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Friday, October 17, 2014

Dear Craigslist: You're (Almost) Fired!

Last weekend, I inflicted a batch of Craigslist
coffee tables upon you, that might or might not
be right for our coffee-table-deprived study.

Oh poor, poor That Old House.  There is no coffee table in its study!

Craigslist pretty much always comes through for us.
But ... not yet.  And I've checked every day.  
I know, such a chore.

A new old coffee table, big and feet friendly,
will be put into harness in this room, currently coffee-table-less:
For the ebay bargain of the decade, this table, click here.
So, time for the next batch of likely suspects.
Do any strike your fancy?

This one, by Councill Craftsman, is high-end, and has storage,
and loads of park-your-wineglass space.
And a glass topper.   A little stodgy, maybe.

Don't know the origins of this rather Plain Jane fella, but it's got nice curves.
Hmm ... those lower shelves?  Dust catchers.  I know myself....

Should we try going edgy and industrial?
A wood pallet on rusty iron legs.
Interesting, if probably a passing fad, and no worries about rings from wet glasses.
Also, a great reminder to get a tetanus booster.

This dainty number intrigues me.  Large, wide pine plank top, with nicely shaped spindly legs.
But the back legs don't have feet.  Really.  Clearly a cobbled-together piece,
but I kind of like it.  The legs would get new paint.  I like that it is not much of a presence.
There's already a lot of stuff in that room.

This one is ... interesting.  Nice big squarish top, sturdy, all that metal scrollwork...
... and then it hits me: I have two long-haired dogs.  Metal scrollwork and fuzzy dogs?
No.  I can't imagine how hard it is to clean the bottom of this thing - all 4 sides are covered in grille!

Yeah. These guys could lay down some serious fuzz on those metal swirls.
Dylan DiPoochy, left, and Gilda Von Tease.

So, I guess I can't help myself.
More metal scrollwork, but the ends of this table are open.
Easier to get that vacuum hose inside, to suck up dust and fuzz-wuzzies.

(The envelope, please!)
The Oscar for Best Hilariously
Goofball Coffee Table, goes to this one:
Yes, chickens, it is made of two artifacts described in the listing as "Eskimo snowshoes."
The asking price is a thousand dollars, but it says offers are considered.
Gee, I hope I can resist ....

By the way, that nice burled wood coffee table from last Friday?
Gone.  Gone.  Gone.  Sigh.
When Craigslist tosses up A Good Thing, pounce. -- Cass

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  1. Oh, you should get that last one and the little fuzzy faces could have a ball playing on it! :) I know you'll find the right one. Sometimes it just takes a while! Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. As the verse in a song goes. "when the right one comes along" you'll know it.

  3. I just love the pallet table..."good bones" and would add a lot of texture to your room.
    It will be interesting to read what other commenters think and to see which one you choose.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I like that last one with the scrollwork the best (for MY taste-not necessarily yours). lol Ummm...boy I bet there will be a bidding war over that snowshoe table and the price will jump out of your price range..............NOT. xo Diana

  5. Your pooches are adorable and love their names!!!!! Tables were interesting but nothing floated my boat.

  6. Oh some nice options for sure! I like the park-your-wine-glass one!


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