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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mum's The Word

So, I may have been shopping.

With my sister-in-law Phyllis.
She eggs me on.  
"Buy them," she says. "I know my brother Howard will LOVE them . . . ."

I'm fibbing.
I didn't need any egging-on.
In my defense, I've got a lot of porch on which to perch mums.
This morning; what a gorgeous start to a beautiful day!

Although I believe in squeezing the last bits of summer out of
the limbo of mid-September, I folded and bought mums today.

Pretty much a mini-van full of them.
I always return to Lincoln Park, where we used to live, to buy mums.
There are real, live growers there,
and the plants are healthy and (relatively) cheap.

This puppy is one big mum. 
It's bigger than some shrubs,
and it seems to have been planted with
two different mums, so the colors are really cool.

Deep reds and pinks.

What fun, to have more than one color in one mum!
I've got an equally big basket for it to live in.

I also picked up a big Black-Eyed Susan, 
only it's not a Black-Eyed Susan; it's called "Irish Eyes."
It's pretty evident why.

And two Montauk Daisies.

They are not yet in bloom.
Montauk Daisies, which are actually from Asia but have naturalized
their little selves on the East End of Long Island,
bloom crazy late in the season, with big gorgeous white daisy-like flowers.

They're like Shasta Daisies, only longer lasting and sturdier.
They can grow really big, so they do need pruning in spring.

And, having had such great good luck with the blue aster
that I planted outside our sunroom last year,
which bloomed all summer and is still pooping out flowers,
today I got a lavender aster.  I do love it when the
perennials are 50% off at the growers.

If you, too, are a Summer Lingerer, forgive me for buying mums.
I did not buy scarecrows, cornstalks, hay bales or pumpkins.
We've got plenty of time for that!

Now I need to go stir the risotto.  -- Cass

P.S.  Phyllis - thanks for the pizza and the book.
(Thankfully only one of them came from Goodwill.)


  1. For me, buying mums is sort of like buying new clothes. You get a better selection when they first come out, but if you wait til they go on sale, nothing fits right. My dilemma anyway. Oh well, I'm sure I'll cave soon! Love your colors!


  2. Your flowers are beautiful, I do have a weakness for the peach ones...they are just so elegant and will look perfect on your porch...what a porch...Phyllis

  3. I already caved and purchased some mums for the front porch and for a couple pots. Yours are very lovely and I like the two different colors in one pot. Can hardly wait to see your beautiful porch.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh- I think I need some mums- yours are beautiful! xo Diana

  5. I like that two toned mum plant. A great idea! I bought 2 huge mums a couple of weeks ago and they are mostly opened up now. ($12.99 at HD) They sure do brighten up the front porch. Happy weekend to you! Pam

  6. Hi Cass,
    I think you are smart to buy your Mums now...we do - and the reason for me is because I can buy them not blossomed out - I like to buy the ones that are still all buds that way I can enjoy the look of them longer. If you buy them all blossomed out then they tend to die off and you only just got them...I know you need to deadhead them but I don't want to start doing that i buy them with just buds.
    Love your choices and that large one with the dark red/pinks/burgundy is gorgeous. I have 2 smaller ones in that similar color.
    Porch is going to look awesome.

  7. I have not bought any yet, as most of what I have seen are already bloomed out. :/ You were fortunate to find some that are all still in the bud stage.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Oooo, How I love Mums!
    Love the colors you chose.

    M :)

  9. I bought mums about three weeks ago and they died within a week. Not a good buy. I think I will try one more. I must have done something wrong because they never died that quickly on me before. Usually they last all season and sometimes come back the next. I love the ones you got especially the two colored one.


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