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Monday, October 6, 2014

Hey! Is That Skull A Pansy? When Pumpkins Go Bad ....

It was a gorgeous October Sunday, a perfect day
for going to a country auction.  But we did not.
Instead, we decided to be grownups, and stay home.

Yes, it hurt.
But we don't need anything, and we know that even with
the best of "we'll just look" intentions, we'd come home
with a minivan full of someone else's old stuff.

Like this,
 or this,
 or this,
 or, this.

Instead, we puttered around the house, and took our first-ever trip to
Whole Foods.
(No pictures.  Too many wild-eyed well-heeled suburbanites wielding run-a-muck shopping carts.
Too dangerous to stop and snap; I'd have been mowed down.)

Whole Foods was interesting.  We spent about $50 on ... cheese.
Oh, and some olives.  And 2 jars of Rao's Marinara sauce.
Which were an amazingly good buy!

Daughter Anne shops at the Whole Foods near her apartment in Washington,
and says that there are always good buys to be found.  Well, she's wrong about the
pumpkin (see below), but she seems to be right about Whole Foods.
Meanwhile, back at That Old House . . . 
a pumpkin that we brought home from the North Fork
of Long Island two weeks ago is looking a tad odd. 

It sits on the granite step outside the Sunroom doors, and as we were
leaving yesterday, I noticed that it had started to go bad.
Like ... really bad.

Like, Oh my gosh, is that the image of a skull? bad.

I sent a phone picture to my daughters; Anne thinks it looks like a
pansy blossom, but she went to a Renaissance Faire this weekend,
so that may explain the happy, la-la-la interpretation.

What do you think it looks like?
(If you answer "skull," you are right.  But you don't win anything.)

So, do you think I can sell this guy on eBay for a bajillion dollars
before he totally collapses in a pile of pumpkiny goo?

From 2010.

And from 2012.

And from 2009, inside the house.

A lovely, crisp Fall day to you all.
Even if it is just in pictures.


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-- Cass


  1. I like the collage showing your autumn decor in the house, well I like them all really but enjoyed the peek inside. Definitely a skull and good luck if you can make money on that image! LOL
    Just how long did Mary host MM? I know I participated for a few years before taking it over - I should email her and ask.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Cass.

  2. When I first saw the pumpkin I thought "skull" but then I could see the pansy too. My sister went to Donaldson Farms yesterday to get a pumpkin. Maybe you could get a better one there.

  3. If you hadn't told us what you thought the rot on the pumpkin looks like I would have suggested a pansy, which always have pretty faces. :) But, yes, it does look like a shocked skull with the big eyes. Maybe you could cut out the bad part and make it part of a halloween sculpture?

  4. Quite interesting! I vote for Pansy.

    Enjoyed you collages.

    M :)

  5. It does look like a skull. LOL
    I have not hit any sales in some time now as need to get back to decluttering.
    Enjoy your evening.

  6. In honor of Halloween I'd say a skull....great fall images. Wish we had a Whole Foods.

  7. Considering it is Monday and the way work went today......I'd have to say Skull!!!!

  8. Hey- If they can sell a potato chip on eBay that looks like Richard Nixon (who's that ask the kids in the group) then I think you could probably pawn that SKULL pumpkin onto some poor soul. lol

    Good idea to stay home- I have quit dragging stuff home for the past few months. I do have withdrawal once in a while...but far it feels good not to keep buying stuff I don't need. lol xo Diana


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