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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Brain Picking, Part The Second

If you read yesterday's post about our Dylan's lust for 
polyester fiberfill and squeakers - how when they are 
inside a toy, they must be brought outside that toy - you 
may remember the pristine new
Alligator-Dinosaur-Dragon pictured 
alongside its bedraggled brothers.

Well, that pristine toy is pristine no longer.
Dylan, Gilda, and I . . . watching television last night in the study.
 I felt a little movement from Dylan.
 Yup.  He had the new toy, and was busily chewing its snout open.
He succeeded.
"Whew!  That was hard work!"

It's quite amazing how much fluff is contained in the head
of one of these little cheap toys.
 When he hopped down to get a drink of water,
I pounced on the toy and gave it a squeeze.
 That is not a big booger bubble coming out of what's left of New Toy's snout.
It's the plastic squeaker that had been in its belly.
Dylan has not eaten any fluff or any squeakers, but we take no chances.
Do you spot the OTHER two green toys on the floor?
Dylan returned.  He sniffed the toy suspiciously.
Mom had touched it.  Eeewww.....
But still, it was deemed snooze-worthy.

So now there are three disfigured Alligator-Dinosaur-Dragon toys.

And only one Dylan.
Many days I think that may be A Very Good Thing.
-- Cass

P. S.  Gilda, bless her heart, has zero interest in de-stuffing
         stuffies.  She just does not see the point.


  1. Hi Cass! I haven't popped over in a while - my bad. But I just had to come by to see your babies! I love their antics on FB. These are the sweetest little dogs and isn't it funny to learn what they like to do? Tearing up the toys! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Hmmmm we have a toy destroyer here, too, but she is one of our two bigger dogs. We think it is her strong prey instinct, but I'm cautious with the fluff and the squeakers, too!

  3. So cute. My son has 3 dogs and the youngest is a chewer when she's bored and left alone, on the loose in the house. I went down one day and she wasn't in her kennel as usual. The carnage in the living room was hilarious. Two DVD's, wrapping paper, tissue box, gift box etc. It was strewn everywhere. Oh she had a fun time! Our old dog would chew up his toys some but he loved to play squeak with them. I'd squeak then throw and he'd fetch. He's blind and deaf now so doesn't play anymore. :( You can buy toys without stuffing and squeakers too. Not as much fun though. ;)

  4. Oh cute! My little Officer Bill does the same thing!

  5. Yes- It's true- I am laughing at your expense- xo Diana

  6. I can relate! I could only let our dog have a stuffed toy under my direct supervision! It is delightful to watch the excitement they get when they make it squeak, though, isn't it??~

  7. Hi Cass, I've been reading these posts and laughing out loud, oh the poor, poor Allidinodragon. Look at the carnage! I love the photos, what sweet (and lucky) little dogs you have.

  8. I was telling the Boss how Dylan eats all the alligators the day I saw on Facebook the three he had typical man fashion he says...."I don't understand why they keep buying them for him"....Yes. let's punish the dog for being a dog....and this is why we no longer have animals..He gets upset that our Feral cat doesn't "appreciate" the fact that we feed it everyday.....Oy.


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