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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not A Banner Day . . . .

Some days you eat the bear.
Some days the bear eats you.
Image from Karen at The Graphics Fairy.

Today?  Not the best day.  The bear seems to be winning.
Election results?  No comment.
Weather?  It's snowing!  Just what New Jersey and New York need.
Driving?  My minivan is rear ended by a Saturn.
Our roof?  Turns out it will need to be replaced and the
starting estimate is more than my first job's annual salary.

But you know what?
We're still lucky, and that bear won't keep winning.

My sister sent more pictures of what
Sandy did at our beach house out on Long Island.

 Side yard -- full of debris from our neighbor's broken down
bulkhead that was destroyed in Hurricane Irene and should
have been repaired, but was not.  Oh well.
Now that neighbor can play Pick-Up-Sticks with what's left.

The dock, minus its steps, and looking as tipsy as a certain blonde
ABC anchorwoman appeared on election night.

Third floor, some fascia board missing its trim.

And the crawl space, flooded.

All in all, not bad.  Fixable.  Yes, lucky.

Those who need our consideration and prayers are the tens of 
thousands of people in NY and NJ who are without homes.
And the hundreds of thousands who are in their homes,
but still without power or heat. 

Some coastal people are evacuating because of
Winter Storm Athena, dropping rain and snow and quite possibly
another storm surge in the region.  Just ten days after Sandy.

Athena is a Nor'easter.
That's one very nasty kind of storm.

Why is it that every summer I totally forget what winter is like?
-- Cass


  1. Ugh - thinking of you dear friend...

    You need a nicer sort of Bear this year - think Teddy - not Grizzly!!!!!

    sending hugs from the House on Lavender Hill,

  2. Hang in there Cass! Just keep thinking positive. I started writing a positive post this morning but haven't finished it yet...probably because the snow started and we got notice that school is cancelled for the the rest of the week for no power. Unbelievable. I don't know when our power is coming back. If it wasn't for our generator, I would be insane right now! But life is good. Our family is spending quality time together, we are all healthy and we have gotten tons of support from family, friends and neighbors!
    Take care and be "Jersey Strong!" -Shelley

  3. Yep - Days like that are not fun. :( Sure hope things start looking up in your part of the country - the snow storm is adding insult to injury. (((hugs)))

  4. I could NOT figure out what this "Athena" was that everyone was talking about all day - and then I remembered that winter storms were being named now :) Glad the damage at the beach house was repairable.....

  5. So the last of the hurricane and the first of the winter storms! Not a good thing! Sorry about your car -- bummer! But everything is fixable -- it might be a pain to get it fixed but . . . And you have Dylan to hold and love!

  6. Well your pictures of the house on LI don't look too awful....except for the dock and the flooded crawl space....sorry about your car but you know when it rains it pours.....but you have a new man in your life!! How exciting for you to rescue such an adorable little guy...I am so happy for you.....please you just have to give him his own Facebook page...I lived to read it every day....
    We on the other hand have been a bit sad since we decided to stay in Georgia and buy a new home away from our girls in NYC.....but God works in strange ways....OUr first choice for a home was in Loveladies on Long Beach Island....need I say anymore....

  7. Cass!
    for exactly the same reason I was uttering the dreaded words "I MISS DENVER! I want to go back to Colorado!"
    To which my darling Dr B would hug me tight, pat my head and say" I swear all you could talk about was your misery during winter in much you YEARNED for home, burying your toes in the native sand.."
    quit yer bitchin! put a smile on that pretty face and enjoy living in Paradise.. not everyone is so lucky!
    so I did, and I thank God for blessing me with a loving husband who totally understands me..
    for you Cass, hugs.. this too shall pass..praying for little things as well as big things like heat and power to everyone who is without in Sandy's aftermath..
    love and hugs sweet friend!

  8. Here's to a much, much better day!!

    So glad the damage wasn't worse at the beach house.


  9. Better days are I've heard.
    Enjoyed todays visit. (((hugs)))Pat

  10. Glad your storm damage was not worse.

  11. SO glad you weren't hurt in the car accident.
    Hope your insurance will cover the roof and the house is dry inside.
    The weather you can't control.
    The election - ditto.
    Sending you a hug.
    Put the kettle on and snuggle with that new pup.

  12. Cass,
    This is my third attempt to leave a comment. If it's a duplicate, please delete.
    I feel your pain -- the election, the Nor'easter, the snow causing the roof/ceiling leaking and my home looking more like The Money Pit with each passing day. But...the sun is shining today and you have a new family member (Dylan) that has convinced us to adopt another. :D
    Your Friend and Fellow Jersey Girl,

    1. PS Sorry about your minivan. Hope no one was hurt.

  13. I'm so sorry for everything you all are going through right now. Everyone is sending prayers and good wishes your way. It's going to be a LONG winter.....:( Hoping this storm passes through quickly and quietly without too much more damage.

  14. "That Old House" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. I hope that this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  15. Goodness!

    Here's hoping for some slowdown soon.

    More prayers are being sent!

    M :)

  16. I just take a peek and I discovered your blog. I felt sad after I read your post :( . Any good updates? I will pray also.


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