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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hounds, Hydrangeas, and Horrible Storms

I think I have forgotten how to blog.
It's been almost a month.
This one may take awhile, so it's a good thing it's Sunday.

In the month since last we met, pretty much nothing has happened.
Well, not entirely true.
We agreed to be foster parents for this young fellow:

He is a handsome young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Blenheim,
and he was surrendered by his owners to Cavalier Rescue
for placement in a new home. (Not ours; we are foster parents!)

He was so big and furry when we got him, 
that he reminded us of Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman, 
so we nicknamed this boy Dogsquatch.

Then we had him groomed, and had all the old fur and mats 

(there were a lot) cut off, and he became Nakedsquatch.

Normally Cavaliers are not clipped, but when a coat is neglected badly, there's no alternative!

Not only does he look better, but his grooming transformed him;
before, he was standoffish, didn't want to be touched, 
didn't want to see a dog brush!  Not a happy boy.

There were mats hiding under his big coat - and they had tightened up
close to his skin - so being touched or petted or brushed hurt.  A lot.
Now he's a happy guy!  He's cuddly and charming,
his true self emerging from his pile of fur.

Look how much younger
and happier he looks,
from before (l) and after (r).
Happy Nakedsquatch.
Now that's a change!

So, what about those Hydrangeas mentioned in the title?
Well, we have 3 regular ol' mopheads, in our upper border.
Most of the time they bloom like gangbusters.
This year, the total number of blooms among all 3 bushes is . . . one.
And this is it:

One lonely little mophead blossom.
I don't even have the heart to cut it and bring it in to dry.

But around the corner, along the side of the house, 
there's a stalwart lacecap Hydrangea.  She does not disappoint.

Beautiful pink blooms. . . 

and on the same bush, blue blooms!

How goofy is that?

I love Hydrangeas, and am disappointed at the lousy showing
of my three ladies in the border.
I will have to find out what went wrong.  Their foliage is gorgeous!
What is not gorgeous is the pile of giant tree limbs that's right in front of That Old House.
Last week, a fierce fast storm whipped through, short and violent, and
ripped off top branches from the two big maples in our front yard.
They covered half our street, and posed quite an obstacle for motorists.

We've had some funky landscaping in our time, 
but this one takes the cake.

I told you that I was rusty in putting together a blog post.
I began this one early afternoon on Sunday; it's nearly 10:30 at night, and I'm just wrapping up.
Okay, I did do other things in between: dinner, watering potted plants, sorting through
some linens in the dining room . . . but yikes!  I need to get back in blogging shape!
Have a lovely week! -- Cass

For info on Nakedsquatch's life with That Old House's resident canines,
you can visit Dylan DiPoochy on Facebook.
Yes, my dog is on FB.  Not me.  Go figure.

And I am joining Susan's Metamorphosis Monday blog party,
at Between Naps On The Porch.  Click here!
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  1. Your rescued Cavelier is adorable, I bet he will be hard to part with. I have had similar issues with my hydrangeas from time to time also. If you figure out what causes it I hope you will share it. I planted a new variety last year, Limelight and they are loade in blooms. When they first begin to bloom they are a lime color and turn white. I found that they dried beautifully unlike most whites. So sorry to read about your storm, I hope no one was hurt.


  2. Hi Cass..
    i too have taken an unplanned hiatus from blogging..
    am back..
    love the pooches,,
    the hydraengas..
    and am now trying to folloe the Facebook page of Dylan..
    left a message..
    tell me MORE about this foster child Squatch..
    hugs.. Loui♥

  3. You and me, both, Cass. I've have been lucky to squeeze out two blog posts since the end of May - hardly a book! That little Naked Squatch is a sweetie!

  4. Glad to see a TOH post!!! We've missed you! Love the new puppy and I'm sure you will miss him -- even DYLAN will miss him!!!! He is a pretty one . . . but a big one? Bigger than normal? (going by the size of his paws) I bought some hydrangeas to plant this year. My oak leaf gave me ONE bloom but last year was a hard year on plants -- extra high heat and drought -- but last year was covered in blooms! I did get some bloom from one of my lace caps! It's pink! And I bought four more to plant but have decided to keep them in their pots on the drive until fall -- summer here on the prairie is not a good time to plant -- too much attention needed and we're on baby watch!

    Glad to see you posting again -- don't stay away so long!

  5. Nice to see you back! I figured you were away on holidays or something. Your foster pooch is so cute now that he's been groomed. What a difference! The blue and pink hydrangea is so pretty. I hope you are enjoying the summer. Blessings. Pamela


  6. what a cutie! It's going to be hard to give him up, at least for me it would. He looks so pretty all cleaned up.
    My hydrangea's are also crazy this year. Two bushes that are big only have two blooms on them and the others are full. Go figure.
    Glad your back. I need to get cracking a new post also.
    Have a great week.

  7. Such a sweet dog! You are so nice to be foster parents - the dogs and dog lovers thank you! He is adorable. I hope he finds his forever home soon. Love hydrangeas. DD2 used them in her wedding. Her bouquet was 3 different colors of them and they were also used in single colors on the tables. I hope you'll drop by to see DD2 MBR Redo (#3 at Met Monday).


  8. What an adorable doggie! He looks so much better clipped. I don't have a dog because of my allergies, but my sister has a cocker spaniel that is a real cutie. He isn't spoiled though -- NOT.

    What an unusual hydrangea with two colors on it. I would love one like that. I have a pink mophead and a blue lacecap planted next to each other. The lacecap is growing like gangbusters, but only two little flowers on the mopcap. Wonder what that's about with both of us having the same thing happen.

  9. Glad to see you back! I've missed the adventures of Dylan and Gilda. The temporary addition is sooo cute!

    Tried to follow Dylan on Facebook but didn't see a like button. I sent a message.


  10. So good to see you back!

    Your new friend is adorable!
    Hope he finds a forever home.

    Do you have to get rid of the
    brush or will someone pick it
    up for you?


  11. I adore the style of your house, Cass! So quaint!! And your sweet furbaby is just adorable, too!

    xoxo laurie

  12. I'm not buying the temporary dog thing. I am betting you'll officially be a three dog family by the end of the summer. They tend to grow on you!

  13. I totally understand about being rusty in the blogging area. I'm just now getting back to it myself after being on hiatus for about six months!! Such as sweet looking baby now that he's all cleaned up, btw ;)

  14. Thank you for including the photo of your old house. The cavalier king Charles spaniel is an absolutely beautiful breed. This breed is similar to other toy breeds like a Shih Tzu in that they need constant grooming because of their long hair. Great job on being foster parents for this, now happy, guy.

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