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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BOO-tifying The Sunroom

Nowadays, I need a kick in the britches to
motivate myself to decorate for Hallowe'en. 

No kids pestering me = lazy.

But when Howard brought the bins up from the cellar,
well . . . it was time.
Ignore, please, the lampshade on the wooden boxes.  Real life isn't always pretty.  :-)

Most of my kitschy, corny Hallowe'en stuff ends up in the
Sunroom.  The good stuff goes in more serious rooms!
(Not that I have any real good Hallowe'en stuff!)

Weekend before last, I got a fall-themed wreath at The Christmas Tree Shops store.
It lights up.

This is what happens when you go shopping with children.
If by "children," we mean "Howard and Anne."
Yes, my husband and grown daughter forced convinced me
to buy a glittery, battery-lit, cheesy, corny wreath.
Not my usual style.

This is my usual style.  Dull and safe.

So, I didn't put it in the usual wreath-hanging place on the front door.

Instead, it's lying down on the job, and making believe it's a centerpiece.
With a ceramic Jack O Lantern in its tummy.

Kitsch has its place, especially at Hallowe'en.

Several old wax candle ghosties have nestled themselves
into the gold and glitter.

I'm copying you!
We went to Home Depot, and got a wee baby stove for the sunroom,
and we adore it.  

Oh Holy Mop-and-Shopping-Cart, Batman.  Nice picture -- talk about Real Life.  I am a doofus.
It adds a nice bit of warmth, and the fake flames are such fun;
they crack me up.  They MOVE.  How does that happen?
I am mystified.
I would not have gotten one of these, without your vouching for it,
so Thank You, Martha!

So, I think I have proved that cheese knows no bounds!

Glitter and fake flames?
Welcome to That Old House!  You rock.  -- Cass

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  1. Happy Wednesday to you. Was fun to pop in and visit your blog. I am in slow-mo with halloween decorations....think I had better get started on Christmas as slow as I am.
    Blessings to you,

  2. Wonderful job! My house is also prim and country but some kitsch & glitz here and there at the holidays is fun! I have one of those stoves too, it's in my foyer, and I love it! Happy Fall! Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

  3. Love your Kitchey Halloween! I'm sticking to mums and pumpkins (real) this year (and sugar pumpkins, too so I can eat them!). Glad you like your stove! I love the fire -- whether you have eat on or not, it makes you warm just looking at it! And unlike real stoves you can put a plant (or plants) on top of it! (Instead of a pumpkin)!

  4. Oh, that's a cool tacky wreath! I think Halloween is all about the "unique". Uh, you have an Easter bunny sitting next to your fireplace though :)

  5. Great little place for your pumpkin to peek out the sunroom window. I have one of those little heaters in my Garden cottage, the flames aren't too bad.

  6. I must have copied Martha too, lol. I have the same fireplace in my sun room. Funny story - first night I had it on (in a totally dark sunroom) I was watching it from where I was sitting in the LR. Suddenly the 'flames' seemed to go out from left to right and then slowly came on again. DARN ! I assumed I had a defective unit. When it happened again I got up to investigate. Turns out it was the effect of a dog slowly walking in front of the fireplace, lol. Sun room was so dark that I couldn't see the dog - only the effect of her slowly walking passed the unit, lol

  7. BTW, I have an old copper tea kettle on top of mine.

    1. What a good idea! I have an old copper kettle -- now if I can muster up the elbow grease to shine it ....
      Love the dog story -- I can absolutely picture that. :-) --- Cass


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