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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Help Me Paint A Thrifty Craigslist Table

Howard and I are Sunday-driving to a
charming lakeside village, where we're going
to take a gander at this table, below.

And I think it's a pretty safe bet that this table, below,
will be coming home to That Old House in the back of the minivan.

For the past month, I've been assiduously cruising Craigslist
for a cheap bargain coffee table, big and sturdy, for our study.
Which has been without coffee table convenience
since Anne moved out, and took hers with her.
Anne's architect chest, AKA coffee table.

No luck with the coffee table search until Friday, when lightning struck, and that
cute, cottage-y, kitschy, scallop-y, chunky coffee table stood up and said, "Pick me!"
So we did.

 Now, what color should we paint it? 

The sturdy study upholstery is a very printed cotton tapestry,
furniture we bought in 2001 for its dog-and-teenager-proof qualities.
And it has stood up to dogs, kids, and grownups very well over the years.

Loads of colors.  Gold, brown, black, red, other red, rust,
pale green, dark green, weird blue, and a bit of a purplish color,
but I don't know what you'd call it.

Then there's the rug.  Similar colors, only paler.

"Stop looking at me!
You think I want to wear this stupid dress?"

I initially was thinking dark red (mostly because I
already have some dark red paint), but then I thought,
No, let's make it green to blend in 
with the room, which also has green walls.
And I already have green paint.
Howard, in the study in his favorite spot ... and I have leftover wall paint in a Sherwin Williams
green that I cannot remember the name of and will have to find the can and hope the label is still
legible ... because the wall color may make a nice table color, too, with a poly finish over it.

So, whatcha think?
Green?  Red?  Gold?  Plaid?
No, seriously -- what do you think would be a good color for this table?
(It's kind of a dark room.)
And ... should I decoupage the top because -- yes -- I already have some Mod Podge?

Have a gorgeous Sunday, my friends.
It is crazy, crazy windy here, and a few loose shutters keep
scaring the life out of me by banging on the house.
I'm glad it's not Halloween tonight!
The leaves are flying off the trees.  Goodbye, chlorophyll!
-- Cass


  1. That table is just adorable. I hope when you see it's everything you wished it would be!
    Now as to paint... I'm clueless about those things. I'm with you on USING WHAT YOU HAVE THOUGH! That is my main M.O.!!!! I'm a sucker for GREEN-- but I've been on a "let's try something new" kick so the RED might work nicely.
    The 'bit of purplish color' on the couch... EGGPLANT, maybe? How about PURPLISH? so much for trying something new...huh?
    Ok maybe not purplish...but it's an option! especially with the lovely GREEN which I've already said I'm A SUCKER FOR!

  2. I think green the same color as the walls would completely pull that room together! Love the table!

  3. My first inclination is to paint it green,Cass, but I can, and often have been, wrong. lol My 2nd thought would be gold. I think it is a really cute little table...chunky and fun. (kinda like me) xo Diana

  4. Every room needs something black to ground all the other they say!

  5. I am not good at picking colors, but the green sounds like a good choice. Sweet furbabies and love the pink dress on her. :)
    We had the bad winds here Fri. and thru the night. My courtyard is covered in leaves, hickory nuts, and several large limbs that came down.
    Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

  6. I say get all wild (it's not my own furniture) and paint in red!

  7. stay with white with a border of strips in green. the table lamp is white. one of the couches has lots of white.

    what ever HAVE FUN


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