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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Frank, Sloppy Snow, Sniffles, And The Turkey Shirt Returns

In our prep for Happy Frank's Giving Day,
we had a serious crisis:  Howard could not find his
(in)famous Turkey Shirt.

Miraculously, it surfaced on The Big Day.

Me:  "Where did you find it?"
Howard:  "In the closet.  Hanging with my other shirts,
                 right where it was supposed to be."
Ladies, you have all been down this road before.

So here he is, Mr. Thanksgiving himself, circa 2012:

Howard and a 28-and-3/4 pound Tom,
looking way better in the picture above than it does in this one:
 Raw turkey.  Not attractive.  But such potential.

What is attractive on Thanksgiving Day?
(Other than Howard in his Turkey Shirt?)

A lineup of pies!

Getting the dessert table set up.  The whipped cream is still being, well, whipped.

 2 apple, 2 pumpkin, one cranberry, one walnut, cookies with
Hersey Kisses, and a pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust.
We go all out in the dessert department on Thanksgiving.

We fed 22 souls last Thursday, and no one got poisoned.
Another successful Thanksgiving!

Today, an actual snowfall.

About 3 inches by nightfall.

Little doggy Dylan is not sure about this cold white stuff. 
Out with Anne for a business trip.

"It's getting kind of nippy out here."

"Let me in!"

Houseguests Josh and Alida
went back to Los Angeles this morning.

We stuffed them like they were Strasbourg geese for a week, 
and in a month we'll welcome them back at Christmastime.  

Meanwhile, I am sniffling and sneezing.
My first head cold of the winter season.
And I hope it will be my last.  I'm so impatient with colds.
They don't make you sick enough to send you to a doctor
for some sort of magic drug, but you still feel dreadful.  Crazy.

Having doggy Dylan with me on the sofa, snuggling through a
couple of awful old movies today, was therapeutic.
He really tucks himself into the nooks and crannies, does this dog.

Oops.  I think we woke him up.

I was especially thankful this Thanksgiving
to husband Howard, daughters Anne and Alida,
and son-in-law Josh for their wonderful help in getting
Thanksgiving launched here at That Old House.

Without them, it would have been baked beans and hot dogs.

And of course, I am deeply grateful that Howard found his Turkey Shirt.
Turkey Shirt pose, 2012 Edition.
Now, my friends, it's on to Advent, and Hanukkah,
and Christmas, and the New Year, and Epiphany.  
Let the decorating and celebrating begin!  -- Cass

P.S.  Happy Frank's Giving Day?  For the newcomers to the blog, that's the name given to the Thanksgiving Holiday by our much-missed Cavalier spaniel Dion DiPoochy, years ago.  Dion often waited in vain for Happy Frank to bring him a special present, but being an honest pup he also had to admit that most years, he didn't deserve one.

He passed the tradition to our new Cavalier, Dylan.  Dylan is learning his manners fast, but he's still got a few quirks, like biting his leash in order to take himself for a walk.  We're working on that one!  It's amazing what a couple of Cheerios can do; you can't munch a snack and bite a leash at the same time.  


  1. Sounds as though your predicted rough winter has already begun. Our rain today sort of looked like snow if you had a good imagination. Sorry you are "under" a bit, enjoy the couch time. I'm going to do a search on your blog for your cleaning silver post.

  2. Yet another eerie similarity between your family and ours ... the tradition of having WAY too many pies to choose from on Thanksgiving. Our girls actually learned to weed our boyfriends based on whether they could appreciate our Pie Pig Out. Sweet Dylan. It's great to have a furry critter to hug when you're ailing.

  3. If I could find a shirt like that for the Great Dane his Thanksgivjng happiness would be complete - and I would surely be searching for it every year at the 11th hour!
    It looks like your celebration was a grand one (those pies!). I hope you're soon over that cold.

  4. Wow! That is one big bird! and your Hubby looks quite "dapper" in his shirt. Yep - Have heard those "I can't find stories" before. :D I bet y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and sounds like you had lots of help.
    Sorry about the snow - sure hope we don't get much this Winter. This part of the country does not know how to drive in the white stuff. :/ Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Cass, just lovely! the new pup looks like he is fitting in just fine! in a few weeks it will be one year since we lost our beloved Doxie, Frankie.. Hope your upcoming holiday season is very blessed! -Patti

  6. Copious amounts of pie, and snow. What more can I ask for when here. Oh I know! Howard and that impossible shirt. I have that same cold. It is awful. Had been in the same pj's for two days until I finally went out today. xo, olive

  7. CASS~ Can you imagine Howard not having his turkey shirt for the big day? I think the world would come to a slow spin! Looks like you had a wonderful Holiday and with the snow you've got a head start on Christmas- xo Diana

  8. We use Cheerios as a persuader also....amazing what a doggie will do (or not do) for one little Cheerio. Love your blog. Stay warm. Louise in OK

  9. You don't KNOW how happy I am that Howard FOUND and WORE his Happy Franks Giving shirt. Some traditions are WAY too important to miss.

    I just ADORE that you guys HAVE the Franks Giving Day shirt tradition - - - makes me want to FIND one for Fisherhubby.

    And, that little nose shot of Dylan DiPuppy is so cute it makes me want to sigh, and brings tears of joy to my eye.

  10. What fun your family had at that old house..I so remember each year you showing Howard and his shirt ha ha!! My late husband had a Christmas shirt that got a little to tight each year and he swore I washed it in hot water each year...I hope you have a Blessed week my dear Cass..Thanks so much for coming by..I don't get much company at my blog any more..THANKS for the visit..Hugs and love Gloria

  11. I love that Thanksgiving shirt! Dylan is beyond precious and I have never seen such a nice display of pies. I bet they were delicious!

  12. Sounds like a good celebration.
    Glad the shirt located!

    Hope you feel better soon! We are dealing
    with this too.

    M :)

  13. You can certainly tell where a family is (or maybe isn't, is more accurate) based on the pies served at Thanksgiving!! No pecan pie??? Definitely NOT in the South! It is a MUST or they won't let you proclaim yourself, "Southern." LOL!

  14. Cheerios -- the perfect food to entertain small children (especially in church) and to train dogs! Who knew!!!

    Love Howard in Turkey Shirt 2012!

    Glad you had a fun Thanskgiving . . . and I am so sorry about your cold!

  15. I was waiting for this pics!!!! I had a wonderful typical American Thanksgiving to....a huge Turkey, roasted ham, green beans casserole, sweet mashed potatoes..... and a lot of italian food....Apple pie, I prepared a pumkin pie and the centerpiece...I was so happy!!!!
    And even if my American friends may be far from Italy next year I decided that on the 4th Thursday of November I'm going to celebrate my Thanksgiving day..... . Next weekend I'm going to prepare for Xmas..... and I'm waiting for your decorations, hugs to you all..... Flavia

  16. All over " warm and fuzzy " is what I felt reading your blog today. :0)
    ... and those desserts....have made me HUNGRY. ;0)

  17. Oh the shirt!!! Glad you had a nice holiday. The pie assortment is pretty impressive. How many people were you feeding?

  18. Cass,
    I am smitten with the pies. I'm always big on dessert too, but we have a much smaller crowd.
    Always good when The Shirt makes an appearance, and the turkey looked delicious.
    Dylan is a darling boy. Lucky to have such a wonderful new home.
    Hope your cold is soon over! Zicam and Airborne usually knocks colds out for us, and quick!

  19. Not sure about the shirt, the model wearing it is pretty good. Love the snow we are going to hit 40C today about 100F not looking forward to that.

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed you sharing the beautiful Thanksgiving pictures and lovely dinner. The puppy pictures are so sweet and your blog!

  21. Love your dessert about sweet indulgence! ;) So glad Frank found his shirt. I don't think he would have survived if he hadn't do you? LOL... Dylan is so can you not love him with those adorable brown eyes?

  22. Oh, I almost forgot...hope you get to feeling better soon. At least you have Dylan to snuggle with when you're feeling like this.

  23. Wow! That was so delicious. I love desserts and that chicken was my favorite. :). I will roast a chicken when I got home . Thank you for sharing.


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