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Friday, December 28, 2012

'Snow Doubt About It, It's Winter!

We are hosting a friends-and-family
Christmas party on Saturday.  Tomorrow.
The same day we will also be hosting
Winter Storm Freyr and her 2 to 4 inches of snow.

Yes, you read that right.  Freyr.
Who the heck is naming the winter storms this year?
The last one was named Euclid, for crying out loud.

Speaking of snow, do these flowers look as if they are
the survivors of a Christmas Eve snowstorm?

I ordered flowers for Howard's sister and husband,
arranging the delivery for Christmas Eve.
Completely forgetting that they would be in Massachusetts
for Christmas.  The flowers were left on their front step.

On Christmas Eve, Anne and I sang at the 7 and the 11 o'clock
church services, so between services, in blinding snow,
we drove to Wayne, New Jersey, and rescued the basket.
Which was covered in white, the flowers shivering and shriveling in the cold.
(They were.  Really.)

They perked up in the warm car, and by the next day,
when I presented them to my sister Peggy, they looked just peachy.

Yes, I did tell her the whole story.
Because it was too funny not to.

So the briskets are in the oven, because briskets are always
better the second day, and my to-do and to-cook lists are close to hand.
It's party time.
I hope you are still celebrating on this Christmas weekend,
and if you are coming to our party, we'll clear the driveway
just for you!

Merry Christmas -- Cass


  1. Hi Cass,
    I wasn't aware of the name but all I know is my kids are pretty excited about the snow! I think it is scheduled to start in the morning so you should be fine by the time your party rolls around. Have a wonderful evening and Happy New Year!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  2. Happy partying, Cass. I made your brisket last year and it was a hit. Hope your party goes off without a hitch. xo Diana

  3. I also have wondered who came up with those names. :/ The flowers are beautiful - glad they survived the snow/cold. Have a wonderful holiday party! My main family get together is this weekend also.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Very odd names for storms. I heard your area was hit badly. I hope you have a fantastic party! :)


  5. I'm not sure when they started naming winter storms either -- but I think the winter ones have the "leftover" names -- the good names being reserved for the hurricanes!

    Jim, Dolly and I would love to be at your party, but sigh, we will be in Kansas! But you can shovel the drive for us anyway -- there is always hope!!!!

  6. No snow here, but we're still in Christmas mode and will be for the next week. Stay warm over there!

  7. Have a fun night! They keep changing the forecast for Northern Bergen - last I heard I was getting a "wintry mix" HMPFFF! Enjoy the white stuff - I'm jealous!



  8. Fisherhubby and I have also noted that they are NAMING winter storms - - - as if they didn't ALREADY over hype all things weather!

    I THOUGHT of you earlier today AS I WAS FALLING in the parking lot at the library. I thought, "Well Cass, I can tell you what kind of shoes NOT to wear on slippery sloped driveways - - - your LIBRARY SHOES!"

    Why in heaven's name I didn't wear my SNOW BOOTS this morning I'll never know.

    Thank goodness nothing but my PRIDE was broken in the fall.

  9. I have been wondering the same thing.

    The flowers are beautiful!



    M :)

  10. You were such a dear to go rescue those flowers. It's hard to keep up with your own schedule much less when other people come and go.

  11. They must've been digging in the bottom of the barrel for those winter storm names. Lol. The flowers did well, didn't they? And they are absolutely lovely. I'm sure you guys will have a wonderful Christmas party!!


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