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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tea Pots a-Poppin'

I'm not a real collector.
I don't edit my collections, curate them,
display them artistically, or keep upgrading them.

I purty much collect what I think is purty,
and cheap.   Or, more elegantly, inexpensive.
Parlor cupboard, loaded with stuff, definitely not artistically arranged.
Which brings me to my tea pots.
Shall we take a look inside?
This cupboard, a recent acquisition, houses most of my tea pots.
They are grouped willy-nilly on the shelves,
with some of my Mom's Hummels and various other bits of stuff. 

Now this little orange tea pot, below, has quite a backstory.

This little Majolica-style baby was from a box lot at an auction,
and had a surprise inside.  Like the trinket in a Cracker Jack box.

If you missed this story, which is here, let's just say that I was
pretty surprised to discover $403 in small bills stuffed inside..
I returned the money to the lady who originally owned it.

But then, most of my tea pots have some sort of backstory.
They were gifts, or travel souvenirs, or family hand-me-downs.
Probably the only one that's worth any money at all
is the cobalt and gilt leaf patterned Meissen tea pot.
It was a gift from my in-laws.

 But some things are priceless.  Tucked into this cupboard, next to a grouping of Mom's Hummels,
is my Ginny Doll.  Did you have one?  I got mine when I was 4 years old.

Ginny needs a little surgery on her arms -- the rubber bands have rotted through and her arms are held on
by the sleeves of her dress, which I sewed for her when I was about 12,
using a hand-cranked child's Singer machine, and hand sewing.

Ginny and I have something in common.  I need a little surgery on my arm, too.
I'm having a spot of skin cancer taken off my left arm tomorrow, so I may not be posting for a day or two.

Mother Nature is working by the calendar here this year.
Soon after Labor Day, she shut down the heat machine,
and our warmest days are now in the low to mid 70s.

The four ferns on the front porch are happy.
Now if (ok, when) we forget to water them, they don't collapse.
Happy Tuesday.
 -- Cass

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  1. Hi Cass,
    You have a wonderful porch and the ferns are beautiful! They look very healthy. You must talk to them!
    I love Hummels although I never did collect any. You have some lovely teapots. The gilded one in particular caught my eye; a precious gift from your loved ones! Now as to the story of the money in the teapot; you are a very honest lady and I'm sure the lady who owned the pot was incredibly thankful for your honesty! I hope she rewarded you.
    I wish you well with your surgery tomorrow and I hope your toe is feeling much better! Take care and thanks for joining me for tea today. Happy Autumn!


  2. Love the cupboard and you do have some nice tea pots!

    I don't collect them either -- but I still have way too many that have followed me home!

  3. Your cabinet is fantastic!

    Good Luck with your surgery!

    M :)

  4. Beautiful teapots..loved seeing your little sweeping Hummel keeping the shelf clean for you. Good luck tomorrow with your little procedure, take care.

  5. A few collections around here also - most not what I started, but someone else thought I was collecting.:/
    I also wish you well with the surgery. I am pretty sure that is in my future also.

  6. Your parlor is one of my favorite rooms....especially when it is decorated for Christmas!
    Beautiful hutch full of treasures!

  7. Your teapots are just beautiful displayed in that gorgeous cabinet. I definitely think you have quite a good collection here! So glad you are having good weather, we have, too...finally! Your ferns are beautiful and so healthy, I just brought mine in for the winter. Do you bring yours in?


    1. I try and bring our ferns inside in the Fall, but they are SO big that it is hard to find spaces large enough to hold them. I'll try again this year . . . but not yet.
      I so love them on the porch that I hate to see them leave!
      PS Isn't it lovely to have good weather? Yay!

  8. I love your teapot collection. And the cabinet! What a great surprise to find that cash in the orange one (gorgeous!). The owner must have been thrilled at your honesty. Not many would return the cash. Enjoy the lovely fall weather. Blessings, Pamela

  9. You have some lovely teapots!
    I especially like the pretty blue and white ones :-)

  10. Sweet Cass...I do love peeking into cupboards , especially when filled with such delightful teatime treasures...I spied your Meissen immediately and drooled over the gilded leaves... but of course one never really uses the expensive ones since it's always a worry that they'll get broken or cracked ..... So, " happy", is the cupboard filled with flea market china that have stories to tell...I'd say your's is quite exciting ... especially when full of golden crisp bills ... It's like you found the pot at the end of the rainbow...even if you did return it to the leprechaun... You now have three glorious wishes to enjoy during teatime... Have a delightful Autumn... I truly enjoyed your post...Hugs

    1. I have seldom used the pretty Meissen pot, BUT I used to let my girls use it to play after school Tea Party with friends. Nuts, huh?
      But if something is on my shelves, the chances are pretty good that it is there to be taken down, and used.
      And yes, the leprechaun did get the pot of gold back! I love your explanation of that.
      Thanks so much for visiting!


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