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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall, Finally, at That Old House

My last published blog post was October 17.
Wow, I am really lazy.

No reason, no excuses.  I guess I've just been sort of floating along,
watching the last bits of summer fade away, and adjusting to Fall.

Do you know in exactly 3 weeks it will be Thanksgiving?
You do?  Nevermind . . . .

On our front porch, the hanging ferns are hanging in there.  Barely.
But they do look cold, don't they?

The asparagus ferns on either side of the front door are still growing.
They're bucking to come indoors for the winter.

The hanging geranium is a bit beat up from our couple of freezing nights,
but I think with a good hair cut and some TLC, 
she might ride out the winter in the sunroom.

Today's wet winds brought down more leaves in the side yard.

I finally got around to Autumn-izing the front door wreath.
Gone are the white summer flowers (almost); it's Hello, Fall.
I just poke fake flowers from Michael's in 
the big twig wreath.  That way, I can use it for all seasons.
Lazy, and cheap.  Or, thrifty.  Yeah, thrifty.

So did I tell you that it will be Thanksgiving in 3 short weeks?
I did?  Nevermind . . . .

Soon I'll be pulling out the Thanksgiving china, and giving the 
old silverplate flatware a quick shine.

The turkey salt-and-peppers will be freed
from their china closet prison and put into service.

Ah, Thanksgiving.  Bring it on!

Each year, I make up a "To Be Done By Thanksgiving" List,
known as my TBDBT List.
I never complete everything on it; this year's list is several pages long.

Do you have one?   What's on it, and will you get it all done?

Did you hear?  It's just 3 weeks until Thanksgiving!
You already knew that?  Oh.  Nevermind . . . .

I took these pictures late this afternoon, and I meant to go to the
back of the house and get shots of our roses, still happily blooming away.
Don't they know it's Fall?

But my camera battery pooped out.
So, no roses - but plenty of dead oak and maple leaves.

Mother Nature sure knows how to snazz up a place.

Here's to Fall, and family gatherings! -- Cass

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  1. TBDBT ... only refinishing the top of my new-to-me, used-to-belong-to-my-sister-in-law's-family, larger-than-what-we-have dining table. If I don't get to it, that's why I have tablecloths. This is a pretty easy-going year.

  2. Cass~
    love the post!
    have missed you figured you are busy..
    with the shop..
    with the pooches..
    with daughter..
    and with making all your LISTS!..
    glad to see you are just like the rest of us..
    hugs and smiles!

  3. Glad things are well down in your neck of the woods... did you hear there's a potential for a BIG snow storm next week???? I'm psyched! I LOVE snow and winter.... oooh a white Thanksgiving would be spectacular!

    I still have plenty of gorgeous red, orange and yellow leaves on the trees here on Lavender Hill, although if you went by the humongous pile of leaves the landscaper blew yesterday it's hard to believe there are any still clinging to the branches!

    Enjoy the gorgeous FALL!


  4. Sounds and looks like you are running along the same schedule as the majority of the rest of us. Took pics in courtyard today and it is a combo of some annuals trying to hang on and lots of leaves to be cleaned up. I am not looking forward to this Winter.
    Not ready to think about the holidays :/
    Enjoy your evening!

  5. LOL- I remember that list from the past year or so! Did you say THREE weeks? Things are looking good there, Cass! xo Diana

  6. Well I wondered where you've been. Looks like a wonderful place to come for Thanksgiving in just three weeks!


  7. I love your decorations, especially the wreath. For many years I did the same thing, changing out the flowers/leaves. It's thrifty. Yeah, thrifty. It's amazing that your plants are outside and still hanging on.

  8. Yes, I have lists - I add - then delete. I'm not doing much for Thanksgiving - just to friends for dinner. So I can start my Christmas decorations. put the Halloween away today and will start on Fall. Your beautiful ferns - are you bringing them?
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Your blog is lovely as always, and no worries, I took a much longer break between blogs.

  10. But just are going to have nice new dishes for your table!!!!
    Unfortunately I do realize that Thanksgiving is drawing a bead on us! We will have about 35 people including 2 in laws who don't speak English, and 4 kidlets under 4 years old........yikes!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...stay warm!


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