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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mo' Snow, Fo' Sho'

This is a big snowstorm, but here in northern
New Jersey we're supposed to get just 3 to 6 inches
before it all ends later Saturday morning.
I took this through the Sunroom window
at about 1:00 in the morning:
The steps go up to our driveway, and are loads of fun in ice and snow.  Not. 

I kind of think we've pretty much hit that 6" mark.
But our snow will be nowhere near the deep depths
predicted for parts of New England,
and for eastern Long Island. 

Our beach house may see 2-feet of snow.
Of course here's the question:
If snow falls around an empty house,
and there's no one there to shovel it . . . does it matter?

 The dogs were extra lazy and cuddly today.

Gilda, snuggled up against me.
"Mom has such nice pillows."

Dylan, wishing Gilda hadn't gotten the coveted spot
on Mom's lap; he's wondering if it's worth nudging her off. 

And now, it's time for bed.
Dylan, Gilda, and I are sleepy and have decided 
that the snow can fall without us watching it.

From about 7:00, earlier in the evening,
with just a few inches of snow:
Yes, I stuck my head and camera out the door.
Chairs down!  Chairs down!

To all in the path of this winter storm, and especially
our family and friends in New England and on Long Island,
good luck, be safe,and break out the popcorn and old movies.
- Cass


  1. I hope Gilda and Dylan don't get too wet out there. My Coco hates the white stuff as it sticks to the bottom of her ears! Keep safe and warm. Chel

  2. Oh my gosh the snow looks sooo cold out there, Those dogs look so happy they are inside and not out there in that mess...Hope you stay warm and safe...

  3. the dogs have taken over the pillows in this house. Enjoy yours, Gilda. :)

  4. Cass,
    I remember some pretty big storms in NJ growing up in Chatham. Then I moved to Maine - very happy I am in Florida this weekend.

    Nothing like cuddles on the sofa with cute little dogs - Golden Retrievers thought they were little.....


  5. Cass,
    Stay warm cuddled up to Howard (no doubt with the dogs between you!) We got little snow this time around however the wind is howling. I fear Puss E Cat may have been blown to another county!
    Your Friend,
    PS Did you receive your package?

  6. looks like you all are staying cozy..

    it sure is beautiful to looks at..

  7. This time of year in this kind of climate them's not chairs - - - them's "snow gauges"

  8. Hi Cass, I think we got around 6 inches here. Not quite the blizzard we expected...but my kids are still happy! Stay warm!

  9. I was up watching the snow, too. Being from Va. but visiting in Rye, NY you can just imagine how fascinated I am by all this winter wonderland. I think we must have had a least a foot if not more.

  10. Why especially your family and friends? Are they that much more important than the others in the path of the storm?

    1. Hello Anonymous Person --
      No, my friends and family aren't intrinsically more important than other people -- but they are more important to ME.
      I think this is a pretty common and human reaction. Any disaster becomes more personal when it involves people you know and love.
      And I'm pretty sure I didn't write, "As for the rest of you in New England, whom I don't know -- the heck with you."

      Thanks for visiting ! I can't answer you personally, because you are cloaked in mystery as an "anonymous" commenter.
      Were you in the path of the storm? If so, I hope you fared well.

  11. Stay warm and safe. Pretty to look at, but don't want any of it here.

  12. Memories of growing up in Ohio by the lake - i don't miss it. Maybe for a couple days would be okay. I'm sure the doggies are very happy to cuddle up. Mine love to cuddle.
    Stay warm and safe and hopefully it will be gone soon.

  13. The snow missed us entirely. It does look beautiful and I'm sure Gilda and Dylan make great company for you!

  14. These dogs are so photogenic!

    Got a few feet in my area. Bah humbug!

    1. You got a few FEET!!!!
      Holy moly, honey -- that's one heck of a lot of snow.
      Bah humbug, indeed.
      I hope you have plenty of food, paper goods, and the adult beverage of your choice in stock at home!
      Big hugs -- Cass

  15. Sounds like you got the good end of the snow deal.

    The dogs are too darn cute!

    M :)

  16. Yikes, you guys got hit with lots of the white stuff, didn't you? Good time to stay indoors and stay warm!


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