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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Decoupage Behavin' Badly

I'm innocent, I tell ya.

I started with the best of intentions. 
And I actually had a plan. 
Painted this nice little Goodwill shop
chest in Old White Chalk Paint, three coats mind you,
and painted the top with two coats to prevent bleed-through.
Because I'd be decoupage-ing the top.

I painstakingly did a patchwork decoupage of white 
origami paper with printed pencil squiggly drawings.
I liked how it looked.
Until I checked it about 20 minutes after finishing the initial gluing.


Well, thought I, perhaps if I let it dry thoroughly,
the awful bloody-red stains from the
painted-over old mahogany will go away.

Yeah, that worked.
And letting it dry just made removal that much harder.
Let me tell you, once Mod Podge dries, it ain't letting go.
Not without a fight, anyway.

I scraped and tugged and soaked and I am still going to have to dig out my
electric palm sander and sand this blinkin' stuff off the top.
I have no fingernails left.

Oh, poo.
(pardon my language)

Live and learn.
Note to self:  Next time, invest in a dirt-cheap little can of fresh shellac.
Really, I should have known.  Honestly?  Deep down, I did.
Lazy isn't always the best route to take.  Too bad.  -- Cass

Lazy may not be the best route to take, but thrifty always is!
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  1. Passing along a lesson learned ... it's the best trait of generous folks. Sorry you had this happen. Glad you shared it so others may learn from what happened to you. (You are going to show this to us when it's finished, right?)

  2. Sorry about that -- and you'll remember your Mom always telling you "never take shortcuts" -- but do we ever learn! Nope! I'm still doing it . . . sometimes you can get away with it -- but often you can't. The bad thing is ALL the work you have to do to undo what you did before you can do it correctly -- yikes! THAT is NO FUN!

  3. Oh no! That's too bad Cass. I have a cottage table that was painted chocolate brown (why??) and ugly so I decided to paint it white. I primed it 3 times and painted it twice but the top has this soft pink glow to it. Weird. I don't know if the old brown paint seeped through all the white layers or not. It doesn't show unless you really look at it. I hope you get the top of your table done to your liking.

  4. I'm so sorry. I know how disappointed you must feel. is going to be absolutely beautiful! Wait and see. All your hard work will pay of in the end.

    Good luck...

  5. I found out about the shellac and how well it works AFTER I had the first set of oak kitchen cabinets painted and sealed! I was so mad that I believed all the hype about how Annie Sloan paint can paint over anything! Apparently NOT pure white over OAK. I'll be working on my last set of lower cabinets soon as the weather has cooled off and I can paint without fear of heat stroke! And the first thing I'll do is open my shellac!♥♫

    1. make sure it's good fresh shellac! it's got a short shelf life ... it won't dry if it's older.
      again ... one of those things my Dad told me, and I didn't believe until I tried it myself.
      Thanks for visiting!

  6. Sorry about the mess! That modpodge really does not want to let go. I decoupaged some jungle fabric on the bathroom cabinets in our last house. When it came time to sell, we thought we might have to replace them. My husband scraped for days, and finally got it off. If it had been just me I probably would have set them on fire. That is a cute little cabinet, so I hope you can get it fixed up.


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