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Monday, August 19, 2013

Hands Up, If You Went To An Auction This Weekend!

Well, my hand is up, and it's danged hard typing
with only one hand on the keyboard.

An auction of household goods at a beautiful home in the 
western New Jersey countryside; how could we not go?

It explains the flatware bound up 
and being held hostage in my sunroom:

77 pieces of heavy, excellent condition Community Plate, pre-1920.
(You can tell by the knife blades.  They are silverplate.
After the First World War, knife blades were made in stainless steel.)

The pattern is called "Patrician" and was introduced by Oneida in 1914.
I think it's gorgeously sleek and contemporary, even today!

All pieces are monogrammed with either "M."

Or "R."  Most have the R monogram.

Although Howard thinks that it is a "B."

We'll humor him, and say, yeah, maybe.  Sure.  It could be a "B."

Other finds?  Peek into this plastic bag;
there's a twin size older matelasse bedspread and sham.

A dainty glass compote.

Two chunky glass candlesticks.
(I am keeping them.  Shhh . . . don't tell.)
I do not know why that ten dollar bill is there.  But it is mine.  Really.

A box of old Austrian china, with two covered vegetable bowls,
and a really neat gravy boat with attached plate.

A big box of linens, including several 
banquet-sized Irish damask cloths.
I darkened the picture to try and show the tablecloths more clearly.  They are brilliant white in "real life!"

One has oddly colored flowers that look rather blobby.
This is new to me.  Have you ever seen damask colored like this?

The only furniture: a mahogany muffin stand. 
How cute is he?
He just needs a quick waxing, and he'll be ready to hold
cupcakes and scones at tea, or display tureens,
or be home to lovely cascading pots of ivy.

We also got a watercolor landscape, a print that I bought for its frame,
a small lamp, a few more pieces of vintage silverplate flatware . . .
and I think that's it!  All in all, a good haul for our antiques booth
at Somerville Center Antiques.  Now I just need to find 
some way to display everything to advantage!

Happy Hunting, my friends.
Keep it thrifty, and OLD.  :-)  Like me.  -- Cass

P.S.  Come with me tomorrow to an estate sale, where I am stalking something that Howard and I hoped to get at Sunday's auction but were outbid; wish me luck that this time, I can get the prize(s).  And don't tell Howard.  Oh wait.  He can read.  Eh, he'll forget . . . .


  1. I'm really attracted to flat-ware but A MUFFIN STAND! Want. Lucky you. Now get baking. Deb

  2. ohhh I like everything you found....looks like a great auction..hoping you get what you're going back for.
    Love, Mona

  3. Wow! What GREAT finds- each and every one of them-but I am partial to the silver- R or B-who cares!;>)xo Diana

  4. Hi Cass--
    I'm willing to try again -- do want that silver! Email me price info if you are willing to sell it outside tour shop...
    Nancy in Pasadena

  5. A long while ago, my husband and I went to a lot of estate sales and auctions. We bought quite a bit and opened our first antique shop! We had it for about 12 years. Love the silver and especially the muffin stand. How wonderful is that!!

  6. Not sure why a B would have a fancy curly q on the end, but men are always right :) That tablecloth looks like artfully arranged food and wine stains. I have never seen one like that. Have fun at the sale!


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