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Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's Black and White and Red All Over? Our Powder Room!

There's a Toile Party going on, at the Pretty Organized Palace blog. Visit here to read more!

And now. . .

. . . what's black and white and red all over?

On the pl
ayground at Eagle Avenue Elementary School on Long Island, we used to say "a newspaper!" and laugh ourselves silly.

But now at That Old House, the answer is ... The Powder Room!
Not as witty, perhaps, but more satisfying.

My most-viewed-ever post was my February 16th one about the metamorphosis of our Powder Room;
if you are curious, click here. The "befores" were interesting. . .

. . . the "afters" were not complete. . . .

No curtains!

(Oddly enough, taped up samples don't count.)

Toile was the fabric of choice for most of you who expressed an opinion, and as luck would have it, I had a generous length of $1.00 a yard cream and black cotton toile that I bought last year at WalMart (bottom fabric in picture, above).


I am really pleased with how this $1.00 a year fabric looks at this window. I self-lined it, just doubled over the fabric so if the blind is raised, it will look the same from the outside as from the inside. The print is busy enough and fabric substantial enough that the pattern doesn't "shine through" from one side to the other.

Hope you like the new curtain! It needed to be swagged to one side, as the sconce would otherwise interfere with the fabric. But luckily, it's all period appropriate!

It needs a tieback -- right now just a narrow bit of satin ribbon is doing tieback duty. Time for a tassel, maybe?

And just let's peek in from the dining room. . .

Now...what is black & white & black & white & black & white & black & . . . ??? As we used to say at old Eagle Avenue, "A nun rolling downhill." You need to have grown up in the days of nuns wearing habits to appreciate this witty bit of school yard hilarity.

Have a lovely weekend! ... Cass


  1. Love the toile curtain you made girl friend..and Yes I remember all those silly little jokes from a kid that just made you laugh..Oh and when I became a teenager we had the one going around..Why do Nuns travel in pairs? to make sure one nun didn't get none...he he!! I know dumb but at the time I would die laughing...I love your home..Hope you have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Funny!

    I have black and white toile in my office and adjoining bath -- can't beat it, can you?


  3. I'm SOOOOO glad to start seeing these curtain results!!!

    I too remember those jokes - - - - and the nuns in habits - - - those were the days - - -

  4. Oh, how gorgeous!!!! You ARE making great all you need is a gorgeous black/cream/red tassel for your tie back and you'll be finished with a project,right????? It looks fab...and I am still aghast that you got the fabric at Walmart!!!
    Love it!


  5. The black and white toile is just perfect. Such a lovely powder room. Hugs, Marty

  6. I'll keep my eyes open for you for a ingenious tie back or tassel......thanks for visting my blog. I hope you didn't think I was being too presumptuous to suggest a tassel!! Love it all.


  7. Love that combination! I know I got to get me some red walls somewhere somehow someday!!

  8. The toile is perfect in that room -- and what a great price. Do you remember as kids calling people up and asking them if they had "Prince Albert in a can?" And if they answered yes, you'd say "well let him out"! LOL

  9. Wow! That looks the Toile :)

  10. Wow the curtains look great and for such a great price too! I just love your home.
    Have a great Saturday.

  11. Love the combination of red, black & white!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  12. I painted my bathroom red and I never thought of black and white! Now I have to redo the curtains! ;D

  13. I have enjoyed my first visit here today! I am in the process of re-doing my powder room. The previous owner had wallpaper and a a stencil underneath! I plan on bloging about it later.

    I really like your green dishes...I am a huge tea drinker too and noticed you had Twinings mint. I drink a lot of Twinings, but have never had that one. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go have a cuppa tea right now!

  14. It turned out beautifully! Love the curtains! I went back and looked at a few post from last week--looks like your party was a huge success! You accomplished so much last week. Good work getting all the curtains done. I really liked your fabric choice for all the rooms too. Simply lovely! Love, Paula Bee

  15. Oh, I remember the nuns rolling down hill! Your bathroom is so pretty, and I love the toile for the curtain. laurie

  16. Awesome work -- if it were me there would be taped samples up there for. e. ver.

    And tying back the curtain is a good idea anyway. Things get a little...messy above the bathroom sink. Well, here they do! :)

  17. Love your toile curtain! I made one too only in green! {Actually, I had a friend make it for me} Looks stunning! Thanks for sharing.


  18. Your bath turned out quite swanky! Love that crystal sconce. Very elegant!

  19. What woman wouldn't want to powder her nose in that room? Seriously it's super cute. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day.

  20. Now that's one gorgeous powder room! You did a mahvelous job and white toile is my fav!

  21. Love the black toile with the red walls :)

  22. Toile curtain turned out fabulous. And $1.00 a yard? Such a deal. My Walmart never has such deals.

  23. Beautiful powder room! I also bought the same toile at walmart in red and cream but also some in black and cream.
    love the curtains.

  24. I love the chandelier in your powder room and the colors are my favorite! Thank you so much for joining the Toile Soiree! Crazy... there are almost 90 posts now... I'm working on getting to them all. Who knew there were so many of us Toile-nuts out there! Have a great day!

    Pretty Organizer


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