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Friday, August 3, 2012

Eye Makeup On, Red Minivan Gassed Up -- Estate Sale Here We Come!

Friday.   A gorgeous sunny, hot summer day and I 
am waiting for my friend Emily; we've got a date.

First, a trip to my antiques booth to deliver a desk
I bought on Tuesday, then it's on to a promising estate sale.  

Promising . . . as in "Whoa! Some great old furniture!"

Estate sales around here are often what I consider over-priced,
but then I am a horrible, unrepentant cheapskate
and hate to spend more than $35.00 on anything.

Oh, my dears, when it comes to furniture, I eat Thrifty for breakfast.
It's not your imagination.  That last sentence made no sense at all.

(Sorry about the quality of these shots.)

So I've put up a few pictures of items I hope to see today,
things that I'd like to pop into my antiques booth.

Or . . . let's be honest . . . pop into That Old House.

There's always room for just one more table
or cunning little cupboard, isn't there?

Or maybe a bit (more) blue and white china?

For several days I have not put makeup on; too many tears.
But today I'm stepping out with a dear friend, and
I'm making a big leap of faith and slapping on some mascara.
So as not to frighten the natives.

I can't guarantee it will last long, as I'm pretty sure Emily and I
will share some fresh tears, but if my makeup melts off my face
that will give us something funny to laugh about.
Although, come to think of it, my face
is funny enough to always laugh about.   :-)

Wish us luck.
I'm hoping to also negotiate a good price
on this highboy at a local secondhand shop.  
Ain't it a beaut?

I need to get out of That Old House, where there are reminders
of Dion in every corner, and I keep thinking I hear him.

This weekend Howard and I will be at the beach house,
where we will sit on one of the decks, and contemplate this:
Something about salt water is very healing.

Our family deeply appreciates the caring messages you have sent;
 it helps immeasurably to know
that there are people who understand, and so many who
have been there before.  Many thanks, my friends. -- Cass


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time! !!!

  2. A view of salt water has healed many a broken heart in this family. I'm glad you have that view handy.
    How I'd love to go to just one estate sale with you - with or without makeup!

  3. Good luck on your new space at the mall. It must be fun to buy stuff and not have to wonder where the heck you're going to fit it into your overcrowded house (speaking of my house here, I have never witnessed overcrowding at your house in person).

  4. Cass,
    Have a great day out and about, and a restful, restorative weekend. I've been in your shoes, and I'm thinking about you and your family.

  5. Dear Cass,
    I wish you a weekend filled with all you {and your family} need at this time. There are tears falling on this side of the computer screen too. (((Cass)))
    Your Friend,

  6. Wishing you a day of special memories and healing. Dion was one of the lucky ones. Hugs, Deb

  7. We did an Estate Sale today as well. But most things were too pricey!

  8. You probably don't want to hear this but I put a queen anne highboy out for the garbage a few weeks ago..If I had known someone wanted one I would of made the treck to bring it too you :(
    I was so sad at Dions little granddoggie is a king charles as well. Miss Dixie. Hope you have a good time as he would want you too for sure. Cheers Frances

    1. Oh NO! A highboy out to the trash? I hope some sharp-eyed passer by spotted it and loaded it into her car! -- Cass
      PS say hello to your Cavalier grand-dogger!

  9. Cass,

    You will have a wonderful time today - with or without the mascara. Take care.


  10. I love your blog. Really love your house. Am a new follower. Come and visit and follow me too. Thank you, Cindy

  11. Oh Cass, I haven't stopped by in a while because I follow Dion on FB and love "his" posts. I'm so very, very sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful little boy and you were a wonderful mom to Dion.

    I hope you can enjoy yourself with your friend and find some time to relax at the beach house.

  12. Cass,I have been away and now catching up on your blog. I am so, so sorry about Dion. I just needed to tell you that. My entire family has pets...dogs and cats and each one is a treasure. We have all suffered that day when a beloved pet has to be let go. You gave Dion such a wonderful life and he gave love back to you. Take care and thanks for writing such a wonderful blog. I feel like I know you. :)


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