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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ebay Saturday, And The Ultimate In Shabby Chic

Saddling up Maxine, the shiny blue minivan,
and heading for eastern Pennsylvania this
beautiful Saturday, lured by the siren call of these:

Yes, I know.
"Hello, my name is Cass, and I am a Dish-A-Holic."
Where have we heard this before?  Oh yeah.  Right here.

Well, golly.
In my defense, it is Wedgwood Cathay china, in mint condition,
and it's service for about a billion, plus extras.
And I was the only bidder on eBay.

This means I'll be culling more china from my own collections, to make room for the 145 pieces
of Wedgwood, at less than a dollar a piece, I'll be toting home today.
Yes, Howard knows.  He's going with me.
He thinks he'll get a chance to visit a Pennsylvania casino while we are there.
He has a rich and varied fantasy life.

if you want to see the ultimate result of rustic country French
decorating, the pinnacle of shabby chic-style decor,

It's a Dutch photographer's photographic
 tour of abandoned European farm houses.
It's eerie, and kind of fascinating.

So how nuts am I that my first thought, on seeing this picture, was:
Wow, that's a really nice table!
Remnants of family life: A table and chairs discovered inside what was once the dining room of this now dilapidated farmhouse in western Europe

And now, don't blame me for your nightmares.
After all, it is October.
Boo! -- Cass
Ghostly: This eerie photograph captures the dusty pews and peeling walls inside a boarded up church


  1. Replies
    1. Oh crumb....I meant to comment on the gorgeous tableware - how lovely and congratulations on winning!

  2. I cannot believe you were the only bidder on that set of china. I love, love the pattern!
    The photos f those abandoned homes and buildings were beautiful but sad, too. I was thinking the same as you about the furniture pieces. Man, I would love to get my hands on this and that!

  3. I am so checking out that site! Sounds like you're in my neck of the woods today.....

  4. Oh, Cass -- that has the "mum" on it -- my other love -- the pink mums -- most of mine also has birds! I've got some Spode (famille rose), some Wedgwood (Cuckoo), and some Aynsley (the old Pembroke -- different from the new Pembroke) -- how I envy you that china! And for that little price! Geesh! You get ALL of the good finds!

    So great minds once again -- Johnson Brothers and pink mums!

    It's fallish here in the prairie today -- cold and rainy this morning -- chili for dinner AND a fire tonight -- perhaps popcorn too. There's something about that first fire and popcorn!

  5. Beautiful dishes and the photos were fabulous!

  6. Gorgeous china! What a deal you got on it too. That house is kind of neat in a creepy sort of way and I first noticed the chair then wondered if there had been a fire in the house. I may peek at some more. I don't want nightmares.

  7. Wow - that was quite a find. I'm a Certified Dishaholic too - studied long and hard for my certification and am proud of it!

  8. Now I want to know the story about that sad abandoned house. Love your china pattern!


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