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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goodbye, Chlorophyll, It's Been Good To Know Ya

Autumn has its charms:  apples, pumpkins, brilliant color, 
cool clear days, stupid-easy seasonal decorating
(just plop a pumpkin or a mum anywhere) . . . .

But I am not a total fan of watching Summer shrivel up.
Perhaps it makes me think of the skin on my neck, now that I'm past 60.
Oops.  Sorry about the trash can full of weeds.  Not a staged picture!

 Leaves are frisbee-ing themselves off the trees,
most flowering plants have retired for the year,
but our tomatoes are still grunting out babies, trying to outrun Jack Frost.

These guys are doing their best to beat the coming frost.

Yes, we added a mum and a pumpkin to the sunroom doorway.
The Rieger Begonia that was blooming so beautifully there
totally gave up the ghost -- folded like a cheap suit, the coward.

An occasional Knockout is still outing itself.

The Russian Sage is soldiering on.
The bees are all over it, bless their little pollen-spreading hearts.
But Fall is winning.
In the sunroom border, the portulaca is kaput.
Thank you, wax begonias, for hanging on.
I've never much liked you, but you are tough buggers.  Respect.

Hmmm... okay.  A fresh mum does bring new color to the fading garden, doesn't it?

Although a glance down, and the very dead cosmos stalks
make an interesting, Addams Family display.  :-P 
Yes, weeds everywhere.
(Bad back the past few weeks. No weeding.)

But Autumn brings many blessings, as I try and remind myself.
It is pretty.
It brings families together for Thanksgiving ....
And ... then ... there's Christmas.  :-)

Don't panic, my friends,
but it's fewer than 50 days to Turkey Day!

And I am still working on making my TBDBT List.
(To Be Done By Thanksgiving List.  Always made.  Never finished.)

I wish you a happy Thursday.
-- Cass


  1. You have much blooming. Happy Fall!

    Jane xx

  2. It's nice to see spots of color as Summer goes on

    M : )

  3. I love the tour of your garden! We're getting garden chores done as well! Sigh -- I always hate it when it's over! And we've got leaves EVERYWHERE! From ONE tree! (There will be at least two more so more leaves!)

  4. Oh! There's a list?!?!
    I think your garden looks typical ...I live in TEXAS, so this time of year, the garden is usually a blend of browns, greens, and whatever is left flowering!
    enjoy it!

  5. Don't feel bad, our gardens here in So CA are pitiful - with the never ending heat and no rain or water to water our gardens. It sure took a tole on our gardens. Your's looks good.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Hello, Old Friend! I am slowly trying to rejoin life. You make me laugh out loud. I must be a regular visitor again.

    **blows kisses**


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