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Monday, September 23, 2013

Better Late Than Later

Recognize this chubby little beauty?

Ignore the fuzzy red "feather duster" in the lower right corner.
That is our Gilda's tail.
She has a real affinity for this piece of furniture.  Possibly because it is the same color as she.

Thirteen months ago, Howard and I went to a
moving sale near Newark Airport and picked up
this wee tiny bombe' chest of drawers.

Here it is, mostly cleaned, not yet gussied, August 2012.

It was filthy when we got it, the front heavily drizzled
in an unidentified thick, sticky brown, semi-hardened goo.
That had oozed in under the drawers.
Yes, ick.  Double ick.

I cleaned it up and put it in my booth, but after a month or so
I brought it home.  There had been no interest in it,
probably because the top was in rather bad shape.

It spent the rest of this past year in our Parlor, cuddled up against the end of a sofa.
Easy work.  Damaged goods don't bother us at That Old House.

But a few weeks ago, I decoupaged the tops
of two tables out at our beach house.

This is heady stuff.  Really.
The Mod Podge fumes go straight to your head,
and suddenly you want to decoupage everything.

"Step away from the Mod Podge, woman!"

That creative avenue being closed to me,
I cast about for other likely victims.
And the little bombe' chest came to mind.

I cleaned it again, did more work on its finish till it gleamed,
and then . . . ta-da!

A William Morris print for the top.

This time I used a brayer to smooth the paper, which works way, way better 
than using your fingers and a Teflon spatula.  And cleanup is easier, too.
Mod Podge has a long half life on skin.  Live and learn, eh?

I sealed in the decoupage, for durability, with a water-based
acrylic sealer in a satin finish.  This also took care of that teensy
bit of tack that Mod Podge has such a hard time letting go of.

Lacking a garage, electrified shed, or a cellar that doesn't give me the willies,
I do most of my messy stuff in our sunroom.  Dylan likes to stay out of the fray.

I'm still working on my decoupage technique,
but I'm happy with this piece.
We'll see if anyone else is happy with it,
when it goes into the booth later this week.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . .

Last year, I got a few things from a picker who tossed in 
this tray table for free - my favorite price.  The top is a glass tray, 
and removeable.  Ignore the sample colors painted on the frame; 
this baby's getting a glamour treatment this week.

The Goodwill stores around here don't carry much furniture,
but sometimes you score.  I got a beautiful, well made 3-drawer
night stand, mahogany, for less than $20.  The wood was stained in that
dark red mahogany color, and very dirty - streaked with unknown sticky stuff.
Are we seeing a pattern here?
Anyway, I started in with chalk paint on Sunday.

I ran out of room in the conservatory, so I painted in the Study, too.
No room is sacred.  The mess is mind-boggling while work is in progress.

Nice details. 
"Say, that's a cute little pilaster you've got there, Tootsie."

Thankfully, Goodwill is still the Mother Lode of absurdities.
Such as this, below: A molded urn of china strawberries.
Or raspberries.  Or . . . chicken livers with leaves.

By the way, most of that "highlighting" is stuck-on dirt.  Lots & lots of dirt.

A scrubbing with detergent and a stiff brush, and then some chalk paint.
Check in with me later.  Probably for a good laugh.

As my Dad told me, "If you don't make mistakes, it's because you aren't doing anything."

It's Monday, and even I have to admit it is the first full day of Fall.
Blargh.  Oh well, time to break out the pumpkins and ravens.
I've already got the mums!  -- Cass

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on this first full day of Fall.  Weep along with me . . . .


  1. I love the makeovers and especially the nightstand that you painted white. The Bombe chest turned out beautifully too. I'm all decked for fall and have been baking all things pumpkin. Have a great week Cass!

  2. Oh My, That small chest is awesome. I know it will sell quickly. It was just waiting for that William Morris print. I think you did an excellent job. Yes, that night stand does have great lines. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Fall,xoGinger

  3. Hi Cass,
    What a delightful post.
    The Bombe chest is the 'bomb' (sorry kiddo) lol
    I loooove how the decoupage turned out on it - so rich looking.
    Our GW NEVER has anything quite as nice as what you found in yours but I think you live in the right area for these kinds of things.
    How fun visiting today

  4. Wowza! You have been a busy one.
    Love the new top on the chest!

    M : )

  5. Another woman has been pulled into the Modge Podge dark side. There is no escape Cass.
    Worked out great on that chest though. I for one am very happy Fall is here. I love it.

  6. Love the chest redo! Looking forward to the other finished projects also. I have not attempted to modge podge in many years.
    This may be a duplicate comment. It seems my computer has the hiccups this morning. :/
    Have a great day.


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