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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Elect Not To Fret

Today, here in these United States,
it is Election Day. 
E PLURIBUS UNUM.  The phrase suggested 'way back in 1776, for
the Great Seal of the United States.  Latin for "out of many, one," it describes the coming-together
of the 13 former colonies, which had strong regional differences, into a cohesive, purposeful whole.
It's still a part of the Great Seal.  You can read more (lots more!) about the Seal here.

Anywho, I'll vote today.
This isn't a presidential election year, so there isn't the great
excitement of nationwide voting, but that doesn't mean it doesn't count.
Me, getting ready to cast my ballot.
 Now, about that fretting mentioned in the title. . . .
You know my Thanksgiving "to do" list?
This year, I'm letting it go.

This year, I'm a bit hobbled with a bum knee, and spending
way too much time with that knee immobile.
Meaning I am doing way too much sitting.  Yes, annoying.
Going to the doc today.
Hoping for a quick fix!

With just 3 weeks till Howard heads out on his annual
Turkey Hunt, and brings home a whopper of a Tom,
those "to-do" items are most likely not going to get "to-done."

Howard does love his knickers.

The important stuff will get done; it always does.
Cooking, cleaning, more cooking . . . . Those things we'll do.

The old silver will be polished.

We'll get out the Thanksgiving dishes.

Cranberry sauce will boil merrily away on the stove.

And I'll make the walnut pie - just one this year.
We don't want a lot of leftovers.

On the great day, Howard will host - in his Turkey Shirt.
And most importantly, That Old House will be full of people.  Well fed people.  :-)
Thanksgiving Day 2009

But as for that TBDBT List,
for yet another Thanksgiving,
the dining room chairs will not have matching seat covers.

And it's a pretty good bet those draperies in there will not be sewn.
Unless Howard has heretofore hidden talents.

 And you know what?  Those things aren't important to anyone but, probably, me.
So I'm letting them go.  I'm allowed.  Kind of amazing.

You can find me here, today, un-laxing,
being all Lazy Lady Liberty on Election Day.
I seem to be in danger of a wardrobe malfunction.
Fellow citizens, please vote.

It is, absolutely, the least we can do to show our
gratitude in this month of Thanksgiving.

Happy Tuesday!  Keep an eye on that Thanksgiving
Countdown Clock on my sidebar.  Yikes! -- Cass

Vintage graphics courtesy of Karen, at The Graphics Fairy.


  1. oh TBDBT... I didn't make any such list. But if I had... You could bet mine would be out too!
    Yes! Let's all Vote...

  2. heading (hobbling) out to vote on this special* spectacular day!
    *my birthday!!!!
    70 delightfully sunny degrees!
    feel better soon..

  3. Voted by Absentee Ballot. :0)
    Let me know what you find out about your knee. My right one acted up on me four days ago. Went to get out of bed and stand. Not only "ouchie", but it felt like it wouldn't support my weight as carefully made my way to the bathroom. Sheesh.... getting old isn't for sissies. ISYN! (((hugs)))


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