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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Woofs and Roofs and Other Delights. Like Squirrels.

The roof is more than halfway roofed!

Howard snapped a picture with his camera as he left this morning. 

 Hmmm . . . it's a little hard to see from that distance.
I'm a-gonna crop it.

 That half of the house was nearly done by the time the guys finished up late Tuesday afternoon.

I am happy and grateful to see this work progressing briskly,
and so far (fingers crossed) there have not been any knocks on the door
from the crew boss explaining fresh (meaning expensive) horrors to me.

Speaking of expensive horrors, here is Dylan Dog, out for a morning constitutional
in the side yard, with Howard.  Howard is speaking sternly to Dylan, because
our resident brat has grabbed the lead between his wee choppers, and is pulling on his own leash --
something he rarely does anymore, but today it must have seemed like a good idea.

Dylan is paying no attention to Dad.
Instead, he is playing that really fun game:
 Run 'round the Upright, and tangle him in the lead, tra la!

Dad can't spend all morning playing this fun game, Dylan.
He has to go to work!

Even though he is a brat, we love the little guy.
"I am looking adoringly into your eyes;
 how's about you give me a cookie?"

And so does a certain sweet little Corgi girl out in Kansas.

Miss Dolly of Linderhof in Fort Scott
(you may know her mama, Martha)
sent a lovely card and a giftie to Dylan!

The gift?  A stuffed squirrel!
Squirrels, it seems, are the bane of both Dolly's and Dylan's lives.

Dolly advises Dylan to chew the heck out of the stuffed one,
whom we of course have dubbed "Franklin," after
the enormously chubby squirrel who raids our trash,
and Dolly says he should take it outside, as an example
to the outside Franklin, as to what would be his fate
if Dylan ever got hold of him!

Mostly, though, Dylan snuggles with inside Franklin, after
a rousing game of toss-and-chase plumb tuckers them out.

Inside Franklin makes a terrific pillow.

Sometimes Squirrel needs to be protected, as there are strange
Uprights trying to get into our house by breaking through the roof,
and who clearly hope to steal inside Franklin for themselves.
"Stay away!  I am watching your every move, buddy."
 Right from the unwrapping, Dylan took a great liking for this toy;
sniffed it all over, too, as if trying to figure out just who had sent it
to him!  We showed him Dolly's picture from her card,
with her barking at the outside squirrels way far away in Kansas,
and then Dylan understood: he had a soul mate.  

As for Franklin and Dylan, that's a match made in heaven.
Here they are, already snuggling on the Parlor sofa,
right after opening the package:
Another match made in heaven was the match that paired
our family with this adorable, crazy, smart, bouncy, bratty,
beautiful, wee tiny Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,
who keeps us laughing and on our toes.
Thank you, Cavalier Rescue!  -- Cass


  1. Cass Honey, you DO write such fun bloggy posts!

  2. What a handful that sweet little Dylan has turned out to be! I can almost hear his little doggie brain saying, "I'm cute and I can get away with it ... see?" We both know that you are almost immune to his cuteness (for his sake, of course), but that doesn't keep him from trying. (We have Ruby, who is pretty much of the same mind.)

    For being such a good boy at the vet last week, Daniel got a crunchy stuffed possum with a Santa hat. Ruby isn't allowed to touch it (she collects and guards things, and we have to watch that carefully). To her credit, she has stopped trying to sneak Daniel's possum and is more than happy with her orange balll that dispenses treats ... she's such a sweet little food-motivated honey-pie.

  3. Glad to hear the roofers have not added any surprises. Those sweet furbabies do get by with so much because they are so cute. :)
    Enjoy your evening.

  4. Dylan looks so happy with his new toy. How sweet.

  5. Dylan is beautiful. Good thing, sometimes, huh?

  6. What fun~ He is just so danged cute-Dylan that is...well, ol' Howard is pretty cute, too, even if he is a scolder. Have a great week- xo Diana

  7. Hope your roof is finished soon. The roofers such a noise doing their work!

    Dylan is such a cutie!

    M :)

  8. Wow, you made such a huge decision in pushing through with the renovation. It's a major decision and it's not easy to make. I've been planning a major revamp of the roof for months now. All I have left to do is choose the color, make the final budget statement, and know the proper timing to avoid the rains!

    Allyson Sunde

  9. Wow! I love how you connected having a roof to living our lives. I agree with all the things you said here. The roof should be completely done and in place for it to last long. This is very well written. Kudos to you!

    Linda Wise


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