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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Craigslist Love, And When Ferns Invade!

It has gotten ugly cold around here.
Last night, past freezing.  Well past freezing.
So I (if by "I" we mean "Howard") brought
in the porch ferns and baskets, to shelter in our hall.

Our front hall looks like a set for Little Shop of Horrors.

On flattened garbage bags, we have three e-nor-mous Boston ferns,
and one rather deflated hanging geranium.  She's getting a haircut, and a warm cozy spot to recover.

I'm going to try and hang these ferns.  Somewhere.
I need hanging pots for them, without drainage holes!
I'll sit their "hole-y" pots inside the solid ones.

 The big asparagus ferns, which started the summer
as little asparagus ferns, will stay on their pedestals,
probably in the dining room.

Oy.  That's a lot of ferns.
Wish me luck. 

Craigslist has come up trumps for me again.  :-)

Last year, I bought 8 dinner plates at the Christmas Tree Shops.
Pfaltzgraff.   White basketweave pattern.  Love 'em.
Read about my love for all basketweave china, here.

But 8 dinner plates isn't enough.  I needed new everyday white dishes.
Really.  I did.  Just ask my husband.  
Or maybe don't ask him, come to think of it.

Craigslist to the rescue.
Complete service for 14, in Oneida's Basketweave pattern.
Tomorrow I brave the jungles of Bergen County to meet a lovely woman
who is the current custodian of my basketweave china,
and hopefully will haul it all home in the trusty minivan.

Stay warm, my friends!  -- Cass

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  1. Oh your boston ferns look so much better than mine.
    I was on the porch the other day...and asked the Honey, have you been watering my boston ferns? Uh No. I guess he figured the drought was over he didn't need to water them anymore. :/ I hadn't watered them we are both guilty. I think a hair cut and bringing them inside will help and maybe I can hang onto them til spring! I've never "overwintered" ferns before. So we'll see.
    congrats on the dishes.
    I'm stalking Craig and his long list...too. I'm in search of a suitable wooden cabinet that I can turn into a kitchen pantry. ...Still looking. ~Pat

  2. The asparagus fern reminds me of a cat we used to have. She LOVED asparagus fern, and she ate it every time she had a chance ... and promptly barfed it onto the carpet in a traffic path. (I'm amazed that your ferns did so well over the summer. I can't keep them looking good, so I quit trying. No ferns for me.)

    Oohhh, dishes!

  3. To whom it may Concern.
    Cass needs more white everyday dishes. She really does.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Haha! This looks like Howard wrote something awful and I "removed" it -- but no. He just posted the comment, above, twice. My techie dude. And yes, Howard, I do indeed need everyday white dishes. Doesn't everyone?
      Love, me

  5. Your ferns did very well this summer. Your hall looks like a nursery. I don't blame you for trying to keep them as they are so beautiful. I really love ferns. I have a BIG one that I can't even lift and it loves being outside. We don't even get a frost and if we do its under the covered patio.. Today is was 90 degrees - I want fall.
    Have a great weekend and terrific score on the dishes.

  6. Oh - I do wish you luck with the ferns - yours look so healthy. I personally have never had any luck trying to keep them over the Winter. They just do not like the lighting in my home and central heating and air.

  7. Love your dishes. What a great find. You are lucky- you beat Mr. Icy Air to your plants. Sadly, Old Man Icy Air got to my plants before I did- xo Diana

  8. Look at all the ferns, good thing you beat the frost to the punch. Love those plates!

  9. Craigslist you found these dishes on Craigslist. Lucky you! Such lovely, lovely dishes. And the plants are in safe from the cold. Good luck in finding a place to put them all. You will find a spot.
    JM Illinois

  10. Cass,
    The temps did plummet quickly. We even had snow!
    I love the white dishes. I agree with Howard, you could always use more! {heeheehee} I have PB Emma, but they get EXTREMELY hot if placed in the microwave.
    I used to live in Northern Bergen County before the Housewives put it on the map. Enjoy your trip!
    Your Friend,

  11. Have fun with then ferns! Looks like you have them under control though.

    Congrats on the dinnerware score.

    M :)

  12. We of Bergen County welcome you ! LOL! Hope you got your dishes home safe and sound!!!


  13. Your dog has prevented me from coming and reading your blog....I see your posts all day on Facebook (and they make my day)....that I totally forgot YOU HAVE A BLOG............I spend waaaaay too much time on Facebook...and finally trying to get back to writing my blog and reading the dishes because you can never have too many....Have a Great Thanksgiving up there in Jersey....Did you happen to see the huge map of Jersey from 1950 that I framed and hung at the house....It's fabulous!!

  14. Just in time for the rescue. Your plants are beautiful. Great score on the dishes. Snow is on it's way!

  15. Cass, I hope all is well and that you'll be posting again soon -- I just love reading this blog. I'm originally from NJ,now living in Virginia, but I'll be back in the home state again soon. Wanted to let you know that those crinkle cookies you posted a while back have become my family's favorite Christmas cookies! They love them so much that I have to hide some in my car so we'll have them at Christmas!


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