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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Ugh.  I am using the new Blogger interface,
trying to get used to it.
I don't like it.  It has cooties.
But then, I do not like change.

Unless, of course, it's change that I initiate.
Like, a couple of changes in our parlor.

Shortly after we moved here in the spring of 2008,
a very nice man named David gave us a beautiful
flame mahogany breakfront by Ebert that had belonged to his aunt.

He had tried to sell it on Craigslist,
and I was the only one interested.

But, since we'd just bought a bigger breakfront for the dining room,
and my husband does have his limits,
I told David I couldn't buy his.

So David, a total stranger to us, offered it for free,
because he said he wanted it to go to a good home.

For free, I said Yes.

And it's lived a good life in our Parlor.

Until that auction Howard and I went to, on August 11th.

Where we fell in love with a stepback cupboard, a line-by-line
 handmade reproduction of an 18th century New Jersey piece,
made to order in the 1970s.  In tiger maple.  Tiger maple.
I swooned-ed.

We bid, we won, we hired a couple of moving guys to bring
it from Hunterdon County to That Old House, and here it is.

Yes, it has muscled in on the mahogany breakfront's turf.
That sweet meek lady has moved upstairs to one of Annie's rooms.
Where it will hold books and all manner of nifty artsy things.

I had a bad moment -- or ten -- when I feared that
despite our rather casual measuring, the new cupboard would not fit
into the room, where the ceilings are old-house-low.

The 180-year old pine floor boards and the
40-year old cupboard co-exist nicely.

We still need to fiddle with moving furniture around in here,
so getting good pictures is difficult.
It's like a consignment shop right now; too much stuff.

Anywho, I adore this cupboard.

So, you might ask, what's with that Federal settee in the first picture?

It's another auction baby, and I am undecided whether to keep it
or sell it.  It's gorgeous, made by Southwood, makers of meticulous
reproduction furniture at way-out-of-my-price-range prices.

We've tucked it into the Parlor, which has mysteriously morphed from
a red and tan and black room into a pink and tan and green room,
with seemingly no help from me.  Odd.
This is a highly opinionated house,
so we'll see what the room, and the sofa herself, decide.

Bye!  Howard and I are off to buy a miniature bombe chest,
at a moving sale near Newark Airport.  We do go to the swankiest places.
  -- Cass
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  1. That is a gorgeous piece you brought in- It fits nicely in your house- like it was meant to be there. I'll bet the one you moved upstairs is a really nice piece for that room, too. I like your settee, too. It's amazing how houses start speaking for themselves, isn't it? xo Diana

  2. Some very nice pieces. That one moved upstairs does look like a tight fit.
    The new interface and I don't get along either - not user friendly at all. I was making so many mistakes, accidental deletes, etc. I had to go back to the other version and will use it til "they" discontinue it all together. Sure wish "they" would leave the old version available.
    Have a great week.

  3. Oh my word, the new breakfront is stunning. I totally adore it. The old one is such a stunning piece too, definitely a keeper. I really like the settee also. I think it is fabulous and looks amazing by the windows. I also have to admit that I really "HATE" the new blogger interface. I think it is terrible. Don't like it at all, but suppose I will have to try and get used to it sooner or later. Hopefully a lot later. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh, my! That's a lovely piece! And big! Now get busy and poke stuff in it so you can show us!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Wow the new piece just fit and it is gorgeous! And looks great in your old fact it looks old, as it's supposed to (well I guess 40 years is old, isn't it? I still think of the 70s as quite recent.) I like the settee as well....big decisions you are being faced with in your new career!

  6. great pieces of furniture!! Hard to believe that the first one was free. I am never that lucky.

  7. That cupboard is beautiful! And so perfect!!! I do think I would keep the settee! It does fit in so well!

  8. Beautiful pieces !!! hope you to have a great Sunday evening and a great start to your week

  9. Oh wow, LOVE your new cupboard. Gorgeous.


  10. I refuse to even TRY to get along with the new blogger interface.

    No siree bob.

  11. Cass, that step back cupboard is absolutely exquisite. And I think the settee might have found a new home.

  12. Your new hutch is gorgeous, such warm wood. THe setee looks like it belongs there!

  13. The settee has found a home -- it looks great with your other stuff. I am so jealous of the things you are able to find in your area. It just doesn't happen here, for sure.

  14. Gorgeous pieces!!! I think the settee is a keeper!!! I'd be keeping it, it is perfect where it is!!! PERFECT!

  15. I love both hutchs..they are beautiful and they both fit so perfectley in your home. How you have to fill them with all your lovely treasures.I love your wood floors so full of charm.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  16. What amazing pieces and I love that old house. Keep shopping, you have a gift!

  17. I think the table might have a problem if you get rid of its new settee friend. They go so well together.


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