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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Those Crazy Cut-Ups: Mother Nature and Father Christmas!

A Happy New Year to all!

I'm sure things have been hopping at your home, too,
as time slid into the New Year, and then the 12 days
of Christmas ushered in the season of Epiphany on January 6th.
Our fresh Sunroom tree, back on December 18th, freshly decorated.
You can still see ornament boxes stacked in the lower right corner!
This tree is a Canaan Fir, and took 4 Rubbermaid bins of ornaments,
1,800 colored lights, and one strand of white lights around the trunk.
Howard is a lighting wizard.

How was your Christmas?
Ours was lovely,
with both of our daughters and our son-in-law under our roof.  
We had a big party on December 21st, but I took no pictures.
Too busy!

Christmas morning at That Old House: 

Josh and Alida made Monkey Bread for breakfast,
a tradition borrowed from his family.
So good, your brains could fall out!

Anne made her lighter-than-air waffles,
this year gluten-free!
Waffles, real maple syrup, and breakfast sausages.
We don't skimp on Christmas feasting!

 And then, it got cold. 
Really, really cold.
Brass Monkey alert cold.
Our fence, this week, with the Christmas lights still
festooning it, and the thermometer crying "Uncle!"
Our resident red-headed bombshell, Gilda,
is not bothered by the cold at all.
She wears a nice, thick fur coat.
All the time. 

 Dylan DiPoochy, whose coat is rather thin
in comparison, is less happy with the frigid outdoors.

We fenced in a play yard for the dogs; here's part of it,
as seen from the dining room windows:

 They haven't spent much time playing in it.
Gee, I wonder why?

Meanwhile, in the house, Christmas still holds sway
. . . in the front hall: 

. . . in the Parlor: 

. . . and in the Sunroom, where the Canaan Fir
still stands, still in good shape.
I really hate to take down a Christmas tree! 

Sunroom tree, on Tuesday morning, 1/7/14.

Gilda has started to yank ornaments off the tree
and put them on the floor.
I think perhaps she's pushing me into restoring
the house to a more normal state.  Gilda is a very opinionated lady.

She likes to sleep on pillows,
and often tips one over to make a bed for herself.

The other day she used her nose to push a pillow off a club chair
and into a basket of clean folded laundry.
Nice little nest, isn't it?

Happy Epiphany to all!
This season of the church year brings us to Lent, to Ash Wednesday.
How 'bout that?  Before we know it, we will be looking at Spring.
I promise.  -- Cass


  1. I'm holding you to that promise of spring! Your trees are just lovely. I am in the midst of taking my ONE down. I love decorating -- hate UNdecorating. But it must happen to move on with the seasons.

    1. Yes, it does have to happen! I have determined to begin my process of de-decorating tomorrow.
      Fingers crossed.

  2. You got as cold as we did -- not a good thing! Our water meter froze -- luckily it was the meter and not anything else -- the city HAD to replace it no charge! It warmed up and now owe are supposed to have snow -- Saturday's snow is still on the ground (but not on the streets).

    Unlike you, our tree is undecorated and shoved onto the porch (thank heaven for screen porches) awaiting Friday when we can take it out for the city to pick up and drop in one of the city lakes for little fishes to nest in.

    Your trees are lovely . . . .and I admire your energy for ALL of those trees -- one is enough for me! And ours took 2 bins -- but we use BIG colored lights and real bubble lights on ours!

  3. Long time no see Cass! Glad you survived Christmas and Epiphany. I love all the beautiful ornaments on your sun room tree and I can see why you don't want to take it down. I just took ours down last night. Gilda is quite the queen isn't she? She's pretty adorable. Stay warm. Pamela

  4. Glad you had a lovley Christmas!
    Your trees are beautiful.
    The poochies crack me up!

    M :)

  5. Cass, your trees are stunning, especially the one in the sun room. So glad that your girls were there for Christmas and you all had a wonderful Christmas.
    The dogs are so cute ... great picture of the dog in the clothes basket.
    Have a wonderful 2014.

  6. Looks/Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, Cass. I LOVE how smart Gilda is! It is cold here,too. WAY TOO COLD! I took everything down today (well, I finished today). I was ready this time- xo Diana

  7. Your trees and house are eye candy. Thanks for sharing. Love your dogs! (((hugs)))

  8. Oh how I lovelovelove all of your trees! Nothing better than a Christmas House. Your fur babies are darling. Wishing you a Blessed New Year.


  9. The tree in your sunroom is gorgeous!!! I need to get the outdoor lights down this week --it's just been SO cold! I still have some boxes of ornaments sitting around too--I am so bad! Yes, Lent is just around the corner and all the Christmas decorations need to be packed away before then! I cannot wait until Spring --until it is 75-80 degrees outside and I can feel good again and sit on my porch with the dogs and drink my tea!


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