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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chair Love On The Main Line, and an Estate Sale Find

If you read yesterday's post about the estate sale at the 1806 house -- the one being demolished -- you know we didn't get the plates I'd gone back for, but ... we did get this:

An actual period an-tee-cue!  A cherry stand, with tiger maple drawer front.
Lovely wood, handcut dovetail joints, nice light Sheraton style turnings.  Love.
And a good buy in the last hour of the sale!

Not cleaned up yet.  And yes, it's got a few issues. 
I don't know why, but I like burn marks on antiques.
Makes me wonder about the husband who got scolded for it!  :-)

Miss Gilda Von Tease says, Excuse me, but why are you photographing
some old table, when I am right here, posing?

At another estate sale, we picked up a lovely matelasse bed coverlet, with two shams,
and a bedskirt, for ten bucks.  I'd show you, but it's downstairs in the laundry area.
Also known as The Dungeon.  I don't do The Dungeon unless I have to.

On Monday, S-I-L Phyllis and I ventured to Philadelphia's swanky
Main Line neighborhood, to take a look at some Craigslist chairs.
Not surprisingly, they came home with us.

Two of these:

Oh I do love these chairs.
They look like chubby little ladies, don't they?
Spaniel approved.

Then, there were these two, and they also came home with us.

Nice carvings.  On all 4 chairs.
They are clustered around the sunroom table now,
but they can easily pinch-hit in the dining room.  Useful.

One fly in the ointment -- I had to take a table along
with the four chairs.  It's a square tile-topped table,
and Dylan DiPoochy says if you can look past his gloriousness,
you can see it leaning up against the walnut cupboard in our kitchen.
Sometimes when you do Craigslist or eBay or
do other thrifting, you end up with excess stuff.
This is a perfectly fine table, but we don't need it.
I stopped at Goodwill to donate it, on the way hone,
but Goodwill's reception center was not open.
Turns out, that was okay.
Howard says he can use it in The Dungeon.  Works for me.
As long as I don't have to go downstairs and visit it ...  Cass

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  1. Nice chairs! And what a lovely little table -- what's it's age? And are you keeping it? Tomorrow, hopefully, we will go to an estate sale in Daniel Boone (yes, THAT Daniel Boone) grandson's home -- built in early 1800s in Kansas City! Not sure of the stuff -- but man, I would love to see that house!

  2. Oops, I was wrong -- it isn't Daniel Boone's grandson -- it's his son and it's 1840s and was the "lodge" for some time of the owner of the Kansas City Star, William Rockhill Nelson. Quite a history this house. I may want to buy the house -- BIG GRIN!

  3. Cass, those chairs are gorgeous! I am sure you will spiffy that charming table up, too.
    I can relate to not wanting to go to the only trip will be if there is a tornado...otherwise I send Howard down to retrieve anything needed!
    Have a great week.

  4. Fantastic chairs they are indeed.. I love them all.. great find table or with love Janice

  5. What gorgeous chairs! Glad you got them but sorry the dishes didn't get to come home with you.

  6. As everyone knows, I have a serious chair fetish so I am totally in love with the little chairs with the round back. That little tile table is kind of like one I made a long time ago. I kept it by the W/D in my basement (in the previous house) for a place to fold laundry. The pooches are so cute!

  7. You've some real finds and some chairs are sitting in my dining room, including fabric -grin-. A tablecloth would cover up the not so amazing smaller table and be used anywhere but glad it found a home with your husband.


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