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Monday, April 29, 2013

Life is Just a Bowl of Onions

I've been away.
Really away.  Even when I was not.

My last blog post was written on March 20th, just after I contracted a stubbornly persistent infection that resulted in pink eye.

So, where have I been? 

 At first, pretty much just home, trying not to bump into walls, 
and not wanting to go out in public with my really awful,
horrible, no-good-looking scary red movie-alien-lizard eye. 
 My gift to you - no pictures!

Using the computer was almost impossible.
I could not see to read, or write. 
My (short) emails and text messages
from those weeks were quite hilariously unintelligible.  

Did you know that cooking with blurry vision and no depth perception is a challenge?   It is pretty funny, though, as you carefully sprinkle herbs or salt into a dish . . . only to discover you have sprinkled them right next to the dish, and your counter top is perfectly seasoned.  

As for using sharp knives . . . don't.  Step away from the Henckels.  Ditto a gas stove.  Danger, danger.  Loading a dishwasher has its own delights, as you try and get the dishes actually in the machine.

Thank goodness for a daughter who is an excellent cook.  

This is Maddie.  We visited her.
We did not eat her.  She is our friend.
I pride myself on never being bored, but even I have to admit that March-into-April was . . . boring.  I missed blogging, and reading your blogs.  I missed getting out of the house!  I missed driving.  I missed wearing makeup.  My antiques booth became bedraggled and nearly empty.  And there's something particularly galling about being even slightly incapacitated by an ailment as ridiculous as pink eye.

As for poor dear That Old House, what can I say?  She needs a total spa day, or more likely a spa week (month?), to make up for my neglect.  If anyone is interested in opening a Dust Bunny ranch, I can supply you with the start-up stock.  Cheap.  

And now, the good stuff.

Yes, Gilda in her Easter Dress is definitely Good Stuff.

Gradually my right eye improved.  It is almost back to normal.  

I wore sunglasses in church on Easter, and amused daughter Anne by wearing my reading glasses over the sunglasses, but by then at least I could - pretty much - read more than a few words at a time.  I think I got most of the words to the hymns right.  Most.
Then, on April 13th, early in the morning,
Howard, Anne, and I boarded a plane at Kennedy Airport
in New York, and ran away to sunny California.
Which was cold and cloudy when we arrived.  

That's Howard in the pink shirt.  And he is freezing.

More on that, and loads of other stuff, in future blog posts. 

I have lots of photos to sort through.
Lots of stuff to catch up on.

There's an old saying that Life is like a Bowl of Cherries.
Really?  A Bowl of Cherries?  Pshaw.
I think it's more like a Bowl of Onions.

You can let them make you cry,
or you can whack them up and cook the heck out of them,
and make something beautiful and delicious.

We are back home!
And I am back to blogging.
Love to you all . . . Cass (who has missed you!)


  1. Welcome back! I was just thinking about you, as I scrolled through my blogroll. Sorry to hear that you've been out of commission, but glad that you can at least smile and make fun of the situation. I would expect nothing less from you.

  2. Ah, Cass, I've missed you too. I thought it had to be something to do with the Pink Eye (such a benign name for such a scurrilous affliction! California must have been a nice break for you - I hope it got sunnier and warmer while you were there.

  3. So glad to see this! I was ready to hop in the car and go find out if you all were OK!!!!!!! MInd you - I don't drive, so it would have been interesting on the turnpike!

    glad you're feeling better,

  4. Missed you too, Cass!!!! And I did wave at you and Howard and Anne as you flew over Kansas. Did you see me?

  5. Welcome back! Glad your eye is much better.

  6. Welcome back, Lizard Eye! Glad your eye is better, Can't wait to see the vacation photos.

  7. Cass, I have missed you....glad you are back and feeling better..
    Love, Mona

  8. It's good to see you back in blogland.
    Glad the pink eye is going away.

    Looking forward to your California posts.

    M :)

  9. What a shame, I feel for you, but as always, you have a way of looking at things with a good dose of humor. Looking forward to hearing about your Cali trip!


  10. I follow your blog but not officially! I would click to see how you and your dogs were and no posting! I am glad you are back you are almost healed and feeling better! Glad you had a trip to California! Please visit our blog for we have a new puppy in the family and there are pet portraits which I thought you might enjoy since you have such cute dogs! It is good you had a safe trip and hope to see some Vacation Photos!



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