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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Big Apple Baubles On The Cheap

Hello, my name is Cass, and I love a bargain.
I'm kinda cheap.  It's in my DNA.  
(Thank you, Mom.)

I don't go to extremes, like a long-ago neighbor of ours,
who bought desserts that her family didn't like, so they'd last longer. 
 (I am not making that up.)
Pear cake/pudding/weirdo dessert image
from the wonderful website, The Graphics Fairy.

Long ago, in the 70s, I bought a necklace in the infant department at Lord & Taylor,
on sale for just a few bucks, and wore it for years --
it was primary colored wooden toy blocks strung on a simple cord.
It began my love affair with goofy, cheap jewelry. . .
like this piece, a recent wood-and-plastic purchase.  One buck.
How lucky is my husband?

I like jewelry, and I like cheap.  When they collide, all the better.

See?  Don't I look nice?
Vintage image courtesy of
the amazing Graphics Fairy.

 This combined love of dress-up and cheap is why I found myself
scooping up rock-bottom-priced pieces at a storefront on
7th Avenue in New York City a couple of weekends ago, on a 
fabric buying trip with my daughter Anne.

We are not talking investment pieces, but the costumey-est of costume stuff.
The kind of pieces you don't worry about, and muggers don't want.

I like lightweight necklaces, so I adore . . . plastic.
Not gold.  Not even sterling.  Glass or stone beads, if not too heavy, are fine.
Seriously, Howard, you are a lucky duck.

These are plastic, and long enough to double over.

I got 3, one white, one red, and one goldish-orange,
which seems to have gone AWOL.

Slightly scratchy to wear, because of some flat plastic paillettes.
But, as my Mama used to say,
"You have to suffer to be beautiful."

This one is lightweight plastic beads, very comfy,
and goes so well with Fall neutrals.  

It had a pendant when I bought it.  Leopard spotted plastic . . .
which I didn't notice.
Anne kindly pointed it out to me, and I decided I liked it better sans pendant.
That's the fun of inexpensive jewelry; you can yank stuff off, without your conscience twitching.

The colors look odd in these pictures, but they work.  Really,
This one is plastic discs and beads, strung on twine.
It's my favorite.

Shades of brown, with tan and a bit of black.  My colors!

So light, I forget I am wearing it, which means I'll surely lose it one of these days.

Most of these art pieces cost me a whole dollar.

A couple of them set me back $2.99.

And they say New York is expensive!
Have a lovely Thursday.  -- Cass


  1. It's all in how they are modeled, Cass. So.....let's see. :))))

  2. SOOO fun, Cass. Good for you! I think we need to see these ON you! xo Diana

  3. You did good! I am another one that "looking for a bargain is in my DNA" also.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. It seems daughter is shopping in all the wrong NYC got multiple necklaces for $3.00 and she went to buy a pumpkin tonight and they wanted $40.00 for it....what NY were you in???

  5. They look terrific and I bet with your outfits they look nice. I hate a heavy neckless, makes my neck hurt.
    Happy Halloween.

  6. Way too fun.
    Harold IS one lucky guy-at least
    you aren't buying diamonds and saphaires.

    M : )

  7. Both my daughters love this same look in jewelry and I say they're husbands got it easy.
    Me? I am not a jewelry person at all!
    So I don't know that I'd wear cheap jewelry... I do have some expensive pieces, but that is because my hubby really wanted me to have them. Why? I don't know. They usually sit in the jewel box on the dresser. (if any muggers are reading this! ;)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. You need to check local craft fairs for crochet ladder/trellis yard necklaces. They're made out of ribbon, They're extremely light weight, and look great. I just ordered stuff to try making them. If I can get it right, I'll send you one.

    1. Winnie, you are brilliant -- I just found some of these on Etsy, and they are gorgeous. Wow ... a whole new necklace category for me. :-) Thanks!!!

  10. I so love that you're posting again!

  11. Cass, you found quite a few pretties! I have been on the hunt for a purple necklace at every thrift store I hit...none to be found, every other color of the rainbow, but no purple.
    Have a spooktacular weekend!

  12. I'll bet you wear them like a rockstar Cass!
    I rarely wear any jewelry. I am allergic to nickel and most costume stuff has nickel clasps. The ones that are all beads and cords would be perfect.


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