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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Up the Down Staircase, and Down Again, Then Up. . . .

When I was a little girl, I loved reading stories about "long ago," about girls who wore long dresses and played with rag dolls and lived in old houses with attics and back stairs -- stairs that went right into the kitchen!

When I visited That Old House for the first time, and realized that it had back stairs that went right into the kitchen . . . our fate was sealed.

Come with me as we look at the four staircases in That Old House!


It's Tuesday -- or at least it's the tail end of Tuesday. Three Or More Tuesday, hosted by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner is one of my favorite blogging parties; you never know what you might find among the posts! Visit here to read more.



Our front hall is not yet decorated, but just follow me up the stairs;
watch out, the handrail is just ever so slightly loose!

Here we go:

Hmmm... upstairs. Shall we go to the right?

I see a paint can in the hall. There is always a project going on here at That Old House,
but if we go that way, we might be asked to help! Let's go to the left:

At this end, there is another door. . . and it leads to the attic. Are you curious?
Let's peek up the stairs:

Too dusty!

Let's go back downstairs. . . .

Wait! There's another choice -- on the right, the front stairs, and on the left, the back stairs:

Let's go down the back stairs to the kitchen; maybe there are some cookies!

No, no cookies in this kitchen! What kind of a cook lives here anyway?
But . . . there is another stair case! It goes to the cellar:

Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my. No new paint job here!
Maybe that paint can in the upstairs hallway should migrate down to this level.
Do you want to go downstairs and see what's in the basement? No? Another time, perhaps!

I am slipping quietly back into blogging, after taking a few days off following the sudden loss of our dog Connie last Thursday. I apologize for not leaving comments for all of you; I've been a bad blogging buddy! I'm going to try and do better, at least for a day. My older daughter comes home for a month tomorrow, and my in-laws arrive from Florida. Busy days! I hope I can carve out some time for keeping in touch; it might help keep me sane! Have a wonderful Tuesday! -- Cass

The remains of my Mother's Day table arrangement;
roses from Howard, lilacs and some flower I don't recognize, from our garden:

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  1. Oooh a back staircase. How fun is that. I think the ghost would approve. What a lovely old house you have. So sorry to hear about your little guy. This is the 3rd. one I have heard about today and I really hope it is the last.
    Have fun with your daughter and your company. We know you will be back when you can.

  2. I was IN "Up the Down Staircase" in high school!!!!

    I love your main staircase - - - it is gorgeous.

    Hmmmm - - - maybe if you PAINT the basement stairs, the desperately starving ghosts down there will be appeased and stop SCRATCHING on the concrete!!!! :-)

    I'm so sorry about the loss of your doggy.

  3. Oh lookey there - - - Lori mentioned the basement ghost too!!!! Her comment got posted WHILE I was typing mine - - - great minds MUST think alike!!!

    Hi Lori!!!

  4. You have a very creative mind, Miss Cass.......who would have thought to showcase staircases...but I love it! I would love to visit this old house and see for myself. You could get a great workout just climbing staircases!!
    My middle son is also coming home tomorrow. Then I'm keeping a friend's baby Thursday and Saturday we're having four college kids spend the night.....I UNDERSTAND busy! You are not a bad blogging buddy....just needed some time, which we all understand. I'm so sorry about Connie.
    Take care and jump in when you can.


  5. Hi Cass,
    I really loved seeing these! There is something so special about having an old house with all it's history and nooks and crannies. Is there really ghosts down there? LOL, Cindy

  6. Oh, Cass. I am just so sorry about Connie. You and Howard must be so upset. How is Dion? They must have been inseparable. I would really need to take a blogging break if it were one of mine, I'd be blubbering all over my laptop!

    But I did love the tour. I can see why you were sold with the back stairs. I always wanted a house like the Cosby's and Full House and the best is According To Jim (these are all sitcoms with homes with staircases that come into the kitchen).

    Years ago when I was scouring house plans (we had plans to build before the market crashed) my one priority was front and back staircases. It's just TOO practical!!

    And I can't wait to see what is up those attic stairs and down those cellar stairs!

    Happy TOMT and again, my condolences.


  7. I absolutely love your house! The staircases remind me of my grandmothers house. I have such wonderful memories as a child of going down her deep stairs into her basement and helping her do laundry in her tub washer with a ringer that you had to feed the clothes in one at a time to get them dry before you hung them outside to dry.
    Thank you for allowing me to have such a wonderful memory!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Oh, I love all the stairs. Now that would be such fun. I love that you can go straight to the kitchen. I would use that one the most. Your flowers are just lovely. I am so sorry about your loss. That is always so hard. I hope you enjoy all the family visits. Hugs, Marty

  9. Cass, I enjoyed the tour of staircases in your home! I've always thought back staircases leading to the kitchen were so cool. Thanks for showing us!


  10. I'm sorry about your dog. Takes time to get over things like that.
    We all understand.

    Cute Three or more post about your stairs.

    Barbara jean

  11. We have a front and back staircase too and sometimes I think we chase each other in circles! Ilove your runners! So sorry to hear about your dog. I hope having your family home will help. Enjoy your visits!

  12. Hi Cass...your staircases look very similiar to daughter's old house staircases...a Jersey thing maybe?? She even has stair carpet like yours....Enjoy your month with your daughter and ......your in-laws....and I say that with a question in my voice?? Take some time off from blogging and enjoy your family.....and your lovely home....Sue

  13. Cass, I remember the post about your chair and it's a beautiful old needlepoint chair. I did find the "twin" of my chair -- at a ritzy antique site -- $850 without the footstool! Belgian 1900. I did VERY good! Just looking at the chair makes me feel good!

    Love stairs and the back staircase is the one thing that Linderhof lacks -- I have always wanted a house with a back staircase. We put in attic stairs but alas, can't get that back staircase -- in my opinion, Linderhof's only failing!

  14. I haven't been much of a blogging buddy either lately, with all the goings on with Mum I haven't been able to visit, sorry!.

    I love, love, love your home, the main staircase is just gorgoeus.

    Have a great time with your daughter and your company.

  15. Sorry about your dog.

    I love all your staircases!!! Our house used to have a servants staircase, but they took it out to put in the elevator. My grandmother's house was built in 1840 and has the staircase that goes right into the kitchen. Such fun memories of hide and seek as a child! :D Jewel

  16. I'm so sorry about the loss of your dog.

    I bet you get your exercise with all of those stairs in the house! Love the runner on the stairs. laurie


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