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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night - Dining With Al Fresco

You know Al Fresco.
He's the guy who always wants to have meals outside.  

Where bugs live, and wind blows,

and rain falls, 

and it gets dark.

Yeah, that guy.
He joined us for dinner on Sunday evening.

There were 7 of us at the table.  Plus Al, but he don't eat much.

We served grilled sausages, baked beans,
local corn-on-the-cob, grilled local zucchini, cole slaw,
and a dessert of oven-warm biscuits topped with
(local, of course!) peaches and blueberries, with whipped cream.

I forgot to take pictures of either people or food.

So all I have are some shots of the forlorn empty tables.

The weather Sunday evening was glorious,
and I figured I would take pictures in the morning.
Not realizing it would pour rain all night.

But on Monday night, I got shots of the table
with our fence lights lit.  

We haphazardly strung those lights after falling in love
with similar ones at our Hollywood rental cottage, back in April.
Howard in Hollywood, enjoying our patio.  With the ever-present Mr. Al Fresco.
Not many things translate well from Southern California to New Jersey,
but I found these lights at K-Mart, and had to have them.

I was going to do a Tablescape on Tuesday, but . . . it rained.

Kind of a lot.

This morning it was sunny and dry.
But . . . windy.  A big whoosh, and the umbrella
on the round table was lifted up, and off.  Totally.

So, things don't always work out the way you planned.
But trust me, we had fun Sunday night, and ate like wee little piggies.

The step into our sunroom, guarded by an attack rabbit.

Next time Mr. Fresco convinces us to haul
the china and the wineglasses outside,
I will try and remember to take some pictures.
But I wouldn't count on it . . . . Cass

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  1. As long as you had a lovely time....and it sounds like you did. Yummy food....pretty setting....The rain this year has been kind of crazy. I'm not usually a fan of eating with the bugs either but the dread is often worse than the reality.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Lovely, absolutely lovely to look upon. :0) (((hugs)))

  3. Sounds like you had fun until the rain came.


  4. Your dinner sounds really yummy. Love the lights - they looks great. I have some on my roof of the patio and I love how they look when dining outside. Sorry the rain spoiled your plans.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I like the water in the container around the candle. Looks nice!

  6. I am lovin' on your lights and attack rabbit!!


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