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Thursday, December 27, 2012

On The Third Day Of Christmas . . . .

Welcome to the 3rd Day of Christmas.
It's just past midnight, and a
freezing rain is turning Wednesday's snowfall into
a horrible, terrible, no-good, really bad slush.

But inside That Old House, all is Christmas.

In the sunroom, the big Fraser Fir holds court,
while rain pelts the windows.
Good News:  No more leaking from the sunroom ceiling.
Thank you, roofer dudes!

On the other side of That Old House, in the Parlor,
if one tall lanky tree in the corner is good . . .

. . . surely two are better!

This Christmas, something new.
At daughter Anne's suggestion, we went all decorator-y,
and did these twin trees in soft whites, golds, and creamy colors.
Yes, it's unusually restrained for Christmas at That Old House!

Below, the 2012 Waterford Ornament, a crystal tree.
Thank you, Howard.  

Michaels had these bunches of crazy glittery twirly branches.
We got them in gold and silver, and tucked them
amongst the branches to give a little Dr. Suess-style wackiness
to all the soft colors and shapes.

That's a little felt infant slipper that my mother
stitched and embroidered for me, several centuries ago.

And now, bedtime.
Daughter Alida and son-in-law Josh arrive Thursday
from Los Angeles, so I need to be up bright and early and
change the cool cotton guest room sheets to warm, cozy flannel,
so our California guests won't freeze during our New Jersey nights.

Hey! Guess who's in that big golden ball, below,
snapping a picture?  Why goodness gracious, it's me.

Okay, clearly I'm getting punchy.  Good night, my friends.
There are more trees to come, with 9 more days of Christmas!
-- Cass


  1. That Old House, because of YOUR human touch and a little help from the hungry ghosts, is ALWAYS so Christmassy!!!

    LOVE it.

  2. Cass -- I always love seeing your trees. You embrace Christmas so. Glad your DD and SIL are coming in -- I know you'll enjoy seeing them again. Our Christmas visit with Sarah and Andy was far too short because of his work but they flew instead of drove so we DID get to visit longer. That storm missed us on Christmas -- going south and east -- for that we were grateful! Am looking forward to seeing the rest of your trees!

  3. Beautiful, Cass! I look forward to seeing your parlor every year! It's such a beautiful room.

  4. Your "twin" trees are pretty to sit in that room with a fire going. But you can not beat the beautiful frazier fur! Enjoy your family time.

  5. Enjoy your visit with the kids!

    M :)

  6. I love THE TWINS! They look gorgeous!! I also love your sunroom. THAT is where I would plop myself at every available opportunity- xo Diana

  7. Your home is so the idea of the trees flanking the fireplace...they are beautiful.
    Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy New Year, Cass!


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