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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nice Knobs You Got There . . . .

Another gloriously beautiful late summer day.
It is not yet Autumn, people.
Step away from the pumpkins!

But small fallen leaves are already spinning around on the lawn,
some of my herbs are ka-put, the tropical hibiscus is shivering,
and the forsythia is revving up its psychedelic fall colors.
So while it is tempting to buy mums, and gourds, and cornstalks,
and stage them in harvest displays - because nothing, not even Christmas,
is as easy to decorate for as Fall - I'm holding off and pretending
that even though it isn't yet 70 degrees here in New Jersey today . . .
it is still Summer.  Because, it is.

And now a challenge: what pictures from your blog
do you think would make good note cards?
It's the September Note Card link party at A Haven for Vee.
(link below)

I delved back to the images I used in my first-ever collage in 2009.
Here they are, make-believe notecards:
The Door Knobs of That Old House!

Our house, built in the 1830s, 
boasts a weird and wonderful mish-mash of 
hardware, from funky window locks (which mostly don't work
but don't tell our local burglars) to odd hinges, a wacky doorbell,
and - my favorites - the door knobs.  Let's just say they don't match.

A 19th century rim lock, with a black porcelain knob.
And Sasquatch reflected in the glossy handle.

A battered brass backplate and knob on a bedroom closet door,
in the modern (1880s) addition to the house.

My favorite door knob: tortoise shell glass, mounted on
a workaday iron rimlock.  This one opens to the attic staircase.

And finally, for this set of images, another bedroom door.
A heavy blown glass knob with a carved rosette inside.
Very different from the fancy faceted or carved glass knobs of
the Empire and Victorian eras.  This one's plainer, more humble.

So I'm thinking that door knobs would be a great note card image for
invitations, or house-moving announcements, new house greetings,
thank-yous from house guests.
And I think the cover of the box could look like this:

And that's it for me today.
A peek outside, and a few peeks inside, That Old House.

It is such a glorious day, so sunny this morning that Gilda and Dylan, 
our two Cavalier spaniels, did something unusual for them - 
they both claimed the sunroom's sunniest spot, at the same time!

They sure can make themselves look comfy, can't they?

Here's wishing you a sunny last few days of summer.
Don't give it up yet! -- Cass

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  1. That Forsythia bush looks amazing! I LOVE Fall and Winter - those are MY seasons for sure...
    It's gorgeous today up here in T'fly but I admit I'm itching to get to the nursery to pick up some cornstalks and hale bales this weekend! I've started pulling out some of the Fall goodies and just love wearing a sweatshirt this morning!

    Kiss those cute pups on the tip of the nose for me!


  2. Cass,
    Very cool. One of them looks like Bennington. Love the idea for the box!


  3. Your dogs are just the cutest! Love the choice for cards. My sister leaves in an old house with door knobs like these. I love them!

  4. I love your antique door knobs. What a great selection in your house. They would make excellent notecards. And so would the pics of the dogs. The last one with their heads together asleep is adorable. Blessings, Pam

  5. What fun! The doorknobs and how they are attached reminds me of my grandmother's house! I sure did enjoy seeing them, as well as your beautiful dogs!

  6. Hi Cass, my first visit to your blog via Vee's card party. Love that card party. How wonderful to hear about your house. I love old door knobs too and these photos would make great cards. Stop by my neck of the woods if you get the chance.

  7. Great photos...the doorknobs..and your sweet puppies.

  8. All the folks who live in new houses with their shiny matching hardware have not idea about the assortment of knobs and handles that an old house can have. Our place has four types of doorknobs. My favorite is the heavy 1920s glass knobs with the mercury glass centers.

    It's been a while since you showed us Gilda and Dylan ... they are so adorable cuddled up together like that. Since it's not a normal situation, I'm thrilled that you were there to capture the moment.

  9. Those are the sweetest looking dogs ever!!
    Love all the olden knobs...great for note cards.
    and...I'm hanging on to summer with all my mite.

  10. I love the door knobs they are lovely. Wish I had some of them. The babies looks so cute sleeping on the couch. Give them a big hug from me.

  11. I'm right with you on the last of summer days, Cass. Enjoying the transition of the seasons, but summer isn't over yet!

  12. I enjoyed the door knobs from your home (and the title of this post LOL) How clever of you to make a box cover for your note cards too.
    Adorable furbabies on the couch, I love the last photo.

  13. The forsythia bushes around here do not turned those pretty colors in the Fall - just turn brown and lose the leaves. :/ Summer not over here yet either. I remember the door knob pics - so many pretty ones.
    Two pretty furbabies! :)
    Enjoy your evening.

  14. I am hanging onto summer here as long as I can, Cass. I grew up in an old farmhouse and never thought about the fact that there were different door knobs through out the house-xo Diana

  15. Stopping by from the notecard party! Great shots of the old door knobs,,,I love old door knobs. Those puppies are the sweetest! They are just oblivious to the whole wide world!!

  16. It's hard to get ready for summer around here as temps are still in the 90s!! So, I've been holding off on decorating as much as I'm chomping at the bits to do so!
    I am envious of your array of old doorknobs! When we built our home a few years ago, I bought reproduction hardware for all the doors and cabinets throughout the house. Much easier than trying to scour the few antique hardware places around here. Our state isn't as old as yours is ;)
    Btw, your babies look so cute sleeping together. Shhhh...

  17. Dropping in from the note card party. Your puppies are so so sweet!!

  18. What a great idea for a series of photos. I loved the door knobs. (And the puppies are cute too!)

  19. Hello Caass

    Your door knobs make a lovely set of cards to send to your family and friends as they will recognise them!

    I just love your puppies Gilda and Dylan - who wouldn't want to receive a card with their sweet little faces?!


  20. I remember this post on these amazing door knobs! They are so interesting and make a nice set of notecards.

  21. Good morning Cass,
    What a nice post - I for one can not get to my Fall decorating fast enough but unfortunately it has to wait until at least the beginning of this coming week...but I do love this little transition the weather is taking mornings and evenings with perfect temps during the day...almost perfect weather.
    What darling pictures of your dogs - very sweet.
    I love the door knob pictures. I will have to check out that link. Thanks!

  22. Cass,
    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I have been protesting the rushing of seasons and holidays on blogs since I began mine. I have gotten that I step away from the ones that do from Sept - Dec because it's all too much {and so much the same.} Autumn doesn't begin until Sept 22! Besides it was in the 90s last week.
    I adore That Old House's door knobs. We have all the original doors and hardware too, white enamel. When you look in catalogs at the prices they charge for one {and a replica at that} you feel rich! :)
    Enjoy the beautiful day.
    Your Friend,

    1. I try and get the MOST out of summer, as summer was always THE most important season of every year when I was growing up. It totally dominated all the other months!
      As for feeling rich, I feel rich when I have more than one spare roll of toilet paper in the pantry. Not kidding. I think it stems from a time when Howard and I bought rolls of TP one at a time, on an as-needed basis. Yes, we were that broke. Pre-kids, thankfully!
      So for the time being, Deborah, this will be a pumpkin and scarecrow free zone.
      Although -- true confession -- I bought mums today.

  23. wow, I love all those knobs, beautiful collections!


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