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Monday, October 7, 2013

In The Pink, And A Totally Goofy Goodwill Purchase

(Head-slapping stupid Goodwill story at the end of the post.)

Almost two years ago, on one of my first jaunts
to buy furniture for my antiques booth,
I got this from a favorite picker:

A old small-scale side table with a lift-off glass tray top.
A little rickety, but nothing some well-placed glue wouldn't fix,
and it clearly was begging to be painted.

So I did.  Paint it.  Nearly two years later.
I have never been known for my on-time performance.

A first coat of Sherwin-Williams Eros Pink semi-gloss,
and a decoupage treatment under the glass of the tray top.
It's gift wrapping paper.
(Hello, Christa! I wrapped your bridal shower stuff in this, because of the Tiffany blue.)

Table, done: 3 coats of paint, and an acrylic topcoat.
The pink paint is a teensy bit more vivid than the pink in the paper,
but I already had the paper, and I already had the paint.  So I will live with it.

Or, I hope someone will live with it.
We put it in the booth on Sunday.

Sorry.  Phone pictures.  I'd forgotten my camera.

It's kind of a bright spot
amongst its more sedate brethren.  :-)

Ack.  Phone pictures.  Sorry.

It won't appeal to everyone, but it appeals to me,
and I had a blast reviving an old, scratched, rickety table
and giving it a snazzy new look.

I can only imagine what that table would think if she could
see herself in a mirror.  I think she'd be pleased.
She's all ready to hold someone's tea cup, or martini glass.

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BUT before I forget -- my stupidest EVER Goodwill buy:
A hardcover book.  A British murder mystery.  So far, so good.
Here's where it gets stupid; 15 pages into the book, I realize
that I had donated the darned thing to Goodwill back in September.

Yes.  Yes.  I bought my own book.
It's okay.  Laugh.  I did.  And now I can donate it back to G.W.

It's wet and stormy in northern New Jersey.
The dogs and I will take quick walks today!  -- Cass


  1. I did that with our last library book sale -- bought TWO books that I had donated! Duh! What WAS I thinking? I think she looks pretty in pink! I imagine Gilda is pleased with it -- Dylon not so much?
    Dolly and Doogie say "hi" to yours!

  2. A - My phone pictures are fine and B - You bought your own book. I guess you forgot to mention that to me. But ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what a silly thing to do.

    1. Rude. You are just rude. There may be NO stuffed peppers left for you when you get home tonight, my man.
      Like you've never bought back one of your own donated books.
      Oh wait. Nevermind . . . you never have.

      Do you keep me around just for the laughs?

  3. The table is a bright spot indeed but I'm sure someone will pick it out for a lovely sun room or funky apartment. That is quite funny about the book. :)

  4. Cass,

    Howard is a funny man. I am trying to buy back the stuff I sold at auctions a few years back. Doing quite well actually. Now I want stuffed peppers!


    1. Well Howard will be home at 11 tonight, and have his dinner then . . . so if you can make it to New Jersey by 11 tonight, you are welcome to join him. I make a pretty danged good stuffed pepper.

      Why are you buying back things? Seller's remorse?

    2. Cass does make really good stuffed peppers.

    3. It's a wise husband who publicly compliments his wife's cooking.
      See you later!

  5. Cass, I'm glad you said it was OK to laugh about the book because I did. (hee, hee)

    I love the table. I want it for my house!

    It's funny you are having stuffed peppers tonight because that's what I'm having. I told my husband that before I left for work this morning so I am not copying you. Great minds and all that.

  6. Yum! Have not had a good stuffed pepper in a long time.
    I have sold many things over the years, that I wish I had kept and would probably buy back - well maybe if the price was right.
    Enjoy your evening.

  7. Great pink table! I'm sure someone will snatch it right up in no time!

    I fell out reading about your re-purchased book! Now that was hilarious, thanks for the good laugh.

    From Virginia

  8. This is awesome!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  9. You know I love this hot pink table... if you were closer it might have to come live on my porch.

  10. I go to Goodwill almost everyday! One day I saw a book that looked familiar, and yep, there was a note from my husband on the inside cover. A friend had borrowed it years ago, and of course I bought it! Your pink table is a winner.

  11. I love your sweet little pink table! I appeals to me. Thank you so much for your sweet words to me. I appreciate your friendship, Cass.
    You are the sweetie,
    Shelia :)


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