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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boo-Boos And Bumps

It's 7:55 on Thursday morning at That Old House,
and Howard and I are waiting for an insurance
adjuster to come at 8:00 and look at the boo-boos
on our house, left by Storm Sandy.

It's a chilly morning.
Not only is there frost on the pumpkins,
there's frost on the red minivan.

Frost is not all that is on the red minivan.
There are lots of boo-boos there, too.
And some deer hairs.

That's a pile of grille and other car parts on the right side of the picture, on the grass.

Last night, on a very dark and wooded part of Route 10
in nearby Randolph, a deer and I crossed paths.

As bad as the minivan is, it's in better shape than the poor deer.
And I am fine.
Except I keep hearing the thud, and seeing the blur of tan fur.

Our insurance company was not surprised;
they are get a lot of these calls.
New Jersey's roads are littered with deer this time of year.

I am sure there's no connection, but there were a lot of deer
in our yard this morning, including an enormous buck with
a very impressive rack.  I got a little nervous, thinking
that they'd sent their best hit man (hit deer?) to get me . . . .
After all, these are Jersey deer!  -- Cass


  1. Ouch!! Thankfully, you weren't hurt. Deer accidents are a problem around here as well...maybe not as much as New Jersey though. :) In fact, my middle daughter hit a deer when she was in her late teens. It happened about a mile from our house and she was scared to death!!
    We get deer out in our pastures but never in our yard. You are blessed...I never get tired of seeing them. And I think you're safe from the 'hit' deer. LOL

  2. Oh- You poor thing! I had one "glance" off the side of my mini-van when the kids were little. It left some hair stuck in the back window frame but ran off into the woods. A few years later I had a PT Cruiser. The car in front of me hit a went down and I ran right over it- my car just air-lifted over it without a bit of damage-except for some hair underneath my car- really weird.
    I hope you can get it fixed soon...and good luck with the insurance adjuster. xo Diana

  3. First let me say that I am glad you were not hurt. But that poor deer! I always feel so bad when I see them on the side of the road! This time of year, I drive to work in the morning in the dawn and home in the dusk and I always worry so much that I will hit one!

  4. Cass,
    Oh, no! So sorry to hear about your recent 'encounter' with your minivan, although I am happy you were not harmed (at least not physically.) It always hurts my heart when I see an animal has been hit. I know, as a fellow animal lover, you are concerned for the deer. (((Cass))) You've had a hard time between the houses and cars.
    Your Friend,

  5. Oh dear to it all--the house mess, the new car detailing, and the early morning visitors. I was going to say was have plenty in our yard down here ... but I guess you do as well.

  6. OMG!!! .....I'm glad you're fine..... xoxoxox, Flavia

  7. Oh my goodness, Cass, thank God you're OK! We also have deer roaming the street down here, my guys see them every night and my mom in Englewood Cliffs had one climb the steps to her deck and butt his head on her glass doors! We even have some bears down here... sheesh I thought I'd left the country and lived in the 'burbs - lol!

    Good luck with the insurance folks - hope it's all painless!!!


  8. Oh, Cass -- you car looks GOOD to have hit a deer! But perhaps Kansas deer are bigger! Jim has hit both deer and a cow -- he'd take a deer any day (and our car had little (well, if you can call a cow's foot little) footprints imbedded into the dashboard.) But glad you're okay. BTW, I had an accident yesterday as well -- only I was on foot -- a car hit me -- I'm okay -- nothing broken but have some ugly bruises and a bad toe and a sore ankle (and they're on different feet so I'm a bit gimpy right now!) And most importantly Dolly is okay -- for I was doing the morning walk with her!

    It's "Rutting Season" here which means that they are really on the move --

    Everything will be fine and glad you're not hurt. Are you sore?

    1. MARTHA! Did you go to the doctor???? Get Xrays and all that good stuff? Did you get knocked down? Did faithful Dolly stay by your side? Oh my goodness -- you were hit by a car.
      I'll give you a call tomorrow -- Cass
      PS LOVE the latest chicken recipe. Totally a must-make for me. I'm going to try cutting it down to a smaller amount.

    2. I did cut it down -- 4 chicken breasts instead of 8 and I decided after making half the sauce that the whole recipe for sauce would be good for 4 breasts as for 8 . . .and it was! As long as I was down -- she was like glue -- right there by me. The minute I got up she was ready for us to go . . . but my ankle hurt and I didn't think I could walk the 4 blocks back so we got a ride. When I thought they might take me in am ambulance I made sure that she could go along but decided I didn't need it. Did go to the doc today and everything is okay -- just sore and will be sorer tomorrow before everything starts healing. But I'm a bit gimpy now.

  9. Oh! So sorry to hear about the deer. It is an awful experience, isn't it. I'm glad you're okay. I hit one several years ago at exactly this time of year. $4000 of damage to a not-that-old car. It is such an upsetting experience and I hate to see their bodies by the side of the road. My favorite time of year is also my least favorite for that very reason.

    --Lois in SW PA

  10. Glad you were not hurt! Sorry about your van. :(

  11. Was it Rudolph??? :0(
    Sorry for the bad humor and glad there were no people injuries. (((hugs)))Pat

  12. Oh, my!! I'm so glad that you are okay, and I'm really sorry about your van. It's the time of year for suicidal deer.

  13. Does this mean that it's venison next Thursday?

  14. Good grief! If bad things come in threes, you have had yours! It should be all better from here. So glad you are all in one piece!

  15. Never boring times with you Cass. So glad you are okay. My kiddo has me nearly taking anti anxiety agents today.

  16. Oh my gosh. That must have been frightening. We have lots of deer on the way to our cabin and it is always a worry. You can put a little tube like thing on the front of your cars that make a sound that chases them off. I don't know how well they work though.
    Glad you are okay.


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