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Friday, October 31, 2014

Cruising Craigslist, and Sitting On A Laptop

So a few months back, someone sat on my laptop.
Turns out, this isn't a great idea.

This is what happens:

This is a quite new laptop, Windows 8.1, with one of those
touch screens that ... well, that I hate.  Horrible, horrible computer.

But I did not assassinate it.  I swear, Judge, it wasn't me!
Sometimes the cracks in the screen smoosh together and you can
hardly tell there's any problem; at other times, it's a hot mess.
Are these screens replaceable?
Or should I ask Santa for a new laptop that does not have a touch screen,
or Windows 8.1 because Windows 8.1 is simply awful?
Okay.  Enough complaining.
Time for some threats.

Dear Craigslist:  It's been three weeks, and I still have not found our
perfect coffee table for our Study.  What the heck?
I'm running out of patience.  Let's see this week's haul of possibilities:

Oval.  Big.  Nicely beat up, so cheap.  And salvage-able.  Maybe. 

 Almost square.  Rustic.  A bit of ironwork on the bottom,  Sturdy.  Another maybe,

Oh.  Oh.  OH.
What have we HERE?
Look at this cute cottage-y coffee table!

We can forgive it for not being square, it's big, 
it's got chubby little legs and scallops.

Can you see it here, in this room, below, painted a nice
new color (what color?) that will bring out its
cottage-y, scallop-y adorableness?

I didn't really expect to find this particular table.
I thought I wanted a more sophisticated one, maybe with some
brass or glass or something shiny, or possibly iron, or an industrial style
. . . not one that looks lifted out of a Mary Engelbreit illustration.

But I kinda love it.
Wish me luck; I hope it's still for sale.

Last weekend, I spent a wonderful few days
with my two daughters in Washington DC.
Anne lives there now; Alida came East from Los Angeles
for our "ladies' weekend."  Such fun!  And so rare.

Anne and Alida, selfie-ing front of the Capitol.

Mostly we talked, and ate, and talked, and shopped, and ate ...
but we did a little of the tourist stuff on Saturday.

Including some of the highlights, like the FDR memorial.
Here's what my darling daughters took a picture of:
"Look, Ma!  You have that table!"
Oh my.
What have I done to my children, that they notice the furniture?
I am so proud.  :-)

Meanwhile, it is Halloween, and so far,
at That Old House, not one little beggar
has knocked on the door.
Where are the children?
Don't they hear the silent song of our little ghosties?
Happy Halloween, my friends!  -- Cass

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  1. I love the white table! (not so much in white, but you can remedy that) Your weekend with both of your girls must have been a blast. Our middle daughter made the trek from out west to visit us last week, and I'm still giddy about it.

  2. Me too!
    I love the table... Interesting that she noticed the table...
    best of luck on getting it purchased!

  3. Nice to have daughter time! And I know you all had fun! So you found THE table? Our little goblins came and came early -- I ran out in an hour! Didn't even have one for me! Sigh!

  4. I agree with the ladies - great table.

    Mr. Ken says go to Amazon, you will need the exact model
    number of the computer and do a search. If you have not done
    a replacement before , you can take it to a computer repair
    store and have them do it. Cost not sure.

    M : )

  5. I have been researching computers for a new. I have Window XP, which I love, but the do not support it anymore. Everyone I have talked to HATES Windows 8. I was talking to my ATT computer guy and he said to wait that the new Window 9 is going to be so good. So I am limping along. I did take it to Staples and the worked on it for $79.00 and suggested that I add more space, which I did and it was like $80.00 more. It has worked good, but I really need a new one.
    Good luck getting a new one.
    Your weekend with your darling girls sound like you really had a great time. I like the white one, but I would paint it a different color. Good luck.


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