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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Soggy

The weather dudes say that today will be warmer
than yesterday.  What delightfully wacky 
senses of humor these weather dudes have.

 Warmer is relative.
And my relatives and I think it's getting pretty chilly around here.
But being both stubborn and thrifty, the heat is not yet on.

It isn't helping that it has rained at least once, each and every day recently.

 This weekend, Howard brought home the second largest fall mums he could find.
They are just beginning to open up,
and are remarkable water-catchers in bud and bloom.
I cropped that photo, but it's otherwise unmolested.
Mums are not my favorite flowers; they're a bit stiff and upright.
I like flowers to be a little casual, less regimental.
But now, only a few stalwart plants are still hanging in there, so I take what I can get.

Russian Sage.  It's been blooming since June.  It must be exhausted.
Or, we planted plastic ones by mistake.

 Dahlias -- talk about staying power.  I'll be digging up those tubers!
 The little blue asters are pooping out, and
they are supposed to be autumn flowers.  Slackers.

Tomatoes?  The very late ones were soft and icky,
so we're leaving them for the local varmints.

Get away from my termater, human, I'm one mean hombre.

As usual, the weeds are thriving.  I'm not even attempting to clear them yet.
We'll do an end-of-season massive cleanup.  Eventually.

Hahahaha!  Price tag residue on the pumpkin.
I don't think this one came right off the farm!

It is so soggy after days and days of intermittent drizzle.
I was going to take pictures from the other side of the house,
but I was afraid I'd sink in the spongy lawn.
Plus, it's chilly and damp and I wanted to go back inside.

 And now for something completely different!

Yesterday I introduced you to Woody, the Cavalier
King Charles Spaniel who was our house guest this weekend.
Woody is our Dion's great-nephew.

Howard and I always take our second cups of morning coffee in the Parlor,
before he leaves for work.  On Monday morning, Woody joined us.
He took his time finding his perfect perch.

"What's this I spy across the room?  A nice big black chair!"

"I beg your pardon? 
Red and white dogs and black chairs
are not a good mix?" 

"I am no longer looking at you.
Therefore, I cannot hear you."

"I turn my back on you, and now I am invisible."

("Shhh. If that weird, ugly dog behind me doesn't rat me out,
they'll never know I am here.")

Enjoy the middle of the week, my friends.  -- Cass

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  1. Cass -- cute pics of Woody. I think you NEED another Cavalier. Woody told me so -- or rather he told Dolly so! You know Dion and Ollie are finally playing together!

    Nice mums -- I've bought several small ones this year instead of big ones! And I even planted some in the ground! Will they spring up next spring? Not sure but they are pretty in the garden now which with the heat and drought of summer we have even less than you have blooming!

    1. Your mums should winter over and be back next year. Although it gets colder on the prairie I think, then it does in NJ. A nice layer of mulch, or lovely dead leaves, would keep them cozy!

  2. I had to laugh - I'm too thrifty (my girls say "Cheap") to turn on the heat yet also and it's been rather damp and chilly here. Although I did finally call about getting wood delivered so we can get some fires going this weekend :) And mums are my favorite. Funny - my favorite plants for my garden are azaleas and mums - I pay absolutely no attention to anything that blooms during the summer ;)

  3. I'm laughing at your sweet little houseguest. He's just darling.

  4. Woody is too cute! Looks like he's staked out his spot:) Such huge mums! They should be a riot of color soon! They'll be beautiful.

  5. Cass,
    I am with you about the mums. So much so, that I never get any. But they are pretty!
    Actually I am too "thrifty" to get any. My geraniums hold up well through the fall.
    That Woody is a hoot!
    I think our heat came on once. I'm not good with cold.

  6. Nothing says fall quite like chrysanthemums and pumpkins!

    Fresh Face

  7. Oh my goodness Woody is so adorable! And of course he WOULD be magically drawn to the chair that his hair is most likely to show up on! Gotta love dogs! I think the mums are lovely. I also hear ya about the weather...I finally had to turn on some heat....poop. Vanna

  8. so very much enjoyed that little bit of your "dog talk"...I do miss my daily doses of Dion...will you be getting another one soon to take over on always brightened my have a way with dog language...

  9. The Russian thyme is beautiful! Your doggie is super cute!

  10. I love the look of my Russian Sage and how tough it is but the smell is awful when you touch it. Blech.
    We finally have a sprinkling of rain this morning, the first in months. I can't believe you still haven't turned the heat on. Of course you have a cuddly warm doggy to keep you warm.


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