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Friday, October 24, 2014

Craigslist, You Are On Thin Ice

Dear Craigslist,
While your on-the-job performance has heretofore been quite 
satisfactory, recently you are not performing up to ability.

The lastest contestants in our 3-week search for a
coffee table are as follows:

#1:  Square (our first choice of shape), sizeable, and cheap.
I might want to paint its little bottom.
#2:  Same size as above but simple lines.  Kind of a wallflower,
but an easier keeper -- no carving to dust.

#3:  Not square but long enough to hold all the stuff that inevitably collects on a
family room coffee table.  Scuffed, but that's why God made paint, or Olde English.

#4:  From Ethan Allen -- a pine piece with a past.
Also scuffed, and I don't much like lower shelves... things get lost & dusty down there.

#5:  Another square.  Good condition, cheap, but there's that lower shelf....

#6:  A dark horse in the race!  Certainly not square, but l-o-n-g enough for any amount
of party wineglasses and plates of half-eaten nibbles.

#7:  Another contestant in the "Love Me I'm Square" category.
But -- lower shelf.  Not sure if that's a deal breaker or not.  It's from West Elm.  Looks heavy.

#8:  Remember these?  Almost square, and with a drawer.

Books might work.  We've got a lot of them in the study (below).
(That chow table went to Goodwill year before last,
but that's how we know we want a big square table.)

Do you like any of them, or think they are right for our room?
Help me out -- tell me which one!

C'mon, Craigslist.
Empty space does not hold magazines, catalogs, a scented candle,
television remotes, books, pens, and boxes of tissues. 

If all else fails, this beauty is still available for a piddling thousand bucks.
All we need is the Adirondack lodge to go with it.

Have a spectacular weekend!
I am having a very rare weekend with both of my daughters.
At the same time.  Such fun! -- Cass

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  1. I'm afraid I might not be much help here. I need to see a picture of your current living room...and grouping... off to find that in a moment.
    I will say... I like the square idea! I don't like the bottom shelf, for the same reason you listed.
    If I had to choose... I'd go with the second clean lines, NO DUSTING! always a plus... (well, no dusting nooks and crannies) ...or contestant #3 ...and the idea of some sort of paint treatment sounds very appealing. REMEMBER: this comes from someone who wants a coffee table, but has only had 1 in 31 years!

  2. I like the square shape for sure. I do like a bottoms shelf myself for storing blankets mostly. I DO like the curvy legs on contender number one though!!!! xo Diana

  3. No. 1 -- if you paint it and No. 7 even though it has the shelf. I actually like that shelf idea (never had one) because you can get two longish baskets for it in which to pile books and magazines or fold a quilt or two. That would leave more room on the top for feet! And if the baskets took up enough room, you would't have to dust.


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