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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our Hollywood Hideaway

Hooray for . . .
Taken from the  coffee shop balcony at Griffith Observatory.

Anne and I are about to decamp to Goodwill;
she's hunting up costumes for a production, and I am just hunting.
So -- a quick post about the cottage we rented in Los Angeles in April.

Can you see it?  It's hiding behind that wooden gate,
beneath the riotously blooming bougainvillea.

(This is a photo taken from the website, linked below, with rental information about the house.
Some pictures in this post are my own, some are borrowed from the rental website.)

Howard, just outside the living room's French doors,
relaxing in the private walled courtyard.
It has inspired me to do something with the patio outside our sunroom; searching now for those clear outdoor globe lights!
 The stucco cottage, built early in the last century,
was once owned by silent film star Pola Negri.
Look her up; she makes today's starlets seem tame.
She had a pet leopard, and Rudolph Valentino!

From the patio, the view through the French doors into the living room.
Yup.  Them's the French doors.  :-)

The fireplace works (gas) but it was too warm to light it.
 Alexander, the house's current owner, is an artist,
a native New Yorker, and enthusiastically hospitable.

The house, with living room, dining room, and full kitchen on the ground floor
and two bedrooms and bath upstairs, was perfect for the three of us.
We even hosted guests -- Josh and Alida -- for dinner one night.

To the left, the front door.  Stairs to the 2nd floor opposite the entrance.  Beyond the arch, the dining room.
The clutter of making ourselves at home:
our handbags and totes.

Yes, you do have make your own beds and tidy up after yourselves in a house rental,
but it's worth it for the comfort and the privacy.

And this house is special.
It feels more curated than decorated, and wonderfully personal.

The furniture is gorgeous;
the dining room chairs are wood and steel works of art.
I considered rolling up the hand-knotted rugs and stuffing them into my suitcase,
but realized that, Hey! That's illegal.
And also quite ungracious, especially since our host
had put fresh flowers in every room before we arrived.

Okay, no flowers in the kitchen, but a fabulous 1938 gas stove that works perfectly!

For more pictures or information, or if you are just curious
in general, click here to visit the rental website.

Relaxing on our first night, after dinner, with wine in the living room.

I don't know when Howard and I will return to Los Angeles, but we will.
And if Anne is with us, we'll rent this charming carriage house again.
It's a better buy than two good hotel rooms in L.A. and way, way more fun!
This is what greets you behind the almost-hidden wooden gate!

Okay, it's off to Goodwill we go!
You must be tired of the California posts by now,
so hopefully I can score something really nifty at the thrifty!

But I am going to take you cruising with whales and dolphins
later in the week.  You have been warned.

Happy, glorious May!  -- Cass


  1. Have fun! My cousins just got back from there and attended the TMC film festival...takes you back in time. Howard looks very relaxed!

  2. I've enjoyed this post on your trip to LA. This little cottage is adorable and would be an ideal place to stay. As you said, it's affordable too. I hope you found some treasures at Goodwill! Pamela

  3. What a wonderful house! Speaking of Pola Negri, it reminds me of Gloria Swanson, who for a time, was a cousin by marriage! That's my claim to fame! And such a good solution! Hope you had some good hunting at good will!

  4. What a great little place to stay...I really love that little courtyard, and yes, go for the lights! I really prefer home rentals when we travel as a family and we've had some really great luck. You really feel at home the second time around.


  5. A little jewel. Sounds like you had a great time. That is the nice thing about California. You can pretty much count on nice weather although our BC weather this past week would give them a run for their money. Nice for you to get to see your daughter.


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