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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Does This Mean I Have To Clean?

Oh dear.
One end of the Sunroom is looking mighty bare.

Back in mid-December
a big Canaan Fir moved in to spend Christmas with us.
Meaning the round oak table and the chandelier had to move out!

The tree took on lights and ornaments.

And stayed with us throughout the 12 days of Christmas,
and the beginning of the season of Epiphany.

All good things must come to an end.
Sigh ....

Does everyone hate to take down The Christmas Tree?

Well, luckily at That Old House,
there are a few others to take its place!

In our Dining Room ... 
a small artificial tree decorated with demitasse cups & saucers.
(An idea I stole borrowed from Mary at Little Red House.)

I aim toward dismantling the fresh Sunroom tree
shortly after January 6th, Epiphany.
But our artificial trees?  I like to let them linger a bit.
One year, they lingered till Groundhog Day, but we won't go that far this year.  Probably.

(Mrs. Gilda-the-Red likes to make napping nests
in the tree skirts.  Who am I to spoil her fun?)

Two more faux trees glam up the Parlor.

A few years ago, our artist daughter Anne decreed they be
decorated in white, silver, gold ... a wintry monochrome scheme.

Anne lives in Washington DC now,
but we've kept her pale and pretty color scheme.

And speaking of kids ... both Anne and Alida have
collections of ornaments from their childhood,
and they are hung on a tree in the study/family room.

One of these years, "the girls" will take their ornaments to their
own homes, but in the meantime ... they bling up our holiday.

Howard and I didn't quite finish putting the Sunroom 
back to rights after taking the tree down this weekend.

We'll get there.  We'll be back to normal soon.
(My gosh, that empty sunroom looks awful, and awfully cold!)

Happy 2015, my friends.
May this shiny new year bring you joy and blessings galore!
-- Cass


  1. Taking down is not as much fun as putting up . . . . and then you have the big bare spot left! Sigh -- my mother used to rearrange her living room furniture so that the tree could be in the front window. THAT was sort of appropriate for the day. And we'd drive by and look at them! We have a good system at Linderhof -- I haul boxes up, Jim decorates, I undecorated and haul boxes down! He's pickier than I am!

  2. *sigh* as much as I hate to break it to you, cleaning is the unpleasant culmination of the Dreaded Day of De-decoration. Especially if real tree needles are involved. We had no tree this year so the dust bunnies are running wild and free at our house!
    You trees are just so beautiful, Cas. They sparkle and jump right off the page.

  3. Our tree is still up because I haved enjoyed it
    so this year. It will come down this weekend
    though. Ours is one of those " pencil trees."
    Your trees are so pretty!

    M : )

  4. Wow, that's a ton of gorgeous trees!! I love Annes pale ones...They are all pretty. I know you will think of something wonderful to do with that beautiful sunroom!


  5. Your sunroom tree was gorgeous! I can see why you want to leave it up longer. I only have 2 little trees up for a couple more weeks. Enjoy your other ones!


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