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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When Last We Met . . . .

. . . I was getting ready to take off with my
friend Emily on a furniture-stalking Friday
adventure, headed for an estate sale.

We didn't make it to the estate sale, as we detoured
to a secondhand shop and found a nifty antique desk.
A little Old English and Feed'n'Wax, and it was ready for primetime.

So we hauled it down to my booth at Somerville Center Antiques,
and settled it in.  After lunch at Kyma, a fabulous Greek restaurant
just down the street from the antiques mall.

Emily helps me a lot with the booth.  I "pay" her in lunches.  It works.

Bonus: our waiter spotted us wrestling with the desk,
and carried it into the shop for us.  How nice was that?

Now this guy pulled our car to a screeching halt outside
Wickham's farm stand in Cutchogue on eastern Long Island on
Saturday morning.  His nose detected the scent of
fresh, hot, greasy, homemade cinnamon donuts.

That is a serious doughnut face.

Our weekend getaway to the beach house was excellent.
We were very busy doing absolutely nothing.
Well, we ate.  We ate well.

Here's Howard leaving Southold Fish Market with our takeout lunch.

 Lobster roll and . . . 
 flounder sandwich.

At the end of a narrow road, we found this,
a secluded beach on Long Island Sound.
That dark strip on the horizon is Connecticut.
 Later that day, we'd watch the sun set over Connecticut
while dining out with my cousin and her husband.
 I love Long Island Sound.
Not many boats out just then.
 And looking in the other direction . . . .

Our weekend away was quiet, and just what we needed
after the emotional week just past.

Now I'm off to work today at the antiques mall.
Play nice, my friends -- Cass


  1. Your Greek lunch would be enough payment for me to work all day too.
    Glad you had some downtime. We all need that.
    Now get back to work!!! Those antiques aren't going to stage themselves.

  2. the views you found on your weekend of rest. Glad it was enjoyable for the two of you.
    Have fun with your antiques!

  3. There's something about watching the sun set over Connecticut that has me giggling. That flounder sandwich looks yummy. You just don't fresh out of the water seafood here in Ohio, unless you count catfish (and I don't).

  4. What a perfect weekend, and just what you needed. I'd give anything for a real Lobster Roll!

  5. Your queit weekend sounded exactly what you needed. {{{HUGS}}} to you and I hope you are feeling better. Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  6. I feel peaceful just looking at your pictures! Well, a little hungry, too. We had the best lobster rolls on Martha's Vineyard. Would love to have another but you don't find them much in the Midwest!

    Have a good week, Cass!


  7. Take as many of those as you need. I hope there was lots of special memories to smile about. Hugs

  8. Glad you had such a great time. Have a great day and week

  9. Wow, what a beautiful place to relax. Love the shot of the steps leading to the beach. Glad you had a great time.

  10. In no particular order....
    The Lobster Roll was not very good but the flounder was great.
    The duck at diner was very tasty.
    The donuts from Wickhams totally Rocked. And I didn't just get donuts. I got a strawberry rhubarb pie too.

  11. Oh- I sooo need a nice, quiet weekend away from it all. Just me and me and me. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  12. I was glad you had a restful retreat, but then had to giggle as Howard commented on the food in the comments section.

  13. Yummy! That food looks delicious! And the beach/ocean just gorgeous! What a nice trip you had. Still remembering you in my prayers...Gina

  14. Your beach pictures are stunning, I've holidayed on the Connecticut side of the Long Island Sound and its beautiful too. Thanks for sharing them....


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