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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Say, Who's In Charge Here Anyway?

There's been a subtle shift in the
balance of power here at That Old (Dog)House.

See this sweet, vintage Ruby Cavalier, our Miss Gilda?
Picture from Gilda's April vacation at our niece's home.

The soft and gentle dog, who came to us through Cavalier Rescue in January . . . .
This sweet ol' gal, who loves a nice cozy nap on Dad's tummy?

When Gilda joined our gang, we already had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Who was pretty sure that he was IT.  The Big Kahuna.  The Crown Prince.
And he pretty much was.

Our Dylan DiPoochy is very fond of his toys.

He keeps a close eye on them, and never let Gilda play with one.

Last month, Gilda decided that enough was enough,
and she adopted a small stuffed bunny as her own.

And turns out, there was nothing Dylan could do about it but
complain to the management.  Which did nothing either, the management
believing that dogs work these things out best, unmolested by humans.

Much to our surprise, Gilda then went on to snatch
a prized chew stick right out of Dylan's jaws. 
And if you think Dylan loves his toys, he loves his chewies more.

Our mellow lady is turning into 

Gilda, Warrior Princess!

Dylan may still be the Prince,

but our Gilda is showing us that deep in her heart,
she knows she is the Queen.
And really, shouldn't every woman, in her heart,
believe she is Queen?  Works for me.

Meanwhile, in the garden,
we are running weeks behind schedule for blooming plants.

A year ago, the Iris were in full cry.

 Now?  Nada.  Just the leaves.
Even the lilacs are behind, but that's okay.
If lilacs are blooming at all, I'm a happy lady.

Enjoy your Tuesday!  -- Cass


  1. Pups always work it out and decide who is the alpha at some point in their relationship. Ours sort of bounce back and forth as to who is king or queen on any particular day. :)

  2. Loved your Post! Even my favorite flower was posted too. :0)

  3. This is too funny and so true about how our puppies manage their territory. Mine never liked "toys", just rawhide bones and little Layla always wants the one Milo has regardless that there are 10 lying around. Milo, ever so good hearted, chews it a bit and then goes and drops it in front of Layla!

    Your dogs are just beautiful, by the way.


  4. Those Cavalier faces get everything, including in trouble. Right now, mine is scooting under the couch (thinking he can fit), for what reason, I don't know. You are blessed with 2 lovely dogs and they have a wonderful owner (mommy).

  5. Love your dogs. My Border Collie loves HIS toys and Lili could care less. I would have though that female dogs would like toys better than boys but not at my house.
    Love the post - you know how crazy I am over dogs.
    Have a super week.

  6. Oh your puppies are so sweet! Gilda is so pretty and I have a feeling she will remain in charge or at least the Prince will let her think she is queen. To keep the peace you know.

  7. Oh my gosh...they are so adorable. My dog likes his rope with knots in each end...He likes you to throw things for him to go get but he will not bring it


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