place... i'll be right over!

  20. I loved seeing the pictures of you guest room! Your home is so beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

  21. loved this little tour, the guest bedroom is divine

    too funny from Lori, had me laughing out loud


  22. Just love your blog and home. I, too, am crazy for old houses and the history that comes with them. We live in a farmhouse that was built 110 years ago. Our last home was in south Ga.-a Victorian built in 1879. Your house is a treat to look at.
    Many blessings! Misha

  23. My gosh, your house is gorgeous!!

    "Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine!"

    Hokey smoke, did THAT bring me back!!


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