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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ee-I-Ee-I-Oh! A Farm In The Garden State

No better use for land, is there?
Just a few miles from That Old House, there's an old place 
that's been farmed since 1803.  Continuously.  

Now that's A Good Thing.

 The Ayers-Knuth Farm is on the New Jersey and 
Federal Registers of Historic Sites.

And you can buy veggies, fruit and plants at Union Hill Farmstand, 
just past the Ayers-Knuth barn.  Which is here:

This farm used to have one of the largest barns in New Jersey, for a dairy operation, 
but it burned down in 1936, and the family farm fell on hard times.
Now it is run by a community organization of volunteers.

I love this side of the barn, with the 2nd story door
from what I guess was the hay loft.
Watch that last step, it's a doozy!

I love summer; there are enough farms nearby to keep us in zucchini and
tomatoes and amazing corn, blueberries and peaches and ripe red strawberries,
for the entire season, and all within commuting distance of midtown Manhattan.
After all, New Jersey's official nickname is The Garden State.  :-)
-- Cass

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  1. How lucky for you!

    Great barn.


  2. Oh I just love that farm. Reminds me of our home place in Virginia that is now gone, but the land is still there.
    All those wonderful veggies and fruits. How lucky you are.
    Happy Week

  3. I will be in Landing in two weeks and I'm looking for things to do. This looks like a great place to visit. Can you tour the farm? I can't wait to go to the farmstand!

  4. Wow! What great houses, farms and barns and well photographed ~ Happy Week to you ^_^

  5. I love going to a farm market. What wonderful goodies you can find there!

  6. I just revisitied my post about the Country Living Fair, and saw that you posted that you would love to go! I know they have them in more regions, I am going on the web site to plan my next visit. I hope to connect with my girl friends again so we can enjoy a reunion too! I love your site, just added you to my Feedly subscription. Come back and see me soon, I post less, but try to say more....

  7. It looks like a very interesting farm to visit. That is a long history for one farm! Thankfully we have our own garden this year and there is a strawberry/raspberry/apple u-pick just down the road too. The benefits of living in the country.

  8. Stopping b to say I am thinking of you for your special day/ I love old barns. What mine needed ten years ago when we moved in was a dedicated group of volunteers. Sadly now after many bad winter storms, it needs new purpose for the boards.

    Just saw the FB status that our close by Strawberry farm has closed for the season. One of the shortest seasons on record, I believe. Too much rain early on, a late ripening crop, and this week too much heat! Very sad as last year they had a devastating fire. (Arson.)

    Farmers are a tough breed and farm families that can continue for generation after generation are few and far between.

  9. What a lovely old place! I'm so glad that there are people who see the value of trying to maintain the old places so that they don't completely go to ruin. Fresh fruit and veggies right off the farms...what could be better!!

  10. Now, that's awesome! It's very good to see a working farm & barn, esp right now when so many across America are being abandoned for lack of work. These farms are our livelyhood & food source, so we need more to be opening back, not closing down! Hallelujah!

    Thank you so much for joining =)

  11. What a beautiful place! It reminds me that I have to stop by the farm stand for some veggies. I'm hoping the Jersey tomatoes are ready!

  12. That is such a beautiful place, and your photos of it are great. They should be made into cards. Oh how I LOVE fresh tomatoes. Sliced tomato on toasted cheese bread is my favorite lunch during tomato season. laurie


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