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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Christmas Tree For Thanksgiving

At Christmas, we have a decorated tree in pretty much
every room.  Including the dining room. 

Up until a couple of years ago, we put a small spiral tree there,
and added pine cones to it, tucked in here and there.

But then, I remembered this picture,
from Mary's Little Red House blog:

Mary put a small tree in her dining room, and
festooned it with tea cups.  And I absolutely loved it.

So, out with the wee spiral tree.
And in with a small traditional tree.

That little tree is decorated with a lot of red,
and lots of birds, and lots of faux fruits & pine cones,
and lots of little vintage demitasse cups, their saucers Crazy-glued on.
Because who doesn't like a craft project at Christmas?

It's not a fresh tree; we put our big fresh tree in the conservatory,
where it is cool overnight and the fresh tree stays fresh.

No, the dining room tree is proudly fake.
Can you tell?  Oy.  I pretty much always forget
to toss a tree skirt around its spindly ugly plastic bottom.

Seriously, Cass, how hard is it to remember to do that?

Anyhoo, this year, on Thanksgiving Day, this tree will already be set up
in the dining room, but it will be nekkid as the day it was born.

There will be a nearby box, and maybe a basket or two,
of little vintage coffee cups, flocked birds, pinecones,
red and gold and silver glass balls ... all the lovely things that belong on this tree.

If you are one of our guests on Thanksgiving Day, I hope
you'll be inspired to grab a few ornaments and sling them onto the tree.
You will do this, or there may not be any hot gravy
at your end of the table.  It's good to be Queen.

Then come back to visit the tree you decorated, at Christmastime.

Oh.  What happened to the little spiral tree?  It has a new job;
it stands sentry on the landing of our front hall stairs.

Just one week, my friends, till Thanksgiving!
Are you cooking this year? -- Cass

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  1. WHAT fun, Cass! I love a dining room tree. I have a tree in just about every room, too. Love it- love the feeling of Christmas all through the house. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xo Diana

  2. Hi Cass! I love your dining room tree! I want one too! Your little spiral one looks sweet upon the landing. Your 'live' tree in the conservatory is gorgeous! Have a happy Thanksgiving!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I love your sense of humour. And I think it would be fun to have your guests help decorate your dining room tree for extra gravy. Your real tree in the conservatory looks so beautiful. Our tree is faux and one can sure tell the difference. I like your spiral tree on the landing.

  4. Oh I love this idea!
    What a great treat for you guests to get to decorate your little skirtless tree! :)
    Yes... I'm cooking. SOMETHING.

  5. I want to do the lights! Will that get an extra gravy boat for the big kids table?

  6. Oh how lovely! I have 5 trees in our house for Christmas. The main one in the livingroom decorated traditionally, the " rustic lodge" style in our basement, a candy/kitchen tree in the kitchen, a Holly Hobbie/Raggedy Anne tree in my parlor and a gingerbread tree in our foyer. Happy Thanksgiving and your idea for glue-ing the cups to the saucer is terrific! Maggie


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