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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Picture Postcard Perfect

Okay, I know it's not Spring.
But the Summer flowers are slumping,
and since nothing makes me happier than seeing
flowers that look like they are wearing their
very best over-the-top party dresses . . . . 

Four gorgeous Irises, that once upon a time,
from 2009 to this past May,
bloomed merrily, if briefly, in our borders.

Do you think they'd make pretty postcards?
"Greetings from the gardens at That Old House."

Or, more accurately,
"Greetings from the scraggly borders at That Old House!"

Is any flower more gloriously party-dress pretty
than the rugged iris?  They amaze me, every year.
Buried in blizzards, doused in spring torrents,
persecuted by chipmunks and squirrels,
they still prevail.

Amazing.  What's your favorite flower?  -- Cass

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  1. The flowers are absolutely stunning, I love the beautiful lavender color, so pretty, such great pictures...Phyllis

  2. Very pretty. I like the summer flowers. All that deep purple and golden yellow

  3. I love iris -- ours blooms in early May -- in the city furthur north and a different zone, they bloomed around Memorial Day and were the flowers used to decorate graves.

  4. Now that I'm looking at the lovely irises, I'm thinking irises! And most especially the creamsicle one, but that may be because it's a very warm, muggy morning. ☺ They are all beautiful!

  5. I love irises and enjoy them in our garden every spring. Yours are beautiful and deserve to be on the front of notecards. Great choices Cass! have a good day.

  6. I love bearded iris and I can't grow them here. I loved all of yours. Gorgeous!

  7. These are gorgeous and would make beautiful note cards!

  8. Yes, they would all make stunning cards! My favorite is the third one down with the pop of yellow behind it.

  9. Oh they are lovely. I like the last one best.
    My favorite flower is a simple daisy.

  10. Lovely. I love all the varieties.

  11. Pick a favorite? I can't! These would make wonderful note cards.

  12. Irises are such fanciful flowers - your analogy of them all gussied up in party dresses is just perfect. What great note cards these images would make.

  13. These Are so fresh and pretty, beautiful notecards, indeed. Thanks for sharing. It's hard for me to say what my favorite flower is, zinnias were the first flower I grew as a child, therefore it holds a special place in my heart.

  14. Beautiful Iris!
    Think mine have fizzled out - none bloomed this past Spring.

  15. The Iris is my favorite flower. Those are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. (((hugs)))

  16. Beautiful and these all would make very nice notecards! I don't blame you for reverting to Spring shots at all.

  17. You can NEVER have too many note cards with flowers on them. These are lovely, one of my favorite flowers, wish they bloomed longer. but I'll enjoy them whenever I can.

  18. Floral note cards are perfect for any occasion. Pretty irises.

  19. Irises are always gorgeous. My aunt used to grow them in the Fresno area. I see them around here too. I don't know what my favorite flower is, but I am partial to the Linnea flower. However I have never seen one, only pictures. LOL! Love your pictures too and that would make great note cards!


  20. Love the pics!
    pretty postcards..YES,
    or all occasion folded cards...
    I'm always doing that..
    hugs and smiles...
    i wonder if Irises will grow here..
    think I'll try and see..♥


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