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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Inspires You at Christmas?

Okay, as you ready your home
for Christmas, what inspires you?

Me, I am inspired every year
when these come up from the cellar: 
15 boxes of holiday stuff.

Howard and I did that this morning before he went to work.
(Sporting a bit of basement schmutz on his suit,
which hopefully rubbed off on other subway commuters.)

I'm going to be moving the boxes into the Dining Room;
that's my central staging area for Christmas prep. 

(Last year's charming jumble o' stuff, above.)

Other boxes figure in at Christmas, delivered almost daily.
Below, something for Howard, and a matching one for Josh.
Sshhh . . . don't tell, don't peek!

This corner will hold the Dining Room tree.

A reminder:
Fashion these tiny cups into ornaments for the Dining Room tree.

As for other inspiration, I've been poking around Blog Land and
seeing gorgeous ideas for making homes just sing with joy
at Christmas.

New favorites?  The many homes featuring natural decor --
big pinecones and wide swathes of fir roping.  Stunning.
I will have good intentions of doing something like that,
but will end up with glue-and-glitter anyway.  I do like my holiday bling!

But my first chore is wading through these:
I love opening these packed boxes each year.
As I pull out each ornament or figurine or candleholder, and 
unwrap it, it feels almost like . . . Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all.
Here at That Old House, it's time for lunch, and then
I must drop a bit of Dylan Dog's latest lawn sculpture at the vet's.
Too much information?

All the best ... Cass


  1. I too love getting my bins out, and it is a lot like my stuff! Have fun decorating, I am almost done, this weekend is when I bring in the live greens...MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) donna

  2. Looks like my house with storage tubs of Christmas cheer! Just opening each box inspires me with my 40 years of collecting the cutest things. I also have close to 900 ornaments!
    Merry Christmas....

  3. No live greens in the house here ... outside sometimes, but not inside. I like my artificial garland (which doesn't ignite quite as easily as the real stuff.) I will bring in things like boxwood and magnolia for accent, but the majority of our decorations are real-looking fakes.

    Right now, there are six tubs of decorations in the front hall. I have at least three more that need to be located the brought up from the garage attic. I think tomorrow is the day to finish decorating outside and get a good jump on the indoor stuff. There's nothing quite like sitting in the evening with the only light coming from the Christmas tree (and the TV, but it would spoil the mood if I mentioned it out loud) :)

  4. Wow, 15 boxes! This year I left the boxes in the dining room for a week so I could take my time and enjoy! This year I decided to mix it up and place every decoration in a different place from where it has been. It has really been fun moving things around, including the tree! LOL!

  5. I'll just say that you are one brave woman to be confronted by all those boxes. We have many alos but I only use a few each Christmas.I am not fond of packing thisgs back up.

    Good luck with your decorating!

    M :)

  6. My feather tree will come out of hiding and will sit on top of some cotton quilt batting inside the antique wood putz fence along with a few old Japanese mica covered houses and I will pull out the bright garland of red wood beads and the hand painted wood ornaments. Am going in a few minutes to buy this year's wreath at the local farm market, and will tie a big plaid bow to it using the recycled wired ribbon from last year.

  7. children shake their heads at all the Christmas decor I bring out of the attic. I'm glad to see that someone else has lots of things to unwrap and decorate with. LOL Looking forward to seeing your tiny cup ornaments.
    Hope Dylan is okay.

  8. Last year I got the decorations down to four Rubbermaid boxes. Ta Da!!!! I did this by handing down ornaments to both children. It was time! I'd like to downsize even more and then change things around a wee bit. We'll see......

  9. Cass,
    I love your Christmas cheer and excitement for the holiday -- it's contagious.
    Your Friend,


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