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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Woodster Comes To Call

Well my, my, my.
Who is this, occupying a chair in our sunroom?

This is Woody, and he owns our very good friends
Betsy and Phil, who are on vacation this week.

Woody, though, is vacationing
chez That Old House.

If he looks familiar to you, it's because he is not just a
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, like our Dion.
He is also Dion's great-nephew.

While it is lovely to hear the pitter-patter of little paws
in the house again, I am glad that Woody, despite his resemblance
to Dion, is very different in personality.

Woody is just about the best-behaved, easiest, least demanding
dog I've ever met.  No, not much like his Uncle Dion.  :-P
Meanwhile . . .
my antiques booth has stretched
to hold some of our Saturday auction haul.
 Oops.  That's my turquoise handbag on the desk in the right corner.
The desk sold yesterday, after I left the store.

Some of my favorites include this 6 board blanket chest,
with lovely trace memories of old red paint.

A tole tray with an Asian design, on a folding stand.  It can serve as a
coffee table, or a side table to hold a glass of some elegant swill.

Then there is the hunt board, one end of which you can see here.
The carved apron is just so much fun.

But this is my favorite find of all, I think:
A New Jersey decoy -- a hollow, hand carved swan,
by J.P. Hand, who works near Cape May.
Mr. Hand's family came to Jersey from Eastern Long Island, 'way back in the 1700s.
That Old House was built by "refugees" from Eastern L. I.  
Anyway, the swan is gorgeous, probably from the 1980s.
I lust after it in my heart.
Now, I must fly!
I need to return to the house where the auction was held
and pack up more winnings.  Then, back to the booth to fill in
the gap left when that big desk waltzed out yesterday.

Sorry, Woody, I have to bail on you for awhile.
I leave you in charge of That Old House while I am gone,
and I'm pretty sure I will not find toilet paper festooning
the first floor when I return.  Be good!  -- Cass


  1. Love all your new things. I'm sure Woody will help ease your heart.

    I can't wait to go shopping with you!

  2. Woody has such a sweet face. Sounds like you have a busy day ahead.
    My coffee needs to kick in, as I have things I need to do today.

  3. Oh Cass, I have real swan envy! Do you think my hubbie would allow me to fly all the way to New Jersey to visit your shop and purchase him? I dont think so! I have some smaller swans (actually in my window displays at the moment) but this grand fella is something I have wanted for a long time, we dont seem to have such large decoys in the UK for some reason. I love your booth and wish it was on my doorstep! It must feel strange having a pup in the house again but as you say they are all different(like children). I hope that you will be able to just remember the good times soon and that the hurt will ease. Lots of love from a sad, Olympicless UK! xxx

  4. Ha ha! Yes, it is nice to have the pitter patter of little feet, but it is good that Woody is so different, too!
    Although, maybe I am just too recent, but I don't ever recall seeing Dion on a dining room chair!
    Cass, your booth looks wonderful. I am going to go to your previous post and ogle your auction acquisitions now....

  5. OH MY, how I wish I lived near you!!! I would shop to my heart's content!!! I'm drooling over some of your items!

  6. Oh that is such a sweet baby. His eyes are so sweet, but he looks kinda sad to be away from his family. The booth looks fabulous. Great finds! Have a great week.

  7. Great looking pup! What gorgeous pieces you have in uour booth

  8. I have the same chairs that Woody is sitting on! I bought the table, with 2 leaves, hard covers to protect table top and 6 chairs about a month ago for $150!!!! It was love at first sight and I would have paid whatever the price was!

  9. Cute dog, he does look sad. Love all your treasures in your booth.

  10. Good Boy, Woody!
    It's a good thing I don't live anywhere near your booth, or I'd be broke!

  11. My dream of having such space in an antique shop is being lived out by you! Enjoying your treasures!


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