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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Rookie Refinishing

I've had a demilune table hanging around
for a couple of years, waiting for cosmetic rescue.

On Sunday, after Howard and I picked up an
adorable, chubby little bombe' chest in rough shape,
that honestly looks as if it just tap-danced out of a Disney movie,
I decided that this was the week I'd get brave.
The half-moon table came to us through the kindness of Craigslist.
It lived for a few years in our dining room,
making itself useful and earning its keep.

I always thought it was begging to be painted black.

But a couple of months ago, I painted it in Paris Grey chalk paint.

Oy, what a Fail.
The details on the carvings just got lost, muddled in the pale paint.
I didn't even take a picture, because blech.

Which brings us to Thursday of this week, and a can of my favorite
Ralph Lauren Bone Black paint, a little bottle of Martha Stewart
Faux Finishing Glaze, a small bottle of metallic Copper acrylic craft
 paint because there was no brown in the house), and nerves of steel.

I've never done the antique-y glazing thing.  Or, honestly,
any type of glazing except what goes on flourless chocolate cakes.

Method?  Mixed some copper paint in with some glaze.
Brushed it on, swiped it off, and it looked okay.  Still, a little pale.
To the copper glaze left in my Red Solo Cup, I added some black.
More detail popped out, making me happy, and I finished off
by painting the tabletop in the Bone Black.

Voila! the old demilune table has a glam new look.

After 20 minutes of washing glaze and paint off my hands
(what, gloves?), I tackled the squatty little bombe chest.

I saw it on Craigslist last week, and it called my name.

It was pretty beaten up -- lots of scratches and dings, and
some sort of thick gooey sticky gluey dark stuff had dripped
down its front, and in under the two drawers, and hardened.

Who could resist?  Love at first sight.

Some Restor-A-Finish by the Howard Company, some elbow
grease with fine grade steel wool and rags, sanding, a bit of
Old English Scratch Cover, and a final moisturizing with
Feed 'N' Wax, and she was ready for her closeup.

She's dainty; only about 20-inches tall.
And seriously, don't you want to see a cartoon face on her?

Well, actually, this small piece is really lovely, and good quality.

Mahogany. You cannot believe how heavy she is.
She wears her weight well, though, don't you think?

Both the demi-lune table and the Looney Tunes chest
will go into the antiques booth today.

I hope someone else will also fall in love . . . Cass
What are your weekend plans?  Howard and I are
heading to Connecticut, and a big country auction.  Yay!
It's Friday, and there are some Linky Parties to attend.

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  1. Oh my, if you lived nearby, that bombe chest would be marked SOLD and loaded into my truck by now. It is adorable-and I love the finish on the wood. I really enjoy your blog and what you do with your beautiful home. Thanks for sharing! :)Meghan

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad someone other than me loves that little chubby chest!
      It's just got personality.
      Thanks for visiting!

  2. They're both lovely, Cass, and inspire me to get back to this old favourite hobby of mine!
    This weekend?.....all the things that need to be done so that I can leave on a solo holiday to the UK next week. The list is THAT long!

  3. Two great pieces. Really like what you did with the table. Have a fun day at the auction.

  4. Your table looks great! Love the petite bombe chest too. Have a wonderful time at the auction!!

    Susan and Bentley

  5. Cass, You brought the little table to life. That chest is so sweet. I love to own it. Smiles to you, Susie

  6. Oh, I love that Restore-A-Finish stuff. It's sort of miraculous. Have fun at your auction.

  7. The table is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job...totally beyond my capabilities! The chest is beautiful, too. Must be sad to part with it!


  8. Both l;ook great--the chest DOES look like something from a Disney movie.

    Enjoy your trip.

    M :)

  9. Your did a lovely job on both pieces! Thank you for sharing your garden project at Potpourri Friday! Hoping you will make it a weekly or regular party stop!

  10. Hi Cass! Love the little bombe chest! You did a beautiful job restoring it! Where is your antique shop located in Jersey, and, if you don't mind, how much are you asking for it? D. Garey

    1. Hi -- Somerville Center Antiques is at 34 West Main Street in Somerville, NJ. Just a few minutes off Route 287. Somerville is a lovely old town -- loads of fabulous little restaurants of almost all ethnic cuisines, and a great bunch of antiques and vintage shops, too! Come visit. :-)

  11. Love both of these pieces! The demi lune is just gorgeous with the contrasting colors!
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come by when you can and follow back!

  12. Oh both of these pieces are absolutely gorgeous! Your redo on the table looks so amazing. You did a stunning job on it. Are you sure you are not a pro at this? Thank you for joining us at TTF and have a terrific day! BTW, I will be featuring this post on this weeks TTF (thursday)!


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