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Monday, November 12, 2012

Gobble Gobble When? And Howard's Hieroglyphics, Part Two

There it is, in big bold type, right at the top
of this blog post.  10 days until Thanksgiving.
So what is this Happy Frank's Giving Day I keep hearing about?
 Is there really a giant roasted parakeet involved?

Ten days, people!
Woo-hoo!  Now it gets interesting.  :-)

(I work best under pressure.
In fact, I pretty much only work at all under pressure.)
For a look at this year's original TBDBT list
 click here!

On Sunday, while I was working my dealer day at
Somerville Center Antiques, my dear hubby oiled
our soapstone counters.  Bless his heart.
I can tick that off my TBDBT List.

Sigh . . . I wish they were always so uncluttered.

But part of this whole deal is putting things you took off, back!

Of course, that also means you can sort, give away,
toss, and tidy, so it's all good.
Really, Jaba the Hutch does not always look this crowded!
Sometimes, it looks worse.  (Ba-dum-dum.)
I use vintage flatware at the holidays,
which always needs polishing beforehand.
Click here, if you want to know my Lazy Lady's system,
whereby you can shine up your silver in a jiff, using stuff you
probably already have, while you relax with your feet up.
No kidding -- it's the easiest-ever silver polishing, and it works.

I bet that if you, too, are hosting Thanksgiving,
that you, too, are focusing in on what needs to be done,
and not the things on your To Be Done By Thanksgiving
list that are, well, optional.  Like, curtains!
This is the fabric that's waiting to be made into new
dining room draperies.  I just need to overcome my fear of
my new sewing machine, which now is a year and a half old!
Daughter Anne has sewn miles on my "new" machine;
I'm counting on her to get me going, and shepherd me through
this project, this week.  I've already got the panels cut out!
Anyone taking bets on this?
And . . . a followup to my October 11th post
about Howard's hieroglyphics -- now revealed.

In that post, I offered a million dollar reward
for a full and accurate translation of H's chicken scratches.
My pretend million is safe; no one got it right!

What did he scrawl?  In English?  Here goes ...
Men Cook

Believe it or not, I understand what he meant by this.
But I'd never have been able to read it!

  -- Cass

P.S.  We took Dylan Dog to Petco on Saturday to get a new collar
(he came with a PINK one -- How humiliating for him).  
Dylan cut up so badly at the store, biting his leash and whirling, 
that Howard toted him around the aisles in what we refer to as 
"The Carry of Shame."  
That's our Dylan.  A work in progress!


  1. GReAT looking soapstone countertops! May have to consider those one day.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh Cass...I love reading your posts before Thanksgiving. I thank God you are saved from Sandy (even if I saw the pics about your house on the seaside.) :(
    Do you know we have a new entry in family?? She's Mou's best friend ---- hugs.... Flavia.
    P.S.Do you know that after 24 years I'm going to celebrate Thanksgiving I'm going to be by some American friends ....with a big turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and my Pumpkin pie...and a lot of other yummy thongs, of course..I'm so happy :*

  4. Cass,

    Love your posts. The carry of shame is perfect. I use vintage silver plate and recognize several of your patterns. Glad the sewing machine is getting some use. We just got back and I haven't even turned my own yet. Need to get busy for the holidays!


  5. I suffer from the same dilemma as you concerning the piles that need to be put back on the counters :/
    I love your new drapery fabric....beautiful!!
    I learned something new about polishing silver. I've got some pitchers and serving pieces that could use a good cleaning!
    Poor Dylan... :( Btw, from earlier posts, I'm gathering that you had to 'potty train' him? If so, what is your method? I've got a 2-1/2 year-old Havanese that I still can't break from pottying in the house!! Male, been fixed, he tells me when he needs to go...most of the time...and then he's a bad boy! Any tips?

    1. I can give you the system we have used on dozens (really, dozens) of foster dogs with questionable house manners. When we were doing a lot of rescue & foster volunteering, I swore that I could house train an elephant.

      Yes, we are working on Dylan's house manners; there have not been any accidents since his 3rd day here, and no more need for the belly band to catch mistakes.

      I'll send you my system; it involves rather intensive "work" on the humans' part until the dog really "gets it." But it's so worth it, because finding surprises in the house ain't no fun!


  6. Hi Cass, can you use that polish solution on quadruple plate/silver plate or just on solid silver?

    1. Hi Gina!

      This system is perfect for plated silver, because it only removes the tarnish -- not any layers of silver, which most of the chemical polishes do. So it is safer than commercial polishes for silver plate.

      Of all my "silver," maybe 2% is sterling!

      Happy Thanksgiving ... Cass

  7. Hi Cass! I've got to try your silver cleaning method. Sounds good to me. I love that gorgeous fabric you have and I'm putting my bet on you that you'll get those drapes done!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Wishing you the best on your curtains...weren't you were on some last year, too? I have to go back and see how you clean your silver...mine is BAD. The kids won't eat with it. I LOVE your soapstone counters, I wanted them so bad when we redid the kitchen but hubby thought they would be too much work. I would have been happy to do the work!!!


  9. Dolly's asking about the Happy Frank's Giving Day as well -- seems the legend may live on!

    Your counters are beautiful -- sigh -- if I ever redo ours . . . .

    I love that fabric for the dining room -- will make it really spiffy! I know beween you and Anne that you'll get the curtains done!

  10. HI those beautiful counter tops....I have granite and hate hate hate it...would have loved something different....your hutch looks as bad as my dish we really need all this crap....and Dylan...well, Dylan is adorable and so nice to see him being carried around Petsmart.....this will turn into one very spoiled dog...gee just like some other dog I remember seeing on Facebook....

  11. Cass,
    First, I am adoring Dylan! He has Jersey spirit. :) Buster was exiled and banned from Pet Smart.(The groomer wouldn't listen to me when I told her to muzzle him before attempting to clip his face.)
    Your kitchen is beautiful. I have a question regarding your bead board back splash. Is it holding up (regarding washing down, etc?)
    Harold should have been a doctor with that writing!
    Your Friend,

  12. Following your lead, I have successfully finished four of my planned eight new curtain panels. Thank you SO much for the motivation ... you are an inspiration, whether you knew it or now.

    PetsMart is over-rated. My dogs love going out, and they HATE going to PetsMart. No matter. Pretty soon, sweet Dylan will be a well behaved little guy under your care. He sure is cute!

  13. Good grief does your husband write with his feet? Lol. I do lots of genealogy and can usually decipher the words but in this case they bear no resemblance to the English language. I did get a couple of them though.


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