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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Squirrel 1, Dylan 0

Remember this guy?

Our portly squirrel, whom we've nicknamed Franklin.

He often hangs out on our fence.
Staring placidly at our dog Dylan, while Dylan barks wildly.
And in vain.

Dylan decides it's time to take action.

 Squirrel Franklin has discovered a bag of kitchen refuse,
on its way to the trash can, but parked there just for a moment.
Dylan is barking so madly, his ears are flying up and down.

"Yo. You barkin' at me?
You wanna piece o'this?"

 Franklin is not fazed by the hubbub happening
just inches away from him.  He's goin' in, no matter what.

"Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark . . . ."

And . . . "Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark . . . . "

"Yo, chump.  Thanks for the eats.
I'm outta here."

I think if we could see closely enough, we might see
a one-fingered Jersey salute from Squirrel Franklin to Dylan.

Dylan takes refuge across the room, where he can curl up on
the back of the club chair, and lean against Annie's head.

And now, it's Sunday, and we're making a small beginning
in our Christmas decorating.  There are lights on Franklin's fence.

I need to get the very last of the Autumn decorating into the cellar.
Pumpkins and Santas don't co-exist gracefully, do they?

Have a lovely Sunday! -- Cass


  1. Oh gosh...laughing so hard at this. HA HA. He really is a portly squirrel!!! Must be eating lots of high calorie nuts.

  2. Had to laugh at this... we name our wildings too, and Dylan is a beautiful dog!

  3. Our dogs love to watch and chase squirrels! Very entertaining!
    Miss Bloomers

  4. At Linderhof it is Squirrel 1 - Dolly 0! And they torment, really torment her! One was eating at the arbor and she was barking at it under it -- and it carefully dropped all the empty shells on her head! And continued to eat! One mad dog, she!

    Love the story -- I read in an herbal garden book about starting Christmas decorating on St. Nicholas Day (12/6) -- and I think I'm going to start that tradition! (Although there is a big poinsettia on the dining room table (in our blue bowl) and the German pyramid is in the breakfast room and the creche is out and since today is the first Sunday in Advent, the Advent wreath needs to come out as well!

    And wait till you see what I got Saturday -- you were an inspiration, you were! Although I've been wanting to get it for a long time . . . you helped push me over the edge!

    1. Hmmm . . . Tea table? Cavalier? Hahahahahaha.... can't wait to see!

  5. Cass,
    Poor Dylan. He is adorable. Squirrels do win when they are outside. Dylan may learn or not....


  6. Dylan has just learned that the squirrel ALWAYS win!

    M :)

  7. One fingered Jersey salute ... love it!

    Our neighbor has a very novel way of transitioning her autumn decorations into Christmas ... she spray paints her outdoor pumpkins and gourds gold! Tuck a gold pumpkin into a spray of evergreens, and you have an almost instant Christmas vignette.

  8. Franklin is adorable-and well fed! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great entertainment.... that is so funny!

  10. HAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh! Animals! Ya gotta love them!

  11. Your daughter needs to illustrate a story book about Franklin The Portly Squirrel - your words, her drawings. Do it!

  12. That was so cute. Our barn cats have been hanging around on the back porch and Banjo, my little Havanese, has an absolute fit. Bark, bark, bark (drives me insane!) and then the little twit is such a scaredy cat when they come face to face. Talk about being all bark and no bite :/ LOL


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